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New Year’s Wishes

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7 comments to New Year’s Wishes

  • Wundaboy

    What I wish for is that the guy who drew this sketch get over his anger and make a resolution to stop scapegoating those less fortunate than him or town government or the the Democrats, etc., etc. His politicizing “art” is getting tiresome. I don’t want to live in a country that is “feared and envied” by the rest of the world. Lets work together and hope and pray for a better New Year with the end of the wars, improved economy and health and happiness to all.

    • Huntington Station

      Norm’s political art is always a welcome addition to any VT newsletter that I receive.
      I love how he balances insight with humor.
      What I wish for is that Wundaboy will get over his anger toward Norm, and make a resolution to end his personal war.

      • Wundaboy

        Sorry H.S. that you have totally missed the point. Wundaboy is not angry and nothing in his statement suggests that. Too bad that you consider a difference of opinion as anger. Resolve to open your mind for the New Year. Peace.

  • urban

    Balances insight and humor? The only message he seems to deliver is bitterness, and his drawings are humorless. I too am tired of his attempts to be political cartoonist.

  • Norm Rocks!

    Normie, keep up the good work! The fact that you are provoking comments and opposing viewpoints is the true judge of a good political cartoonist. Happy New Year!


    LOVE NORM D’Plume!

  • dr. evil

    This guy is the world’s worst cartoonist. Urban is right, he is bitter and humorless. I assume he’s an older man but he draws like an 11-year-old.

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