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Letter from James W. Polansky, Superintendent of Huntington School District #3

Dear Huntington Students, Staff, Parents and Community Members:

It is hard to believe that May is right around the corner and that the final quarter of the school year is underway.  I’d like to commend the staff at Flower Hill, Jefferson, Southdown, Washington, Woodhull and Finley on their diligence in preparing students and on seamlessly administering the state English Language Arts and math assessments during the past two weeks; I applaud the students for their tremendous effort and concentration.  The focus on student achievement within each building has been apparent and unwavering throughout the school year.

I’d also like to commend the students and staff at Huntington High School on continuing to demonstrate their hard work both in and beyond the classroom.  The Distinguished Seniors Dinner held last Thursday featured the accomplishments of over five dozen considerably talented and dedicated students.  Their achievements are inspiring, yes, but equally as moving was the manner in which they honored teachers from buildings throughout the district for the lasting impact that those teachers have had on their academic lives.  Listening to the teachers speak, in turn, about the honored students left few dry eyes in the room.

Students in each one of our buildings continue to make strides every day.  We can attribute this progress to their efforts and the efforts of their teachers and administrators, but also to the guiding influence they experience at home.  We remain grateful to Huntington parents and community members for the ongoing support that they provide to our students and schools.  As I’ve indicated several times before, my hope is that the school-home-community partnership in Huntington will continue to broaden and strengthen.  We will be significantly better prepared to tackle the challenges that lie ahead if we remain unified, focused on the district’s short and long term goals, and mindful of the fact that the children are our first and foremost priority.

As a district, we continue to direct our attention to articulation across the grade levels so that our students are presented with a coordinated program throughout their academic years in Huntington.  Considerable curriculum work is planned for the coming months to foster additional progress in this regard and to further align our programs with the national Common Core Learning Standards.  In addition, we will continue poring over formative and summative data in an effort to better inform and individualize our instructional approaches.  It is also critical that we remain current with respect to technology.  The primary schools have successfully integrated the use of laptop computers within core instructional areas.  Furthermore, certain classes have been provided with the opportunity to augment their learning through the use of iPads and associated applications.

For those who have had the opportunity to attend Board of Education and/or PTA meetings throughout the year, you are aware of the fact that the 2012-2013 school budget has been prepared and adopted within the constraints imposed by the newly required legislation placing a cap on the tax levy.  On a personal note, let me express my appreciation to all who contributed their insight and feedback during the budget development process.  Please be reminded that the public hearing of the adopted budget will take place during the Board meeting to be held on Monday, May 7 at 7:30 PM in the Jack Abrams School auditorium.  Also be reminded that the annual budget vote and election will be held on Tuesday, May 15 from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM at Huntington High School.

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching.  With the time pressures that I know all of you must face, please accept my sincerest thanks for everything you do in support of the Huntington school community, and for consistently reaffirming our collective commitment to providing a high quality education for all students.


Jim Polansky

Superintendent of Schools


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17 comments to Letter from James W. Polansky, Superintendent of Huntington School District #3

  • Station Sal

    Thank You Mr. Polansky. You have proven to be a tremendous asset to the school and community.

  • Rocket88

    There won’t be a dry eye in my house if taxes increase, so Mr. Polansky, keep your eye on the numbers.

  • Suzanne

    I second Sal’s reply. We are lucky to have him.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Mr Polansky for consistantly showing your face at our schools. I have been to several events at the High School this year and I do believe you attended each one…including where students were being inducted into different Honor programs. Another great thing you have done is asking every family prior to their child starting the 2012-2013 school year to present several peices of documents to prove they are in our district. This will hopefully help the district figure out just how many “illegals” we do have and help find a way to go after the slumlords that house these people and make them pay up ! I know, gotta clean up the town board first ! Looking forward to the School Board election…I have done my homework….vote Tully & Rogan !!! Again, thx for all you have done for our district…plz continue !

