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Huntington Library Budget: We Report, You Decide!

Citing ongoing and contentious union negotiations since their 2010/2011 budget year, Huntington Public Library officials have disclosed that selected line items in the annual publications used to describe their projected expenses were not accurately revealed.

The objective, according to Library Director Debra Englehardt, was to minimize the amount of money shown in the public description of the “Salaries & Benefits” category while financially preparing for a labor settlement that might cost the Library more than it had planned. In response to a written inquiry, Ms. Englehardt wrote that “the 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 proposed operating budgets were constructed during periods anticipating (and of) union contract negotiation. For the 2010-11 and 2011-2012 proposed budgets, the Board (in consultation with Labor Counsel) elected to employ a strategy through which it would not “tip its hand” regarding the amount it had budgeted for the estimated cost of negotiable salary and benefit increases. The approach involved including the total additional the Library thought it would need to meet potential salary and benefit increases upon settlement in other budget accounts. Under Salaries & Benefits, an asterisk explained: “Pending negotiations.”

As a further explanation for the tactic, Ms. Englehardt penned that the Library “does not seek voter approval for specific expenditures. The public votes on the proposed tax levy, and this remained unchanged throughout. Reallocation of funds within the operating budget can occur as determined by administration and throughout the fiscal year.”

In this reporter’s opinion, the conscious effort to confound union negotiators has had the simultaneous effect of misinforming taxpayers about how library management was planning to spend scarce public funds during an extended period of economic difficulty, eroding home values and increasing taxes.

Analysis of the planned 2012/2013 expenses disclosed in the Library’s March 2012 promotional material offers insight to the next twelve months’ disbursements.

By comparison, the 2011/2012 budget vote and trustee election guide published by the library in March 2011, illustrated that $8,665,168 was needed for annual operations. The money was supposedly going to be spent as shown in the “Allocation” column below.  Analysis of the data illustrates the relevant percentages:

Item Allocation Percent of Operating Budget
Salaries / Benefits



Library Services



Library Operations



Maintenance / Facilities



Insurance / Rent



However, at their September 20, 2011 meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to change the previously touted allocation. They moved nearly $800,000 into the “Salaries / Benefits” category while slashing an identical amount from the other reported groupings.  Their action removed $394,057 (60.6%) from what was reportedly earmarked for “Maintenance / Facilities”; $282,619 (26.08%) from the “Library Services” grouping; $99,381 (16.67%) from the class defined as “Library Operations”; and $23,000 (8.97%) from the allocation allegedly reserved for “Insurance / Rent.”

As a result of these financial adjustments, the Board-approved 2011/2012 budget illustrated revised apportionments that, among other components, allocated a whopping $6,877,481 to employee salaries and benefits. That’s 79.37% of the Library’s total 2011/2012 expenses. The remaining $1,787,687 (20.63% of their entire budget) was supposedly reserved to cover all other library operating expenses including maintenance, facilities, library services, library operations, insurance and rent.

Management is now using the “reallocated” September 2011 funds   –   with its disproportionate “Salaries / Benefits” distribution   –   as the basis for seeking voter approval of their proposed 2012/2013 tax levy.  In taking this step, the numbers seem to infer that 2012/2013 “Salaries / Benefits” category is increasing a modest $96179 (1.4%) over the 2011/2012 level.

And they are; . . . . . . if the calculation uses the changes that the Board approved when it reallocated the monies in September 2011;   –   nearly six months after the public vote.

However, since taxpayers were not given an accurate statement of planned expense classes in the original 2011/2012 promotional material, they should now be told that when the proposed 2012/2013 “Salaries / Benefits” category is compared with the March 2011 outline, the increase in salary and benefits provisions is a massive $895,236 or 14.73%.

The result is that $6,973,660 or 80.77% of the requested 2012/2013 tax levy will be spent on salaries and benefits for Library employees.

Library Board of Trustees member Chuck Rosner says that the reallocation of the funds had “no effect” on the bottom line cost of running the Library.  The mill rate remained unchanged. He also commented, however, that the information could have been “better presented.”

Examination of New York State employment records show that some of the Library’s expenditures for salaries are substantial. For example, George Dobler, HPL’s chief custodian earned $104939 in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011.  Mr. Dobler, who joined the staff in July 1988, is President of the Library’s CSEA Bargaining Unit.

