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Whooping Cough Cases on the Rise in Suffolk County

The Suffolk County Health Department says there are 205 confirmed cases of whooping cough, also known as pertussis, in Suffolk County schools, with the most cases in Northport-East Northport School District. Eight different school districts have been infected, including Northport-East Northport, Sachem,  Lindenhurst, Half Hollow Hills, East Islip, West Islip, Middle Country, and Southold.

Whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial disease. They say symptoms can feel like a cold, but with a strong, violent cough that makes it hard to breathe.  It begins with cold-like symptoms or a dry cough that progresses to a severe uncontrollable, violent cough lasting several weeks or months. It is spread from person to person through droplets. Pertussis is particularly dangerous, even fatal, to infants who have not been fully immunized.

“In order to contain the spread of infection, we ask health care providers to consider pertussis as a possible diagnosis when patients present with cold-like symptoms and a dry cough,” said Dr. Tomarken. “Early detection and appropriate antibiotic treatment is the key to minimizing symptoms and containing the spread of the infection.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), m ultiple factors have likely contributed to the increase in pertussis cases, including waning immunity from childhood pertussis vaccines, increased recognition of the disease, and better diagnostic testing and increased reporting.

“The most effective control measure is maintaining the highest possible level of immunization in the community,” said Dr. Kathy Thompson, Director of Communicable Diseases for Suffolk County.

Parents and physicians who have questions about pertussis may contact the Suffolk County Department of Health Services’ Division of Public Health at 631-853-3055.

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16 comments to Whooping Cough Cases on the Rise in Suffolk County

  • Anonymous

    Vaccinations are important! This vaccine is not live so please vaccinate your kids!!

  • Cindy B

    Please vaccinate your children. Unbelievable how many people have bought into the anti-science hype. The pertussis vaccine, although not 100% effective is extremely safe and so very effective at minimizing the length and severity of whooping cough.

  • Fed Up

    Coudn’t we wait until Frank Petrone visits one of the schools and then have the student cough in his mouth?

  • @fed up

    The droplet bacterium doesnt spread as far as untington N.Y. to Florida.

  • chickadee

    people are just nuts. This is why you have to vaccinate your kids. Those of us who were vaccinated many, many years ago should get another vaccination too.

  • Anonymous

    Yes. The booster shot is required for 6th graders and can be given to parents also.

  • crotchie

    Welcome to your 3rd world utopia, Libs

  • anti 3rd world country

    This is what happens when people visit “my country” and travel back and forth. That is why we were vaccinated for them in the first place, thought we got rid of them, they pop back up because of those “unregulated uninsured undocumented” individuals.

  • Huntington Station

    vaccines do not always work, and even when they do, their protection weakens over time.
    even in communities where 98+% of the population is fully vaccinated for a particular disease, outbreaks among the vaccinated still occur (, medical studies refer to this as ‘vaccine failures’.

  • curious

    Don’t parents of school age children have to provide documentation regarding vaccinations? I thought this was mandatory as a matter of public health. If so, why isn’t it being enforced?

  • @curious

    The only people who have to play by the rules are legal residents. Illegal ones and criminals get a free pass and do whatever they want.

    It’s us stanch rule followers that are the idiots.

  • dont forget

    Even when illegal residents get a note home to get a vacination we get to pay for that at the free clinic, if they go. If not kid still gets educated.

  • ....

    According to the CDC there are required vaccinations for those entering our country from another country. But it involves them legally doing so. Last year California reported 910 cases (an epidemic) and 10 babies died as a result.

    Immigrants not getting vaccinated are bringing back diseases that we thought we under control.

  • Anonymous

    You can get a note from your Doctor if you don’t want your child vaccinated and most schools wil accept that.

  • Huntington Station

    “when vaccinated children contract so-called vaccine-preventable diseases, people should direct their outrage towards the drug company that manufactured and falsely promoted an ineffective product, not towards unvaccinated children.” excerpt from Vaccine Epidemic

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