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Rally for Audit at Town Hall Today

Today’s rally that was organized for outside of  Huntington Town Hall to support new town board member Gene Cook in demanding a Town Audit,, was well-attended by parents, their children, and even a dog or two. Cars passing by honked their approval for a town audit.

Rally for an audit of the town, outside Town Hall, Huntington village.


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11 comments to Rally for Audit at Town Hall Today

  • Gino

    Wow! Five children, a dog and a photographer showed up. Very impressive. Gotta love the bogus “Democrats for state audit of Huntington” sign on the five year old.

  • wundergirl

    Both sides of the street were lined with between 100-125 people easily. The town board did not end until around midnight. Largest showing since Avalon Bay.


    Not all pictures tell the whole tale. Dogs and kids are hard not to photograph. Pretty sure more photos of the actual protestors will be going up, somewhere, later.

  • Village Eyes

    My eyes saw people I know to be registered democrats those signs. You don’t have to be a republican to be disgusted with Town Hall’s antics.

  • Petroned

    Petrone said having an audit would just upset the system and we could end up with a lower bond rating hmmmm-ya think our monarch would want people to see how he does it and keeps getting those triple A bond ratings- something smells awfully rotten and it’s not the donuts

    The audit is done by a private firm we are told by his royalty Petrone-how they get that job and why can’t anyone see their work ?

  • Huntington Resident

    Since they claim to be doing such a great job running the Town of Huntington I cannot imagine any reason our Town Supervisor and Council people,(past and present) would not WELCOME an audit! Transparency and accountability, then they can take the results and have a MAJOR photo op and some good press and put the results on their palm cards given to the constituents during their re-elections!

    • Anonymous

      You mention photo op and Susan’s ears go up like a Doberman Pincher. Especially if she can get one of her orphaned fire hydrants in it.Mine was dressed up with bunny ears recently.

  • What

    Did I and the other thousands of residents of Huntington miss something…what issues do we have that would warrent an audit. This is an answer in search of a problem. Wasting tax payer money when yearly Audits are conducted and
    are posted and sent to the state.

    • Gino

      I agree. Nothing will come of this. One politician’s need for attention. The town is well run and it’s finances are in good shape.

  • really???

    so it’s a waste of tax payers money to see if they are wasting tax payers money?

  • @what

    Get educated before posting ignorant comments!

    • @what

      Surely you have read the comments posted in other sections or are you uneducated regarding the issues with this and previous town boards that have led up to this.

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