The vote for Trustee and budget approval is slated for Tuesday, April 3, 2012 between 10AM and 9PM at the Main Library Branch, 338 Main Street, Huntington.



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87 comments to Huntington Library Budget: We Report, You Decide!


    Mr Sanin works for the Board of ELections
    His wife, Rebecca is HEAVILY involved with the Democrats.

    They are trying to infiltrate every possible angle they can to benefit their own pockets with the deep pockets of those they are standing with.

    Vote on 4/3 but DO NOT VOTE for SANIN unless you want to dig us deeper into this mess.

    Believe his is NOT running for the right reasons. For the Sanins this has become about gaining political power and nothing more.

    • Carol Oberlander

      The incumbent had nothing to do with any of this. He came in only a few months ago. The reason he was brought in was because most of the board has no business experience. The new guy ran private companies. We don’t need a political hack on the board of directors, we need business experience. I’m voting for Paul Ehrlich.

  • My Town Too

    Mr.Rosner was not being totally honest in his comment. While the money was technically “in” the budget, regardless of what area they hid it in, increases in salaries and benefits do most certainly affect the bottom line in future years.

    First, any salary increases will just get bigger with each subsequent year’s increase. Second, when library employees retire, they get pensions just like other public employees (teachers) and probably health care (I’m not sure if that’s in the library contracts or not). The more the employee makes from year to year, the more their pension will be, thus affecting the bottom line of the library budget until they die.

    If the equal amount of money put in a budget for salary increases was really for something like equipment, for example, the equipment isn’t going to be retiring and costing the taxpayer anything in the future! And equipment doesn’t get yearly “raises” and can be cutback quite easily – unlike salaries.

  • Jeff M

    My Town Too is on the mark and Stop The Politics is ridiculous. Do the voting public a favor and abandon the bitter political rhetoric and stick to the facts and issues. The deceitful reallocation of budget funds by the current HPL administration is a very serious breach of the public trust and exactly the reason that change is warranted. If the BOE or Town pulled a stunt like this, we’d be screaming for their head on a pike! Yeah, let’s Stop The Politics and put aside personal agendas against the Dems and the Sanins and decide based on what’s best for HPL & TOH for a change.

    • Don't agree

      I have only seen the Sanins increase division in all issues they are involved in. They do have their passion but they fragment the community and until they learn how not to do that, Sanin really does not belong on the Library Bd of Trustees.

  • Paul

    I hope this is an April fools joke.


    What’s best for HPL and TOH is getting rid of the Dems in Huntington.

    How is most post ridiculous Jeff?
    Because you don’t like it?
    It is all true.

    They may have gotten into this for the right reasons in the beginning, but the Sanin’s have lost their way and were sucked into the politics of it. They like the attention, they like the respect, they like feeling important. This has nothing to do with an overwhelming love of the Library and desire to serve. This is political ladder climbing and infiltration.

  • There's a method....

    I guess the “budget cuts” in Library Operations must be the explanation for HPL announcing that, not only will they be closed on Sundays during the summer months, the Sunday closures will now begin in May and run through September! Last time I checked, summer doesn’t begin until mid-June and school still opens right after Labor Day, so how does the Board rationalize this travesty?

    • Wundaboy

      I agree. Why is the library closed on Sunday in the summer anyway? Given the economy and unemployment I would think they should stay open to accommodate the residents who depend on the library for activities and use of the computers, etc. Is the Sunday closure for the convenience and benefit of the library employees?

      • Budget Watch

        Then the union can stop being so greedy and make it affordable for the library to be open to – as you put it – the unemployed who are paying the high tax for their salaries.

        • Get your facts straight

          Sunday closings have nothing to do with the union. That decision was made by the Board of Trustees when the library was closed to the public. They’re trying to save money any way they can to pay their legal fees.

          • Village Eyes

            Are you suggesting that the salaries and benefits that make up 70 percent of the budget are not a limiting factor for additional hours? And all these “legal fees” that are being cited…where are they? 6.8 MILLION for salaries and benefits…I see just 596k for operations…how much could these legal fees be?
            6.8 million in salaries….and I usually do the self check out rather than wait on line. Hmmmm.

          • Re Village Eyes

            Legal Fees brought on by the Board/Administration. Just remember someone has to select, purchase and process those materials you bring home via self check.

