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Town Hall Rally on Tuesday, April 17

Huntington Town Hall

A rally has been organized for outside of  Huntington Town Hall at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, April 17, 2012, to support new town board member Gene Cook in demanding a Town Audit,

Following the rally at 7:00 the Town board will be holding its monthly meeting. Come to the meeting and tell the board members that an Audit is needed.

You can sign up here:

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24 comments to Town Hall Rally on Tuesday, April 17

  • Anonymous

    will they be serving refreshments?

  • Anonymous

    Transparency starts when people stop voting out of fear,political patronage,and anger. A day after the April 3rd library vote, the following information was disclosed to the general public. Of course the library wasnt dumb enough to disclose this prior to the election even though they had the information a week prior.hahahahahahahahahahaha……………….. “Though Huntington Public Library’s Civil Service Employees Association union workers are still without a settled contract as of June 2010, the Public Employee Relations Board ruled late last week in favor of the union on two arbitration cases, said Rich Impagliazzo, a spokesman for the CSEA Long Island Region.

    “It was a rather lengthy proceeding; it went through the necessary court proceedings. As in any other legal proceeding, it came out the way the panel decided,” Impagliazzo said.

    Library Director Debra Engelhardt supported the board’s decision.

    “I’m pleased that the library and union worked together to quickly and amicably reach agreement at the arbitration hearings,” she said.

    But Ann Skolnick, president of the library’s board of directors, said she and her colleagues are still studying the decision and will discuss it in executive session at their April 17 meeting. “We’re reading it. It’s a long document,” she said. “I don’t tend to see these things as win-lose.”

    According to Impagliazzo, CSEA brought two cases against the library for breach of contract regarding the use of replacement workers and the method in which holiday time is paid.

    In the decision on the first matter, library administrators must now post part-time positions rather than use replacement workers, who are provided with no benefits, Impagliazzo said. The decision prohibits administrators from bringing in replacement workers in place of part-time CSEA members.

    “Management will also have to hire a part-time employee for any given slot once a 20-hour threshold is reached on a regular biweekly basis, which affords the opportunity to join CSEA and receive benefits,” Impagliazzo said.

    Engelhardt said all openings for positions covered by the union contract are forwarded to the union for review and posting, generally on the bulletin board in the staff lounge of each building. “This practice dates back to at least July 1999,” she said.

    In the second decision, an aggrieved CSEA member was entitled to make up a four-hour shift, Impagliazzo said. Engelhardt said the worker hadn’t been scheduled for some of her regular hours during a week following a holiday; the grievance argued that she should have been given the change to work those hours.

    Impagliazzo said, “CSEA believes this whole process was a colossal waste of time and taxpayer money considering that the library administration settled for what the union originally proposed, but only after squandering two years and spending over $6,000.”

    As for the library workers contract, negotiations are still pending, he said. “They’re going through that process. We’re hopeful that things will work out. We just wanted to get it out that these two issues have been settled in favor of the union.”

    Skolnick, too, expressed optimism for an impending agreement: “We all want to try to work together and get a contract. And hopefully, maybe now we’ll be able to move along and get a contract.”

    George Dobler, the library’s union representative, did not return calls.

  • Political Ridiculousness

    The Tea Party and its proud new member, Councilman Eugene Cook, have decided to lay siege to Town Hall. Despite years of good government, fiscal stability and awards for its accounting practices, the Tea Party has launched against the Town a campaign of false claims, personal and slanderous attacks and downright lies to advance their hateful agenda.
    The latest page from the Tea Party playbook is a joint demand with Mr. Cook that the Town conduct an outside audit of its finances. But what the Tea Party and Mr. Cook have failed to disclose (or are most likely clueless) is the fact that the Town conducts an outside audit of its finances annually – as required by New York State Law. The Town has always complied with this law. The audits are a matter of public record and to accommodate residents, the audits have been posted on-line for the past several years.
    So here we have a self-proclaimed conservative group and elected official calling for the expenditure of taxpayer money for something that has already been conducted and readily available for public review and inspection. The very same document prepared by an independent and accredited accounting firm approved by the Town Board’s other Tea Party member – Councilman Mark Mayoka. In fact, Councilman Mayoka strongly supported the motion to hire this accounting firm last year. And he also voted in favor of hiring the firm in 2010!
    That’s not all. The Town Board also hires independent auditors annually to conduct in-depth inspections of the finances of three not-for-profit institutes associated with the Town’s Youth Bureau; another firm to review the finances of the Community Development Agency; and yet another firm to review the Town’s Deferred Compensation Plan for its employees.
    For the record, all of these documents are submitted annually to the New York State Comptroller. Furthermore, the Town voluntarily sends its annual audit to a national not-for-profit organization for yet another independent scrutiny of its finances. For 14 consecutive years, this organization has awarded the Town with its highly-acclaimed Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting.
    But it gets better. After Mr. Cook is caught violating the Town Code – a code he swore under oath to uphold a mere four months ago – the Tea Partiers now claim their new poster boy is a victim. Because Mr. Cook failed to follow the Town Code, the Town was forced to issue a Stop Work Order on a mammoth garage he is building on his gated, Greenlawn estate. 
    Here are the facts:  Councilman Cook fails to follow the Town Code by calling for an inspection on concrete he poured for the garage foundation. He then calls the Town for an inspection – after-the-fact. An inspector shows up and discovers the violation. Because of the violation, a Stop Work Order is issued – standard procedure. 
    Not so standard for the Councilman. He whines about being a victim and calls for an audit – another page from the Tea Party Handbook. 
    And it gets worse. During a reckless romp through Town Hall demanding financial documents that were already available on-line, Mr. Cook resorts to screaming at a female civil servant. Yes, screaming. So loud and unprofessional, he was forced to apologize to the office staff located two offices away.
    So now, to step up their attack and smear campaign, the Tea Partiers have announced a rally at Town Hall to defend their poster boy and call for an audit. Talk about ridiculous!

