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Thousands Flocked to Second Annual Huntington Holiday Parade

Santa comes to Huntington's 2nd Annual Holiday Parade.

The Town of Huntington kicked off the 2011 holiday season on November 26 with the Second Annual Holiday Parade, Festival and Tree Lighting that drew thousands of people to Huntington Village. Fire Departments from as far away as North Tarrytown joined Huntington’s volunteer firefighters, veterans and businesses in marching in the parade that began at New York Avenue and Holdsworth Place and continued onto Main Street before ending at West Neck Road.

Trees were lit simultaneously at the street festival, on the lawn at Town Hall, on the Village Green and at the intersection of Park Avenue and Pulaski Road. Joining Councilman Cuthbertson were U.S. Rep. Steve Israel; Council Members Susan Berland, Glenda Jackson and Mark Mayoka; Tax Receiver Ester Bivona; and Legis.-elect Dr. William Spencer. The parade and festival were sponsored by the Town, the Huntington Village and Huntington Station Business Improvement Districts, the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce, the Huntington and Huntington Manor Fire Departments and the Huntington Chiefs’ Council.

Building on the success of the 2011 inaugural parade, this year’s version included competitions for best float and best store decorations. The winners were: Best Fire Department Float, Huntington Fire Department; Best Commercial Float, Huntington Coach Corp.; Best Non-Profit Float, Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce; Best Business Decorations, Ben’s Garden (First Place), Fern’s Gifts and Collectibles (Second Place) and Little Switzerland Dolls (Third Place). The Fire Department Float Competition was sponsored by Value Drugs and the Store Decorations Competition was sponsored by the Huntington Village BID.

The menorah at the Village Green will be lit after a ceremony scheduled for 6 p.m. on Wednesday, December 21 at Town Hall, led by Rabbi Asher Vaisfiche of Chabad of Huntington.

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6 comments to Thousands Flocked to Second Annual Huntington Holiday Parade

  • Cecilia Koomen

    The parade was a huge success and it seems that a good time was had by all!

    Unfortunately, the timing was all wrong. Main St. Huntington was closed for parking from 4pm until the parade was over and Wall St. was closed for parking all day in a town where parking is always an issue. To add insult to injury, it coincided with Small Business Saturday,one of the most important days of the shopping year for shop owners in the village. It is even more important for us in this very difficult economic climate.

    Why not have the parade on a Sunday at 5pm when the town slows down??? Was it that other options were not considered? I can not comprehend why a decision like this was made and by whom!!! Please, can someone explain?

  • Trusty

    How about all the red cups handled by the firemen on the trucks? Pretty tacky. Save it for the St. Pat’s parade……

  • taken for a ride

    Another parade paid for by the taxpayers and business owners once again. We don’t need it and don’t want it. It is just a way of campaigning for the politicos. Get rid of the parades -except the ones honoring our military!

  • ME

    I thought it was great. All the people were enjoying themselves and the kids were very happy too. I noticed that a lot of the eatery places were busier than usual. I am looking forward for next year whether it is a Saturday or Sunday.
    I agree with the red cups “tacky” yes. We went shopping and had no problems around 3:00 on Saturday.

  • Anonymous

    Lighten up “taken for a ride!” it was great!

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