          • Village Eyes

            Well then 6.8 million is STILL a huge amount of money to do that. And the critics of the legal fees imply that oh, just IF someone spoke differently they union would conceded. Really. Everyone hears one song: what’s in it for ME and the union is in it for money for the long haul.

  • Full Disclosure

    I think the library should make public the salaries and benefits cost (i.e., health insurance, vacation, sick leave, etc.,) of all employees, including the Director so we have a sense of how the funds for personnel are going to be spent.

  • Taxes

    Library taxes are significant. This article reminds me that the insider decision-making needs to be more transparent for the public.

  • Enough

    Enough of the insider, appointed people on boards. We need new independent thinking. We need to know exactly where our tax money is going. We need to reduce the amount of money we spend on taxes for the library-it really is too much. But we need to do it without taking away from the great programs we all enjoy. We need to look at operations differently in the library, our schools, our town–everywhere. It’s not business as usual anymore. The money just isn’t there. THe tax base just isn’t there. We need to seriously change the way business is done if we are going to keep getting the services we all want to see.

  • retired citizen

    Couple of facts:
    All staff salaries and retirement pensions are public information on a website See Through New York.

    Sunday closures do not benefit the staff as they get paid overtime for Sunday work.

  • Another fact

    The lack of transparency in this budget makes it impossible to really understand where money is being spent. I’d like to see a different approach that everyone can understand. The question about Sundays should be easy to answer. It shouldn’t even be up to interpretation. More transparency is needed.

  • Wow...

    What have we learned in this town? Don’t trust appointees. Period. Paragraph. End of story. I am voting for Mr. Sanin!

    • Village Eyes

      Oh, come on! What’s with the appointee nonsense? Glenda Jackson was first “appointed” to the town council to fill an empty seat. And the Sanins backed her right through the last election when come sense among the voters threw her out. Makes me wonder… Frank Petrone backing Sanin for this seat? That’s enough to make me vote for anyone else.

    • Anon

      @Wow…..Could you or Sanin explain his public comment that we are all racists? Is that a term he applies to all Huntington Residents who live outside of Huntington Station or just those who don’t agree with him? If he is unsuccessful in his goal to increase the size of the Station Satellite Branch because the budget cant support two libraries will he classify us all as racists again? Does he understand that Trustees of any public organization should not be calling the people they represent racists on television?

      • Budget Watch

        I hear two things about the Sanins – that they mean well, and that they have called people racists on TV, which makes me think they have good intentions toward some, not “all”. They have been in the area only six years. I have houseplants with longer residency and understanding of the complexities of our community.

        • Bio

          Ehrlich has also only been in Huntington six years.

          • 6 years

            Yeah but he didn’t call the people of the town racists while stamping his feet because a school got closed boo hoo hoo. In the 6 years the Sanin’s have been here they have managed to piss off 1/2 a town in the process.

          • correction..

            Dear Huntington Taxpayer,

            My name is Paul Ehrlich and I’m running for re-election to the Board of the Huntington Public Library. I have lived in Huntington for 45 years and my wife and I have raised our two sons here. I built two businesses in the healthcare technology sector and now have the time to devote to serve the library and the community.

            this is from his facebook page….he has lived here 26 years.

          • Village Eyes

            The Sanins have been here just six years. I heard they came from Queens. Paul Erlich has lived in Huntington or South Huntington for 45 years. A friends says he was a classmate of Paul at Walt Whitman High School.

  • No more appointees

    We have seen on the Town Board and across so many groups that appointees generally are appointed for a political reason. I’m not saying they are always bad but most of the time it doesn’t work out. At HPL, the current board hasn’t been able to work out a contract with employees. The budgets put out are hard for people to understand. I love the library and I want better for it than the current situation.

    • Disgusted

      Quote from an email Rebecca Sanin sent out:
      This email is a reminder to please vote on Tuesday for Jairo Sanin for Library Trustee. We were pleased to learn this afternoon that Legislator Spencer made a public endorsement for Jairo’s candidacy

      SPENCER – who does not live in Huntington, he lives in Centerport!! WHY would he be getting involved??? Because Rebecca campaigned for Spencer. It’s all about political favors….

      • @ Disgusted

        Rich McGrath, a board of ed member who has been eyeing a higher position at town hall, has been sending out postcards on behalf of his candidate, Paul. It goes both ways. It’s how the machine works.

