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Letter to the Editor from William Spencer: Addressing the Issues that Face our Communities

Dr. William Spencer (Photo: Mike Tyminski)

Dear Editor,

This week I participated in my first General Meeting of the Suffolk County Legislature.  It was both enlightening and exciting.  As my colleagues and I debated the issues of great importance to the residents that we represent, I was truly humbled and honored to have been selected by the constituents of the 18th Legislative District as their representative.  It was a wonderful and productive day!

Every day I continue to address the issues facing our communities.  Last week, I attended the Public Safety Committee of the Legislature and received a comprehensive briefing about the Suffolk County Police Department’s changes in policies and structure.   The new police Chief and Interim Commissioner are changing the focus of the department to require better accountability, intelligence lead policing and enhanced community service. There is a refreshing commitment to improved cooperation and communication between the Police Department and the Legislature.  This can only help us in Huntington as we work to combat crime and the social problems that plague our neighborhoods.

Community and business leaders are working with me to work to connect the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System with the local security camera system.  This effort is a cheap and simple way to enhance the tools the police need to do their job.  I am very encouraged and eager to work with this new administration and Inspector Brady going forward.  I am confident that all hamlets in Huntington, including the Station, will continue to receive the resources it needs.

I am very concerned also about protecting and improving water quality for Suffolk residents, the water we drink and the waters we recreate, fish and boat in.  As I promised last year, I have filed a resolution to secure $7 million dollars from the Quarter Cent Water Quality Protection Program to assist the Village of Northport in complying with DEC and EPA mandates to upgrade their Sewage Treatment Plant.  This program was authorized by the voters in 2007 and will not place any additional burden on taxpayers.  In addition, I have worked with Cablevision to record a public service announcement detailing some simple things residents can do to help protect the ground water.  This PSA will air on over 50 channels and to very large audiences.  I remain an active member of the Northport Water Quality and Crab Meadow Watershed Advisory Committees and have recently been asked to join the Oyster Bay/Cold Spring Harbor Water Quality Committee.   The environment and water quality will continue to be a high priority of mine.

Finally, since taking office, I have met with many constituents, representatives from local non-profits, and community and religious leaders to learn all I can about the issues facing our residents.  To continue that effort, I am planning a “listening tour” throughout my legislative district.  Shortly, I will publicize the dates, times and locations of four community meetings that I have scheduled and invite members of the public to attend these meetings.  As always, I welcome any and all comments and concerns and will do what I can to help make Suffolk a better place to live and raise a family.

As your Suffolk County Legislator, I have hit the ground running and will continue to be available to you and our community at any time.  My office is still located on the grounds of the Vanderbilt Museum.  We are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  during the week, with extended evening hours until 7 p.m. on Mondays.  If those times are not convenient for you, please let me know as I am also available by appointment.

Once again, thank you again for your support.  Please feel free to contact my office at (631)854-4500 to discuss any issues of concern.

Best regards,

William R. Spencer

Suffolk County Legislator

18th Legislative District


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13 comments to Letter to the Editor from William Spencer: Addressing the Issues that Face our Communities

  • Marshall Field

    I wish legislator Spencer well and lots of luck. He’ll need it.
    With another violent murder just days ago and armed robbery the day after, Huntington is going through a dangerous phase of increasing violent crime.

    I would hope Spencer realizes that many if not most Huntington residents do not want to see anymore higher density housing built in the town.

    The townboard has also let single family neighborhoods become almost extinct in many areas of Huntington. If Spencer can sit down and talk with those who have a real stake in the community maybe he could change his tune when it comes down to affordable housing which has and is a tool of developers,leftists,politicians.

  • Anonymous

    how do you have a stake in the community? by making noise and yelling at town board members? you barely pay anything in taxes for your own home. you don’t own any business or have any other financial stake!!

  • Anonymous

    just kiddin!!!

  • KK

    Lets face it, most of the politicians in office live in the nicer neighborhoods (ie. Petrone in West Hills, Berland in Dix Hilss, ect). They are going to protect their interests first. Huntington Station is at the end of the food chain and will always be the dumping ground. Until someone who actually lives in HS gets into office, perhaps we will see something serious getting done.

  • Anonymous

    Also that state assembly guy could be doing much more for the station area?!?!

  • michael



  • Osprey over the Harbor

    Doctor Spencer…wishing you the very best…follow your heart and convictions…the rest will follow…..

  • Anonymous

    Talk is cheap Doc. Let’s see some action quick!!

  • He is such a comic

    WOW – i feel so much better with the “aka DOC” in charge!! Lets review his prescription: going to meetings, sitting with committees, and a”listening tour”. THis medicine is really working. See no more murders, robberises, crime infested neighborhoods,and high density housing to match the high crime. …His statement must be a JOKE… right???

    • Wundaboy

      @He is such a comic: Actually you are the joke. Doc Spencer is a fine man and,given the support (not ignorant ridicule of some of the above posters)of the community, he will do a great job.

  • Marshall Field

    Doc Spencer believes in the Frank Petrone Democrat mantra of always more affordable housing whatever the cost or detriments to the quality of life of the community.

    Spencer approves of the progressive and socialist driven Renaissance Downtowns which is a developer of the smartgrowth cabal who promotes urbanization for Huntington

    The Democrat town board let them in along with Avalon Bay. The Huntington Civic group trying to stop Avalon Bay made a horrendous mistake by not getting political locally.

    To stop the destruction of our town and stopping the urbanization, Berland and Jackson both had to be defeated to take away much of Petrone’s regime’s power. This was not done. Hence the urbanization will continue.

  • The sation is not all Spencer's

    Spencer’s district only goes up to 10th street get a district map. The Legislation he put in will benefit the water quality of the Long Island sound and Northport village. You folks are barking up the wrong tree take a look at the 17th legislative district. Spencer is very concerned about the station and has already began to represent it as if he is the sole legislator for the area but he is not!

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