    Enough is enough with this bully and his Tea Party buddies!

    • You are the political ridiculousness

      You lost me at Tea Party. Everything else you said lost all its value after that. State your facts without partisan BS or you will not be heard.

    • Disgusted +

      Mayoka is not a member of the Tea Party!

    • There's a method....

      The way I understand it, Mr. Cook was visited by the TOH inspector AFTER he ruffled feathers in Town Hall by demanding access to some financial records which the subject female employee didn’t want him to have. In other words, this visit wasn’t about the permit, it was about retribution. I don’t care if he’s in the Tea Party or any other party, Cook wants to lift Petrone’s veil of secrecy and that’s the best idea I’ve heard from a councilperson in a long time. Bring on the audit!! (BTW, those employees who overheard Mr. Cook’s conversation with the female employee, who I believe has since resigned, gave him a standing ovation when he apologized to them for being so loud.)

      • a neighbor..

        Strange how anyone asking questions or making an accusation regarding any of our town “leaders’ becomes a target.OLD,OLD OLD….Sounds an awful lot like Besens’ treatment of his wife and children.Same defense of attack the victims for reporting you.
        If they were doing the right thing an audit would be welcome and the results would be published in a large scale photo op and used for re-election literature.

  • geezus

    Go lord AJ, stop! Stop with the slanting and cover up already. your days are numbered.

  • haha!

    Damage control from an OBVIOUS Town employee. Means your onto something Gene, keep diggin’!

    Gated community! Laughable! I go to his neighbors house on a regular basis. 2 stone pillars are in front of the main street leading to several other houses. Thats not a gated community. Ask Doc Spencer what a gated gilded home is.

    And all this whining about who’s a tea partier and who is not. Cuthbertson would be a smart man to start backing away. Best be why we don’t see much of him these days.

  • can't wait!

    Indictments to be forth coming.
    Only a few months away.
    I heard AJ is on the list.

    • @cant wait.

      I sincerely hope you are correct.I do know their behaviors have been on the OAG and DA’s radar for quite some time but the question is: do they plan to do anything to stop them? Rumor is that these agencies interview people just to make the information go away–I was interviewed a nunber of times by both angencies and I recorded the entire exchange –just in case.

      • yes it is true

        The AOG was investigated. TOH was part of the investigation. The AOG did do those things and all info of the last 2 years recorded. Guessing the end of the summer will have quite a fall-out in more than one way. I know first hand of a resident who filed MANY requests and they are all part of the investigation. All those reports were TOH related. The fallout will be large and vast.

        • Actually

          It is the DA’s office investigating TOH and AOG for working in collusion together.

          Yes. The fallout will be wide spread. Will be shocked to see only 2 of the 3 board members left standing. Town attorney also involved.


  • ???

    So exhibit A is a self audit? That’s kinda like a self breast exam. All touchy feely but only a Dr can give you a diagnosis.

  • Denocrats for Audit

    Common sense tells us if the people in charge don’t want an Audit there is probably something they are hiding. I’m a Democrat and I don’t care who is in power, we should have some accountability for our Tax dollars.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaahahahaahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhaaahhaahhahhahaahhaahahahahahahhahahahahaahaahahahahahhahah….(Tea rulees)hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahAhahhahahaahahaahhahahhahhahhahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahahhahahahahah

  • Anonymous

    All that banter from Political Ridiculousness, and the town vote 5-0 for the audit after admitting it hasn’t been done in 15 years.Makes ya wonder huh.

  • There's a method

    How bad would it look for any of them who’d opposed it? Bet the paper shredders at Town Hall are running 24/7 now.

    • COC

      HAHA! The Chamber of Commerce had shredding trucks in the drive way while the rally at Town was going down.


      Many people took photos and video.

  • Sad situation

    Politics these days is full of obstructionists
    and devisive people. It’s no longer working for the good of the people. We can say allot about the TOH and the council but one thing is that financially they have done the right thing for the Town at large. Huntington is the greatest town in Suffolk County many towns have watched as their thriving Main streets were replaced by box stores, fast food resturants and strip malls
    \not Huntington Village complain all you want but it seems the town board has their eye on the ball. Keep up the good work and let’s vote out these obstructionists. Our town is to progressive to be taken over by backward politicians.

  • @sad situation

    Then why are 3 of our town board members about to be indicted?

    tick-tock-tick-tock…..cannot wait until August! When the heat picks up it will get hot around the collar for many. The white collar.

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