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Shooting Victims Live In Non-Owner Occupied Rentals

The young men who were wounded in the gun attack in Huntington Station on Sunday afternoon are apparently residents of some of the non-owner-occupied rental properties that are increasingly plaguing the Town of Huntington.

Darius Howard, the youngest victim, resides at 18 Smith Street, Greenlawn.  At the same time, the residence reported by victim Philip Perez is 50 Wyman Avenue, Huntington Station.

According to TOH Land Management records 18 Smith Street is owned by CATCO Associates while 50 Wyman Avenue is owned by Community Properties. These companies are two of many in the portfolio of absentee landlord Donald Pius.

The third victim, Devon White, resides at 123 First Avenue, Huntington Station, which is the site of the attacks.  New York State Corporation records only show that the owner of the building is Lincoln Estates, LLC.  The company lists the same address as the attack site.

Earlier this year, Maritza Rios, a 24-year-old accused of assaulting two females in the early morning hours of August 20, 2011, was identified by Suffolk County Police as a resident of 53 Wyman Avenue, Huntington Station.  The property, a single family residence, is also shown to be owned by absentee landlord Community Properties.

Several years ago, Huntington Town Code established “presumptions” for the existence of illegal apartments.  Among those presumptions are  the presence of multiple electric meters or the existence of multiple mailboxes.  At the time of the incident, 53 Wyman had two mailboxes on the front porch.

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61 comments to Shooting Victims Live In Non-Owner Occupied Rentals

  • Anonymous

    Town of Huntington like all towns have a legal procedure to follow. Huntington does not follow their own zoning laws and building codes. If they did this would then entail summoning to district court all those owners of buildings with illegal and sub standard housing. In another part of this corruption scandal some of the town’s own workforce and even in the code enforcement department have and may still own single family houses with illegal apartments in them. Much money is made as they tear down Huntington’s middle class neighborhoods for financial gains.

  • crotchie

    So…Whats the verdict???…Is the “Huntington Donald” a Crip… or a Blood??
    Inquiring minds………

  • Get Real

    According to people who “represent”, Huntington Station. There is no gang activity. Stick your heads back in the sand, nothing to see here folks.

  • chris

    “Non-Occupied” rentals? Oh come on,I find that very hard to believe.Not here in TOH.

  • Huh?

    On Nov. 16 Cooper announced that Shotspotter was fully operational and a day earlier than expected, yet the commander of the second precinct say’s it’s not.The sensors are there but they’re not working. Thanks Jon, glad to see ya go.

  • Anonymous

    Until the town board is “really” cleaned up and more than one new face is voted in the slumlords will have their way….they fill the pockets of board members and the code enforcement..its a loosing battle ! PLZ Frankie….for the sake of our town and children…. go South!

    • Town Board Cleaned up

      never happen and that is due to the Republican Party Leader, Toni Tepe, and her cronyism no show jobs. Tepe’s husband has a nice fat town job – but no one can find out what he really does. 30-40 Republicans have sweet no show or minimal jobs working for Petrone. The Republican Party had an opportunity this year to take out Glenda and Susan. Cook’s Campaign Manager was Petrone’s executive. Morrow got no help from Tepe she wouldn’t even give him the names of the committee people or let him use the offices. Someone should do a time-line and the decline. Come on folks Tepe was a one year term Supervisor that lost to a retired Liquor salesman.

      • Anonymous

        The last Republican leadership left with nobody on the town board. With Toni Tepe we now have two seats. Republicans have still kept all of the state positions in town under Toni Tepe.
        There are no cronyism jobs given out to anyone by Toni Tepe and the last poster contradicts themselves by saying so when they state Petrone gave some Republicans in his administration no show jobs which is true.
        Toni Tepe’s husband does not have a no show job but did work for many years for Town of Huntington and worked in Public Safety and has been retired for several years.
        The last poster undoubtally has an axe to grind and is spreading untruths.The Republicans under Toni Tepe have been in the best position they have been in for nearly twenty years. The rinos against her are also for over development and turning Huntington into another Hempstead for power and profit.Ghettos don’t bother them becausde they make sure they live far far away. Thats why they lost power in the Huntington Republican Party.

