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First Abrams Neighborhood Watch in Huntington Station, April 24

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A neighborhood watch has been organized  to help make the neighborhood surrounding Jack Abrams School a safer one. Come meet your neighbors and members tomorrow night, April 24, at 7:30 p.m. at the 2nd precinct. The Winding Street Watch has been registered with the USAonWatch Program and with the support of the Suffolk County Police 2nd precinct. Please email for more information and to let them know if you can make the first meeting.

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76 comments to First Abrams Neighborhood Watch in Huntington Station, April 24

  • Excellent!

    This is an excellent idea…great to see!

  • George Zimmerman

    Hey give me a call. I can give lessons on how to control thugs.

    • Wundaboy

      The above comment by “George Zimmmerman” is a perfect example of racism, stupidity and ignorance but, fortunately, is not typical of the good people of Huntington Station. Good luck to this program and the courageous folks who participate.

      • chris

        You wundaboy are a perfect example of society. You are too sensitive and always assume. I actually got a chuckle from it and I am BLACK!! Not afro-american but BLACK.

        • Gino

          @chris: Would you kindly post a photo of yourself so that we can verify your statement. Thank you. I’m sure you wouldn’t lie but some people think your commens are bogus.

          • chris

            Now Gino. One could assume that since I can put together a halfway intelligible sentence and you doubt that I am black that some would consider you a racist.I will just deem you ignorant.

        • Gino

          @Chris: No one assumed that except you.

    • Gino

      @Golf Lane Jan: Chris is bogus and you have no idea what your talking about. Now go back to sleep.

  • Anonymous

    Good for you Chris! You are right.

  • Capt. Commando

    In reality if we are all armed this crap would not be going down. We need minute men.

  • Anonymous

    Scary people on this thread. Such hatred. I will pray for u.

  • Anonymous

    Thank god its only that silly civic group that hates society and not the general residents of HS.

  • X Playcios

    You leave the Friends of Huntington Station Latin Quarter out of this!


    Xavier Palacious is in the towns pocket. DON’T VOTE FOR HIM!!

  • Anonymous

    I just saw xavier palacios is running for boe in Huntington. Isn’t he the one that bank rolled Adam and Jen. That’s is scary!!

  • Anonymous

    Spanish no way for boa I mean e…

  • Rob B.

    SO there IS crime in the area! Sanin,Cooper, Palacios, and town board etc. said that the neighborhood was safe for our kids. Lied to again. Who are the people organizing this? I cannot make meeting but would love to know before I sign up. Looked at web site mentioned and no real info comes up. Why don’t they tell you this? I fear it is just another band-aid and I do not want to get involved with those that were not truthful.

  • Anonymous

    Okay I will not for him.
    Who do I vote for?
    I’m confused.

  • Anonymous

    Where did Sanin come from? I have houseplants that have lived here longer…

  • Anonymous

    Exactly!! Anybody but Palacious!

  • Anonymous


  • Literally

    Literally…I’d take any combo of the three but not looking to go backwards. I agree with the previous commenter. Not to be mean to anyone, but we need to move forward as a district, not backward.

  • Seriously

    What is going on in this town? Why is there so much hatred? Everyone is sick of the current pawns running this town so someone new steps up to help in a VOLUNTEER position and all I see is negative comments. This thread initiated because a large group of people want to help the station. Keep the gossip in US weekly and for once let’s focus on the positive actions that this community is initiating.

  • Anonymous

    who do I vote for in the president race. Obama?

  • Anonymous

    we dont care about issues. we care about voting the wrong people out ….

  • Anonymous

    who do I vote for after hearing all about these cuts? I also don’t want someone that cares only about sports? Why don’t any of the people on this thread run as a candidate.I would certainley vote for you. Oh wait, it’s easier to just say nonsense and hit enter than putting themselves out there and having the courage to run.

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you get informed and decide for yourself instead of saying ridiculous things here!
    Also, there were not a lot of cuts this year so maybe you should get a clue!

  • Anonymous

    Oh and, don’t vote for Obama either!

  • Hypocrites

    “If you close the school, you will be turning your back on the neighborhood”, “what about the children that live around Abrams?”, “No one is going to care, now that the school is closed”, “unity in the community”. Where were THESE voices last night?

    • X Playcios

      Thats a NO!

      I question his motives. How many BOE meetings has he even been too? What has he done for anyone in Huntington Station? nothing. He formed a civic group? Tried to rebrand “the station” to the Latin Quarter and wants more funding for ESL and to restore Kindergarten? We ALL want Kindergarten restored but if you know ANYTHING about the budget you know it is impossible.