        • Disgusted

          Rich lives in the district. Spencer does not – so why is he getting involved? See my post above. Rich isn’t making announcements as a Board Member – I’m a district resident who didn’t get anything – so he must be talking to personal friends. Spencer is not, he’s using his office to make the announcement. And here’s a question: what county resources is Spencer using doing this? And again – WHY? Political patronage.

        • Village Eyes

          I suspected that Frank Petrone was backing him…but Spencer is no surprise. Same political party. Doc Density didn’t show up for the Brownfield meeting, but he’s got time to endorse for a library district he does not live in? I wonder if he’ll vote in his own library election in Harborfields….the Doc is not big on actually going to the polls, which makes this endorsement even more pathetic.

          • My Town Too

            Dr. Spencer was in Hauppauge at a Legislature meeting at the time of the Brownfield meeting – you know, doing his elected job!

        • Ms Huntington Station

          Rich McGrath and Liz Black are both running for Town Board in 2013. Tepe and McGrath are very tight.

          • not true

            I spoke with one of the two you mentioned today and asked that very question and the was no. Stop making stuff up until you have real verification. The screening process has not even begun yet so you have no idea who might even be up for consideration at this time.

  • That's funny

    That is actually really funny. The Sanins did not work on Glenda’s campaign. This is a library campaign. I’m reading the article above and it doesn’t take much for me to figure out who to vote for. Anyone who supported the problems outlined in this article can’t have my vote. Simple.

  • misinforming taxpayers

    This article is scary. We cannot have our libraries misinforming the tax payers. We already pay way too much money in taxes. I may have to start going and listening to library meetings. How disappointing.

  • Poor management

    The current appointee may be a nice guy but he’s part of the regime that misinformed taxpayers. He does not have my vote.

  • legal fees?

    Why does the current library board waste so much money on legal fees? Why would we elect someone who is part of that? Our tax dollars should go to actual programs. We have great programs now but why is the budget so big anyway?

  • ?

    I am a regular at School Board meetings and I try to attend other meetings in Huntington when I have time. Why is this even allowed? I don’t understand how its possible that Trustees aren’t being 1000% transparent with the community.

  • budget

    This budget is too big. The public should be more involved. I would never vote for anyone whose currently on the Board supporting the current waste. There is so much money spent on legal fees. Why would the public ever accept this?

  • Big problems

    Libraries are a fantastic asset but we have so many in Huntington and all have outrageous budgets. Do we need consolidation? Why do we have two libraries in the Town alone?

  • Why?

    Why is there no parking at the library on Main Street?

  • Anonymous

    Current administration has used up 10’s of thousands of (taxpayer)dollars in legal fees in the past year and is still ordered by the Public Employment Relations Board to get their act together and pay up ……. Is the incumbent ready to disclose the case results dated at Brooklyn, NY on March,2012 by the Admin Law Judge. Why would he?!?!After all it’s not his money, it’s yours !!He is not a leader but rather a puppet. Please wake up people. This isn’t a democrat/republican issue. This is our money not being used appropriately.This is about the change and transparency that we all deserve. Please vote accordingly and most important look at the article above.

  • My Town Too

    The solution here is first to get people out to vote. Have you ever seen the total number of votes for the library budget? You probably have more people living in your neighborhood than the number of people who bother to vote on the library budget!

    We complain about the low numbers voting for our school budgets, the library numbers are a disgrace – and that’s the taxpayer’s fault.

    Vote tomorrow people! Either way, it’s your responsibility to get there.

  • Budget Watch

    Find out who the union supports…last year, their candidate lied about his educational credentials…they put him up to, quote, “have a say” and that the board is “anti worker”. SIX MILLION DOLLARS in salary and benefits – 70% of the budget does not sound very anti worker. And I don’t envision government-job guy Sanin doing anything about that. Why does the library have to be unionized anyway? Those legal fees would seem to be the result of union demands. And I don’t buy Sanin is going to jump in, sort it out, and have it cost less.

  • michael

    sanin are dividing this town, there is no place for them. if they don’t get there way everones a racist,funny i see them as the racist,this kind of politics is so old. i applaud them for there efforts but they are just to divisive,maybe they can refocus and see the big picture. just say no to sanin they caused enough negative energy in this town.

