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Huntington Opens Electric Vehicle Charging Station

On April 23, Supervisor Frank P. Petrone and members of the Town Council unveil a five-vehicle charging station for electric vehicles that commuters can use at the South Parking Garage, off East 2nd Street, at the Huntington Train Station. The charging station, believed to be the first at a public parking lot on Long Island, was funded through the Town’s Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant from federal stimulus funds and a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. As part of the project, the Town installed solar panels on the roof of the garage to offset the electric consumption of the charging station.

The Town board will be joined by officials from EmPower, the Town’s vendor, in demonstrating the charging station and discussing how motorists can take advantage of it.

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17 comments to Huntington Opens Electric Vehicle Charging Station

  • Obamamamaloon

    Oooooh yeahhhhhh….let waste more taxpayer’s money on green stupidity!!

  • Petroned

    I want to see Petrone fit into a smart car and when he gets stuck lets have an honest audit of the town’s finances.

  • Anonymous

    The Town Of Huntington can be even more energy efficient if it would just do away with the HART bus. The HART busses are always completely empty except for 1 or 2 passengers every now and then.The HART busses are an extreme waist if gas and energy.They clog our quiet residential roads and have caused numorous accidents over the years, including the death of a 4 year old who was killed when a HART bus hit her as she ran to retrieve a ball.The busses are a sad waste of millions of dollars every year!!! This is not Queens!!!

  • rediculous.

    Stop with the stupid “transit oriented”, “green”, “sustainable” nonsense already- the people of huntington are not biting! We chose to live in SUBurbia.Simple CODE ENFORCEMENT is what we are asking for.

  • Matt Harris

    Hate to point this out, but the Town had a contract a few years back with Ford and some leased electric vehicles. 6 Charging stations were installed next to the drop off circle on the south lot. Instead of just leaving them, and turning off the electric, they were removed…..

  • jim

    I guess you guys like paying 4 or 5 dollars a gallon for your guzzlers. There are frequent examples of “green” projects, in the past, that were abandoned because the world wasn’t ready. Charging stations are an example. The state of Oregon just installed level 3 power chargers along 200 miles of highway. This is their first step and many other locations are also experimenting with similar projects. Think the concept of green is stupid, well you’re going to suffer a lot because it’s the future, so deal with it!

    • @jim

      As you stated “There are frequent examples of “green” projects in the past, that were abandoned because the world wasn’t ready.” Im pretty sure i’m not the only one out there who still isn’t ready for this and I don’t think that the “CONCEPT” of green is stupid.I just think that considering the current state of our town it isn’t practical at this point.
      If you look at my comment below entitled
      “MOVE” you can see I have bigger fish to fry.

  • mcrocker

    hey jim – be as green as you want with your own money. when a town chooses to install car charging stations in an area where more police and code enforcement are necessary, there is a major disconnect with reality. i’m sure the folks living under siege in HS are happy to know that when they can afford a $40K volt, that there is a place to plug them in. do you think a charging station will increase property values for those in HS looking to move? will a charging station stop a wayward bullet?

    i drive whatever i want and pay for the fuel i use. the 4-5 dollars per gallon i pay is due to current energy policy and not real market forces. i pay for the fuel i consume without asking for a handout or subsidy of any kind.

    BTW, if you live in Huntington and drive an electric car, why do you need to plug your car in? Don’t these cars get 40 miles on a charge? Anyone legally parking @ HS drive more than 20 miles each way?

    It seems that those pushing green initiatives don’t think things through. the last set of chargers were not used, these wont be either. if they are, why should our money benefit 6 people.

    ms berland should be happy. maybe we can adopt these electric poles and paint them happy colors.

    • Larry

      Couldn’t agree more! Another waste of our money by the Town Bored! Would have made more sense in the CSH train station as that clientele is more likely to be able to afford a $30k station car!

      • mcrocker

        the whole thing is a boondoggle. the 40k volt is tax subsidized. the chargers are bought with stimulus money. the efficiency of the cars is less than is promised. the program serves only 6 people willing to drive a car we all paid for in the name of being green. for the premium paid, we could equip town garbage trucks, buses and fleet vehicles with natural gas kits, suitable to municipal use. we could also develop programs to eliminate busing kids all around huntington in the name of diversity and fairness. think about it, why are we bussing in 2012? i digress. if a technology is not ready for public purchase, no amount of government push will help. gas is close to 5 dollars a gallon and volt production was stopped last month for lack of sales. solar doesn’t work without subsidy either. i would prefer to see people driving high mpg diesel vehicles, fleets using natural gas and a public energy policy that allows for the safe production of domestic oil. 40 true mpg with no limits to range and real world ownership measured in hundreds of thousands of mileage. diesel is safer, more readily combined with a bio product and is not part of the ethanol debacle.

  • Hats off to Green energy

    The wave of the future and Huntington is on the cutting edge, great move.
    And also hats off to County Exec Bellone for putting the gang task force back in to precincts.
    And to those who always complain about the town, politicians and other BS move out of Huntington.

    • MOVE?

      My car was reposessed when my spouse-a former town board member would not abide by the court ordered support(many of you know who I am) so now I am driving a 14 year old vehicle which was given to me by a relative. I cant afford more than $20 a week in gas,I have recieved food stamps and donations from the community for food,clothing,Christmas gifts,even for car repairs necessary for NYS inspection. I was not in the workforce 13 years (home with my 2 children)but I now have a $12/hr job and my spouse cannot afford support for myself or my children after paying his own expenses.I cannot afford an attorney so I must go to trial representing myself. Im sure there are other people in similar positions for any number of reasons but your suggestion that MOVING OUT OF HUNTINGTON is the answer is simplistic, arrogant,self serving and out of line.

  • Scam

    Another waste of money. The town board and empower took our tax dollars and wasted them again. Hey what is Jonny cooper driving these days? what about Beloney?

  • Huntington Resident

    Where is Wundaboy’s stamp of approval?

  • @Huntington Resident

    I don’t think there will be any further input from the (seemingly paid) supporters of TOH. Theres not a “win-win” argument and this particular “photo-op” has passed.

  • Frank N Stine

    Someone should hook up the voltage to the bolts sticking out of Petrones neck and zap him back into reality.

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