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Huntington Station Man Arrested for NY Avenue Hit-and-Run


William Koziatek arrested for a hit-and-run that killed a pedestrian in Huntington Station on January 1.

Suffolk County Police today arrested a Huntington Station man, William Koziatek, who killed a pedestrian, Cesar Gudiel, 46, in a hit-and-run crash on New York Avenue in Huntington Station on January 1. Second Squad detectives charged Koziatek with Leaving the Scene of a Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash, a felony. Gudiel, of 138 Columbia St., was transported by Huntington Community First Aid Squad to Huntington Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Koziatek, 45, of Huntington Station, is scheduled for arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip today.


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4 comments to Huntington Station Man Arrested for NY Avenue Hit-and-Run

  • Sylvia

    Was Koziatek drunk or impaired? Even if sober, he fled with a clear head. No excuse either way.

  • Flip-side

    Was Gudiel drunk or impaired? Did he just stumble into the path of Koziatek? Maybe he did’nt even know he hit him. Speculation is a two way street.

  • Hector

    Even if Gudiel was the impaired one, and driver wasnt, the driver still left the scene. Yes, certainly, he could have stumbled in front of the moving driver. Its a pretty tough sell to say you didnt know you hit something that is bigger than a rabbitt. Nor would that arguement work in a courtroom. Bottom line is he left the scene.

  • i saw the guy already free doing his laundry
    i think the charges wasn’t applied with justice

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