  • Anon

    Vote for whomever you want, for whomever you feel is the best candidate, but stop dragging people’s names and families through the mud. Everyone should focus on the issues and stop with the character assassinations. Both candidates are fine citizens who both want to do something positive for their community. There’s no need to make this ugly.

  • Anon

    PS: The divisiveness and ugliness is not from either of the candidates or from their families. It’s right here in these posts. Please, stop and read what you are writing. What a horrible way to spend your day.

    • really???

      How do you know? Do you have secret access to IP addresses for the tattler? No, you don’t. Rebecca is a common known poster on the tattler just like her close friend Cooper. Anyone could be writing these things, including them.

  • MIKE

    As this story winds down, remember: adjustments to budgets are commonplace. Business, states and non-profts all adjust their budgets through the fiscal year. Generally taxpayers do not see these adjustments.
    So the library budget is more transparent than Tattler makes out.Tattler spins an accepted practice into an attempt the bamboozle the taxpayers.

    Could the budget have been better presented? Of course. It could, for example, have shown the amount and % of each budget item that was actually spent.

    But don’t fault the HPL staff for making adjustments. It’s common practice. Vote for the most qualified candidate.

  • Anonymous

    I am really turned off by the nastiness of this website. As a fairly new resident, I have never witnessed such hatred and inhumanity. This thread is beyond a rationale dialoque at this point. I feel that the article speaks for itself and a rationale mind will vote accordingly, for the candidate that they feel is better suited for the job without the need to diminish the other candidate.

    • Don't believe you

      I think it is more like you have lived here for a very long time and have often contributed to the dialogue on this page. Seriously, people don’t move into new neighborhoods and then start ranting at them on the local rag.

      • Wundaboy

        @I Don’t believe you: So what. Instead of adding something intelligent to the discourse (you could even disagree with Anonymous), you have to speculate on the commentator’s lenght of residence in our town. YOU, and those like you, are what is wrong with this discussion board and maybe what is wrong with this town.

  • ironic

    Wundaboy upset someone is being nasty? Shoot! Thats his regular MO on here.

    • Wundaboy

      @ironic: How ironic, ironic. You are equating “nasty” (your word) with an intelligent comment that you either don’t agree with, or more likely, don’t understand.

  • ironic

    You consider that intelligent? That explains many things about you.

  • NO to Sannin

    Yes he Sannins are passionate about what thy believe in. Don’t believe for one second they want to do what’s right by the taxpayers!! They are part of the liberal problem in this town! Don’t give them any kind of power. That would be a terrible mistake this town can not afford. Unfortunately, they asociate with the corrupt political heavy hitters so wouldn’t be surprised if he buys a win to this election!! VOTE FOR PAUL!!


    If you want more corruption to run rampant into our beloved Library, then do it! If you want to hold off the evil political machine they are affiliated with? Vote for Paul. It really is that simple!

    I voted for Paul!

  • Where is Becky?

    Well after Jairo got his cushy job with the Board of Elections with fantastic health benefits, his wifey poo Becky who worked on Bellones campaign? She is headed for higher political hopes. You’ll see her pop up soon. Watch what unfolds over the next few months.

    Also the little buddy buddy with the deep pockets Xavier Palacios? The one who bank rolled Adam Spectors Board of Ed running? He is running for Board of Ed this year.

    Stay tuned!

  • Lauren

    This is beyond sickening to me. Wake up people!!!!

  • The Tryth

    It is worrisome that the Director of the Huntington Library, Debra Englehardt, has admitted that the Library has misled the public by falsely publishing allocations in its proposed budgets going back to 2010-2011. The reason given by Ms. Englehardt for this lack of transparency was that the Board of Trustees, in consultation with its Labor Counsel, did not want to “tip its hand” to the union representing the Library staff in contract negotiations. Even if this were a sufficient reason for the Trustees to lie to the public, a review of past events casts doubt on this explanation.
    The last contract expired on June 30, 2010. Since that time, the Library has failed to engage in meaningful negotiations with the union. While the staff of the Library has continued to provide a high level of service to the Huntington community under trying circumstances, the Trustees have acted in a manner aimed at undermining the morale of the workers.
    The Trustees made a decision to withhold annual step increases to which the staff was legally entitled. Instead, the Library spent thousands of dollars in legal fees in an attempt to deny the employees money that was rightfully theirs. After a hearing before an administrative law judge appointed by the New York State Public Employment Relations Board, the Library was found guilty of violating the law and ordered to pay the money with interest.
    Hopefully, this decision will be a wake-up call to the Director and Trustees of the Library, and they will return to the bargaining table to try to reach a mutually acceptable agreement rather than impose their will on the people that make the Library run so well on a day to day basis.

