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Suffolk County Police Officer James Garside

Suffolk Legislator William Spencer joined his colleagues, Legislator D’Amaro, 17th LD and Legislator Stern 16th LD, in honoring Suffolk County Police Officer James Garside for his life-saving acts of heroism.

 Accompanied by his very proud parents at the General Meeting of the Suffolk Legislature earlier this month, Suffolk County Police Officer James Garside received a proclamation and gracious appreciation from the legislators for his heroic actions that saved three people in the past month.  Garside, who is also an emergency medical technician, is highly decorated and fortunately for the residents of Suffolk County, is in the habit of being in the right place at the right time, according to Office of Suffolk County Legislator William Spencer.


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3 comments to Suffolk County Police Officer James Garside

  • JK

    I had the privilige of working with Jim Garside Sr. (Nassau Co, PD.) His is a gentleman, a workingman’s boss and a true leader. It’s a good thhing for us in Huntington we have the son on patrol in our neighborhod. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!!!

  • MB

    Honored to call Jim My friend!!! Congrats!

  • The Hoppe Family

    Our our now 10 yr old girls had a Gran mal seizure 3 years ago While a babysitter was in the house. It only took me 8 min to get home that day, Officer Garside was the first responder. He and the other officers took such good care of Kimmy and her brother and sister. Officer Garside remained in the ER until Kimmy was transferred to LIJ. We will be forever grateful to the heroes of that day. All the Best!
    The Hoppe Family

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