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Huntington Station Woman Charged with Assault and Reckless Endangerment

In the early  morning hours of February 24, Shannon N. Chambers, age 35, who resides at 7 Tower St., Huntington Station, a property owned by Don Pius’ Community Properties, became involved in an argument with several women at the American Legion Post 1861, 887 Prospect Ave., Hempstead. She now faces assault and reckless endangerment charges after running down three other women with her car.

According to Nassau County Police, Chambers was first punched in the eye, left the hall, and a little time later, at around 2:27 a.m.,  drove into a group of about 20 people standing on the sidewalk in front of the hall. She hit three women, none of which was involved in the initial argument, and then hit a utility pole. Then, she backed up away from the pole, and hit one of the women a second time, according to a Deputy Inspector on the scene.

Chambers was arrested by Third Precinct officers on routine patrol, as she was trying to get away. All three women who were hit and Chambers suffered minor injuries and went to a hospital.

Chambers has a previous conviction in 2009 for criminal mischief (breaking the windows of a car).

Chambers  is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in First District Court, Hempstead.

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9 comments to Huntington Station Woman Charged with Assault and Reckless Endangerment

  • Carl LaFong

    Another fine, upstanding citizen of exquisite moral fibre housed by that paragon of virtue and altruism.

  • who wants to know

    as dispicable as the slum landlords are, you can not blame this on the landlords.

    • anon

      blame it on Ackerman,Schenkler,Spencer,Petrone, Culbertsen, Berland, Besen, D’amato,Melius,Israel
      These are some of the people responsible for stuffing our communities with non paying residents. When you pay your share then you feel a sense of responsibility for your home and to your neighbors.

    • R U Kidding?

      Of course you can blame it on the Landlords. They know what they are participating in but they continue because it adds a government guaranteed income to their bottom line. They would not live even close to some of the houses they own or the neighborhoods they own them in.

  • crotchie

    Was that Don Pius’s car she was driving?

  • Smoogie

    What does it matter what car or who owns the property…get a LIFE!

  • Smoogie

    What does it matter what car she was driving or who owns the property she lives in. Has nothing to do with the landlord that she is her own person with her own actions… Stop blaming and pointing fingers. What has one have to do with the other. Get a LIFE!

    • Wundaboy

      @smoogie. You obviously don’t understand how this site works. Let me explain. Typically, the Tattler reports a story (any story, even one on todays weather forcast)and then the usually cadre of undereducated, uniformed, racist, right wing, anti-poor, anti-immigrant, anti-Democratic party, anti-Huntington town board, commentators use the Tattler reply section as a sounding board to rant and provide us with their “wisdom” and “relevant” opinions. I hope this was helpful smoogie.

      • Wundaboy

        CORRECTIONS to my above post: Not that anyone will notice or care but 1) word 7,line 3 should read “usual” (usually) and 2) word 1, line 4 should read “uninformed” (not uniformed). Thank you.

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