  • Wakeup Grandpa

    The Library should be closed to senior citizens on weekends. It looks like an old age home in that place on the weekend. They have all week to loiter, on the weekend working people need access.

  • Look at the Qualifications

    The only candidate with the credentials to serve is Paul Ehrlich. Make sure you vote today for Ehrlich.

  • Attend a board meeting, then make a decision

    Paul Ehrlich was appointed by Charles Rosner and the current board members. It wasn’t even put to a vote. All current board members are friends, and on a yearly basis, they push out any board members who oppose them and replace them with a new friend of theirs. Paul is current said friend. He and Rosner are in an investment group together. You do the math. Another puppet. Please tax payers, pay attention to the issues at hand! This library board is pissing away your hard earned dollars and using the staff as scapegoats. Half the board themselves ceaselessly suck their pension/retirement money from tax payers daily and then deny other hard working civil servants the same liberties that they have. Go to the board meetings! Get the truth! There is over a million unused dollars in a slush fund. They are cutting programs after making us PAY for them! Where is that revenue going? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to eventually find out someone is imbezzling. And the staff sure as heck hasn’t seen any money. Oh and ask about the perb hearing where this board was just found guilty of negotiating in bad faith, among a laundry list of other things. It’s all there… Do your research… You and I are the ones paying for this boards mistakes

  • Disgusted

    I’m sorry but is anyone else as disturbed as I am about how nasty this has become? I mean for god’s sake… This is a small town election for a volunteer position! Let’s crucify a family man for running against an incumbent. I can’t believe how dirty this is. I have never seen this about another library. How many library boards like to do smear ads on their staff? I think it makes the library as a whole look awful. Maybe Huntington isn’t such a nice place to live and raise a family anymore.

  • Why not

    Paul Ehrlich has the equivalent of a GED and tripped into a pile of money. Qualifications… Not so much. Paris Hilton is wealthy, and I don’t think she works, maybe we should ask her to run for board

  • Anonymous

    There’s lots of divisiveness in this town because of The Sanins. They only want whats best for “their people.”

  • Why not

    And while I’m at it, maybe Rich McGrath should be less concerned with the library trustee election, and more concerned with the underage drinking in his own backyard. Seriously his kids throw some ragers. This guy can’t even keep control on his own property, I can’t wait to see what he does when he runs for school board!

  • Anonymous

    He won’t run for school board again don’t worry! He can endorse anybody he wants as a private citizen! It’s still a free country. as for underage drinking, how would you know? We’re you or your undersged kids there?

  • Why not

    When a private citizen sends out email blasts and calls lacrosse teams, and sends out post cards telling me who to vote for, he’s a little more than endorsing someone.

  • Anonymous

    @why not-why do you say that. I did the same thing!
    When a County Leg living in a different town writes letters endorsing someone THAT is a little more than an enforcement!

  • Results are in

    Sanin lost. Check.

    Palacios. You’re next.

  • Ha ha


  • Perseverance

    This election proves the Sanins don’t have the power they thought they did. They are weak. The Spencèr vs Black race was very close and the Spencèr camp had much more money but didn’t win by much. cook came in way ahead of Berland and this election was a slam dunk. What this shows is the people are awake, informed and voting. town elections 2013 will prove how powerful a voting force this school district has 2013 the momentum of unseating the town evil doers will be well established and a force to be reckoned with.

  • Get facts directly

    Some of the folks who voted for Doc Spencer were also upset that he meddled in a library election without attending Meet the Candidates Night or the Budget Hearing to the get the facts. He also does not live in District #3.
    Next year, please plan to attend the Library meeting held in March to view for yourselves the budget, and ask questions. There is also a segment at the March meeting called Meet the Candidates and one can question them directly. That can clear up many confusing ideas and theories expressed erroneously on this website.

  • Anonymous

    Tea Party rules!! Yeahh baby… We even got lists from Ms. Berger…hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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