  • My Town Too

    Anon – you probably don’t want to hear this, but districts are not allowed to ask who is, or do anything about “illegals” in their schools! As long as a child lives within our boundaries they are entitled to an education here. New registrants only have to prove that they live within our district. Districts cannot go after slumlords or force anyone to pay more than the tax assigned to the individual property. If it’s a single family house, the landlord pays the tax accordingly. There is no law that supports added tax when more than one family lives there under the radar! You could have 10 biological children from a single family living in a house or 10 children from several families living in a house, and they’d pay the same amount of taxes.

    • @ My Town Too

      Not only Anon, but everyone else reading, does not want to hear this. You use, what I refer to as the most disgusting word in the english or any other language, entitled, so freely. You talk as if you accept the way it is and that none of our elected officials, (you know ,the people that are supposed to be looking out for and protecting the towns taxpayers from this exact type of B.S.), should do anything about this. You seem very comfortable stating how we all get screwed by slumlords, destroying our neighborhoods, by letting more than one family live in a house (under the radar) slated for one family. How many single families, do you suppose, have 10 children in it nowadays as opposed to how many slumlord homes produce that many children ILLEGALLY? I’m going with the slumlords on that one. I would even wager 50-1 on that. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m not happy with that. I’m not happy with people getting over on me or my fellow Huntingtonians. You sound to me like someone who works for the HHA and condones this form of socialism or someone who is on a free ride of their own. Entitlement is a word that needs to be un-invented. I would personally take any foulmouth, derogatory term over that any day of the week. When I listen to people talk and they throw it in their conversation, (oh, well you’re entitled to that or she’s entitled to this), I know exactly what kind of person I’m dealing with. Someone looking for something, for nothing. Freeloader. Derogatory – (scumbag).

      • My Town Too

        Whoa! Step back from the keyboard! The term “entitled” here refers to the fact that under the law, as they are currently written, any child living within our district is allowed to get an education.

        My stating the facts surrounding this situation doesn’t mean I like the way our local slumlords have taken advantage of Section 8 monies and don’t check up on their houses to see how many people are living there, or don’t care that they know how many are living there and they collect extra rent from them! And they obviously don’t care about the impact on our schools or town services without the extra tax money needed to support those things.

        Would you rather I said 5 children instead of 10? Does it make a difference in the point I was making? NO! No matter how many kids are living in a single family house, they all come to our schools with no added property tax.

        You need to learn to separate hearing about the facts from assuming that someone who you so freely start calling names, actually supports those facts or not!

        From Webster’s Dictionary: ENTITLE “to furnish with proper grounds for seeking or claiming something “.
        So, “this law entitles the child to an education”. They are entitled to go to our schools.

        If you or I have a problem with “illegals” or “slumlords”, our issue is with the town or other governmental department who are supposed to handle those things. Schools do not have that power.

  • Agreed!

    We have no other choice but to be proactive and deal with issues that are killing our taxes and robbing the kids of the best education.

  • Anonymous

    My Town Too=Joan Cergol.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmmmm.. It’s someone on franks payroll!!

  • My Town Too

    Anonymous…this should be a discussion on the impact of too many people living illegally in single family homes within our district. All those children and the extra services many of them require affect our budget.

    And all you’ve got is to accuse posters of being town employees? When people present you with the facts of the situation you can’t simply imply that they are one of Frank’s puppets. Start understanding what is going on and bring some concrete solutions to the table.

  • Anonymous

    If the parents of the children going to our schools are illegal, they should be required to pay or be deported! It’s not fair that we the taxpayer have to subsidize for these kids because thier parents are illegal. We need to stop catering to these people. We need to stop translating everything to Spanish especially when you g to vote! Aren’t you suppose to be a US citizen to vote? Then ou should know ENGLISH!! We live in UNITED STAES OF AMERICA!!

  • Anon

    First of all- unless a landlord is providing the “illegals” with free rent, they are paying!

    Secondly, illegals do not have the right to vote so they do not have a say.

  • Anonymous

    Then why is voter info translated to Spanish?

  • Anon

    If I have to answer that question for you my friend, you have some issues.

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