      He is running his campaign on lies and for political gain ONLY.


  • Grand Dragon

    I agree! The BOE has no room for Spanish.

  • Anonymous

    Did Mr Abrams give his permission to use his name in association with this group!! What does Mr Abrams have to do with the group. What happened to the Lowndes Ave Task force? The group should be named Lowndes Ave. Neighborhood Watch. Don’t you think Mr Abrams name has be ssociated with enough negativity already?

  • Anonymous

    I love in the huntingto south libray school district. Can someine please tell me who to vote for? Also, did I miss the president election?

  • Anonymous

    We must unite and continue to block this infiltration of newcomers!

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to block the infiltration of illegals and slumlords!

  • Anonymous

    Can someone tell me what is a station revitaliZation committeee?

  • reality check

    I understand that after reading these comments, none of them accept for maybe one or two, pertain to the article. The article was about making the community around Jack Abrams safer, and from what I’ve seen, these comments are all just castigating Mr. Palacios. Its great that you all have opinions, but when they are hateful and full of untruthful statements, there is just no need to post them. I would also like to clear up, that Xavier was born in New York, not Mexico, and he cares more about this community than any one of you nasty ignoramuses. He has the courage to stand up and do something for his community, unlike you imbeciles that sit around on the computer complaining and discriminating about and against the town and its people. I am appalled to see such senseless things being said, and I am thankful that the rest of Huntington doesn’t think like that.
    -from a 14 year old

    • Bad parenting

      What mother in her right mind allows her 14yo child to read the tattler?

      • all eyes on you.

        what mother in her right mind allows her 14 yo child to read the tattler? Just shows anyone can see your nasty comments: children and adults. So watch what you are writing. Remember EVERYONE sees it.

    • Real Reality

      The real deal is that there are a few people in this town that talk a big game, but offer NOTHING. They come out on these threads and give their piece of mind, never on the subject, or how to go about fixing whats broken, no, they actually attack the people who fight for the entire town. Critics, cowards, basic do nothings with an opinion. Instead of joining the fight, they would rather scold the fighters with “political correctness”, as if that got anyone, anywhere.

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  • Anonymous

    whats obamacare?

  • Anonymous

    We must unite and take back our land that our ancestors left for us!!!

  • seriously

    After I read all these comments I was ashamed and disgusted. How can people be so ignorant and racist. Stop worrying about where he came from, black white or hispanic it should not influence you in anyway. All of you are acting terrible and is this the way you want our world to be?-full of discrimination and hatred. Non of these comments have anything to do with this article. The article was about making the community around Jack Abrams safer. If you do not believe what Mr.Palacios believes please do not waste your time pulling him down. Im only fourteen years old and I have to tell adults “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” Now thats sad. Thank you to all the people who have meaningful and appropriate opinions.

  • @seriously

    Its obviously become a town hall “game” to engage in rediculous endless argument with any opposition to their patheticly poor choices. And I dont think most people have any respect for the opinions of our current elected officials or for the way they speak to their constituents. Its my opinion that you sound unintelligent with that comment. I too believe that the poster claiming to be a 14 year old is just another town hall flunkie unless of course it was posted by one of our former legislators children

  • Wundaboy

    @Seriously: Silly and snarky comments but I doubt if our town hall officials have the time or interest to “engage in rediculous endless arguement” with you or most people on this board. And leave our former legistlator’s children out of this discussion; that comment only shows your bias, anger, hostility and ignorance. Fortunately (and I know this upsets you) most residents of the town are quite happy town government.

  • Anonymous

    Town hall elected and employees have admitted to posting here so it’s really not that ridiculous. As to more residents are happy with town government? Really? What town do you live in Wundaboy?!?!?!?

    • Wundaboy

      Thankfully not your world.

      • Anonymous

        Then why do you criticize the posts of others? Are you under the impression that people respect your opinion? Maybe you have appointed yourself moderator, with a critique of all the posts in disagreement oftown hall?
        BTW someone also noticed that your commentary was missing on the article regarding the electric vehicle charging stations.

        • Wundaboy

          Yes anonymous, I am under that impression and I do consider myself the voice of reason on this site. I apologize for not commenting on the electric vehicles charging stations.

          • Wundathis

            @wundaboy: its more likely that you are hearing voices. I bet you think your good lookin’too!!

  • Anonymous

    I think you over estimate yourself.A voice of reason or (self appointed)moderator would require you to consider others point of view. As for the article on electric vehicle charging stations well, apology accepted.

    • Wundaboy

      Sadly, many of the posts on this site don’t have a point of view worth considering. Many, if not most, comments are just ignorant and angry anti-town government rants.

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