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Annual Toy Drive to Support The Pederson-Krag Center

The Village of Huntington Bay is having its 10th annual Holiday gift drive for the children and teenagers at the Pederson-Krag Center in Huntington. Pederson-Krag is a mental health and addiction recovery agency that provides services to hundreds of needy children and teenagers in the Huntington area. The Center has been hard hit by the economy and the loss of government aid from the Federal Government, State, County and even the Town of Huntington. The Village’s support has significantly helped the efforts of the staff there in making the holiday special for these children and their families.

“We are always happy to help our friends at the Pederson-Krag Center,” says Village Mayor Herb Morrow. “We have had many donations already, and we have ample time to do what we have done so well as a Village year after year. In the terrible economy we are in, our efforts are so important. We  welcome donations from anyone in our Town.” The Mayor is grateful for anyone’s help and support.

“Huntington Bay residents have been incredibly kind over the past ten years,” says MJ Fitzgerald, Chief Development Officer for the Center. “The Staff at the Pederson-Krag Center truly appreciates the incredible generosity of the residents of Huntington Bay as do the families we serve. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without all of you.”

Unwrapped gifts and toys can be left at the Huntington Bay Village Hall located at 244 Vineyard Road in Huntington Bay. Gift cards for teenagers are always appreciated and cash donations can be used by the staff at Pedersen-Krag to buy gifts. Please bring donations to the Village Hall by next Tuesday December 20.

If you need any further information, please contact Huntington Bay Village Hall at (631) 427-2843.

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