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Huntington Station Arrests Raise Questions of Residence

Suffolk County Police arrests in Huntington Station last night.

Suffolk County Police reported the arrest of several Huntington Station deli and grocery store employees and customers during a state liquor authority check last night.

Officers from the Second Precinct Crime Section, Gang and Community Oriented Police Enforcement (COPE) units and Patrol personnel, along with the Huntington Town Fire Marshal’s Office were all part of the late evening swoop.

Persons charged with Unlawfully Dealing with a Child, 1st Degree are:

  • Leonardo Santos, 17, working at Plaza Deli and Grocery, located at  74B East Pulaski Road, Huntington Station
  • Teresa Guevara-Aris, 25, working at Los Compas Deli and Grocery, located at 161 Depot Road, Huntington Station
  • Ignacia Tejada, 30, working at Chapi Deli and Grocery, located at 139 West Hills Road, Huntington Station
  • Juan Rodriguez, 57, working at Deli Casa Grande, located at 150 West Hills Road, Huntington Station

Two customers were charged with Criminal Possession of Marijuana, 5th Degree:

  • Jonathan E. Russell, 19, at Los Compas Deli and Grocery
  • Jean Luc Guirand, 23, at Chapi Deli

Derrick Murphy, 18, a customer at Los Campas Deli, was charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana.

Guirand, of 78 10th Ave., Huntington Station, was taken to the Second Precinct and released on bail. He is scheduled to be arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip at a later date.

Russell, of 52 Lantern St., Huntington, Murphy, of 41 Evert St., Huntington, Santos, of 79 East 2nd St., Huntington Station, Guevara-Aris, of 13 West Pulaski Road, Huntington Station, Tejada, of 101 Speonk Court, Melville and Rodriquez, of 36 Yedys St., West Babylon, were all issued Field Appearance Tickets and are scheduled to appear at First District Court in Central Islip at a later date.

A check of Huntington Town property records shows that Russell’s reported residence (52 Lantern St) is a single-family home owned by Turquois Taylor. Murphy (41 Evert St) resides in a two-family home owned by absentee landlord Helen Dris of New Port Richey, FL; and Santos (79 East 2nd Street) lives in a single-family home owned by Elauteria Arvelo.  Further examination of the Town’s database illustrates that Guevara-Aris’address (13 West Pulaski Road) is owned by Oscar Benitez and Tajada’s apartment (101 Speonk) is owned by the Town of Huntington Housing Authority.

One location, Mishael Grocery, at 1434 Route 110, Huntington Station, complied with the law and refused the sale of alcohol to an underage customer.


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17 comments to Huntington Station Arrests Raise Questions of Residence

  • WHAT?


    I thought they only dealt with multi housing units? What is going on here? How many private homes do they own?

  • Hey State Liquor authority why don’t you stop at the Paramount in the Village?? Is is because underage drinking is allowed if Frank Petrone and Susan Berland say so?

    • Wundaboy

      @OF PARAMOUNT importance: Your bitter, anti-town government, anti-Democratic Party agenda is obvious. The next time you consider writing a comment you might want to look up the definitions of libel, defamation and slander before you name individual people and then make stupid, ignorant, and untrue and comments about them.
      Your opinions are otherwise valued, just try to stay on topic and be helpful, not destructive.

      • Anything that Susan Berland and Frank Petrone are PRO is poison to Huntington. Anyone who thinks differently should get their head out of their bottoms and open their eyes.

        • Wundaboy

          @anti Berland: Thankfully the vast majority of citizens in Huntington Township disagree with you and continue to re-elect them. But those voters are probably not as intelligent as you.

          • Bye Bye

            The days of Petrone Berland and Cuthbertson horrible leadership in this town are coming to an end. They have alienated people who live in the village, a former strong hold.

  • ?

    How can guirand reside at 78 10th Ave when its condemned?

  • Wrong

    Underage drinking is dangerous and wrong. Anyone who encourages this should be held accountable. It’s dangerous and harmful to both kids and everyone else.

  • WTF

    The taxes on 101 Speonk Ct in Melville for all of 2011 were $30.25.How do I get in on that?

  • The Boss

    These aren’t Deli’s……they are Bodegas…just like they have in the big city!!
    Welcome to Huntington Estación, amigos!!!

  • are you kidding me?

    We need a town board representative from HUNTINGTON VILLAGE! Every one of the town board is from somewhere other than HUNTINGTON! Please someone run for Town Board and truly care about the VILLAGE!

  • wonderperson

    @ wonderboy:Looks like “Ofparamount” hit a nerve. Why else would you respond so angrily and with threats of a lawsuit? It was just two simple Questions.

    • Wundaboy

      @wonderperson: Please re-read my post. I did not repond angrily and he/she asked one simple question and made one totally stupid comment disguised as a question about Mr. Petrone and Ms. Berland. Btw wonderperson, are we related? My father was a wunderperson(same spelling as your name!) and my sister is Wundergirl, maybe you know them?

  • wonderperson

    @wundaboy: I re-read your post and your language is definitely Angry. Some would think you took it personally. Anyway, no, we are not relate: different spellings. Are you from Brooklyn or Jersey(“wunda”)? Gotta’ go.. meetin’ Frankie and Susie for a drink at the para club.

  • wonderbread

    One begs to ask.

    Wunderboy= Mr Berland hahahahaha, since she wears the ugliest pants in the family he should carry her surname.

    • wundaboy

      @wonderbread: Actually, its wundaboy, not wonderboy who is someone else. No, I am not Mr. Berland but beyond being an intelligent and effective councilperson, I think Susan is quite attractive. As you know (but won’t can’t admit), she, Mr. Cuthbertson and Mr. Petrone can reamain elected officials for as long as they like because they do a greaat job and most residents of the town appreciate that.

  • bullsh-t wunder

    The town is as crooked as they come. Huntington government owns houses and apartments and makes money from slummin.

    Gene Cooked asked to see the town’s finances and as a councilman was still denied saying it’s not for anyone to see except for the democrat controlled board. It’s all on a disc and the data is being held in the comptroller’s office and when Gene asked and demanded to see it as a representative of the people who elected him, he was denied by the town comptroller who has recently quit.

    This town is corrupt as sin.

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