        • Senile Tepe is a joke

          Under Tepe we only have one Republican on the Town Board and that is Mayoka. Cook is not a Republican. In this last election Tepe selected people that would lose and lose. Senile Tepe ran loser Dowler three times. Deborah Poulis is a non Republican and was nominated for the second time to lose. Even the Republicans couldn’t vote for Conte the failed burger joint owner. Tepe is a sad old senile woman heading to the nursing home any day.

  • Just think

    How many positions (paid) have been created to take care of the problem they created to begin with? They took housing and made it a department/business at town hall. If they enforced their laws we wouldn’t need to pay their friends to do nothing.

  • Jon Howard

    Someday someone will write the story of how one slumlord(Don Pius) destroyed Huntington Station while our elected officials chose to do nothing.
    What a shame!

    • ME

      It should be titled: “The sucker’s of Huntington Station” or “How I Made My Millions on Taxpayer’s Money”. Don Pius can hold conferences titled: How to be successful on taxpayers money and how to get away with it.

  • Huntington tax payer

    Its very simple just enforce the laws on the books.Our town board does not do this.

  • New C-6 Zoning

    We are about to double up on this type of housing with the new proposed zoning. This will also affect Northport, East Nortport, Greenlawn, and Dix Hills. You think it’s bad now…just you wait. If you are a homeowner in this part of HS now, if this re-zoning goes through, sell as fast as you can for whatever you can get. The loss you will face later on will be much greater.


    the people in power are the choice of the people that VOTE !! how unfortunate…

  • KK

    Thank you, Village Tattler, for confirming our suspicions.


    We have been lied to. Cooper reported on November 16 on the Village Tattler that the Shot Spotter is “Now Operational”. NOT True. I guess Cooper will say it depends on the meaning of ” is” or ” Operational”!! Cooper has been completely silent since …he is too busy getting ready for his private reception with Obama- doesn’t care about the neighborhood and never did. Good bye cooper. But worse now we have your protege Spencer…ugh.

  • News sources!

    I ONLY get my news from the tattler and the Huntingtonian now. I wish they would join forces and become a reporting powerhouse!


    Newsday and the Long Islander and just too slanted

    • Dr Freud


      The guy who runs Long Islander has a PR firm that works for the Town. He also was Spencers PR guy. He also worked with the Berland sleazy mailings. Oh and he is a trustee in Port Washington where Stu Besen is Village Attorney.

      AJ Carter worked for Newsday with Pam Robinson of the Patch. And was involved in the dem campaign of Susan Berland.

      Slanted no- They are all in on the joke- on all of us.

  • GHCG

    Special Guest Speaker

    Inspector Brady
    of the 2nd Precinct.
    Suffolk County Police Department

    Inspector Brady will be at The Greater Huntington Civic Groups meeting
    this Thursday to answer questions on Crime, Gang Violence and the
    relationship our Town leaders have with the local authorities.
    Agenda Items include:
    Avalon Bay, Matinecock East Northport – Northport and Thanksgiving
    weekend shooting in Huntington

    12/1/2011 7PM
    VFW Nathan Hale Post
    210 West Pulaski Road
    Huntington Station

  • Pius

    All the cops in the world won’t change a thing so long as the Huntington Housing Authority (HHA) uses our taxpayer $ to pay the rents of murders, rapists and gang members who live virtually rent free in Don Pius’ section 8 houses.

    The HHA is supposed to by HUD’s One Strike regulations terminate assistance if any family member living in a section 8 dwelling is involved in any criminal or drug activity. But, Bob Fonti, Dr. Spencer, and Frank Petrone are all budds with Pius and the deal is they look the other way so long as Pius houses are in Huntington Station or the “bad part” of Greenlawn off Park Avenue.

    Pius’s tenants are well known for their horrific crimes including murders, stabbings, assaults and rapes. The criminal activity of his tenants at One Tower Street was so out of control, the Town caved and bought the house to shut it down. What kind of message is that, instead of enforcing the One Strike laws they pay Pius 400K for One Tower?

    As long as Pius, the Town and the Huntington Housing Authority continue to violate the law and concentrate their housing in the minority section of Huntington Station and sanction criminals living there…. StopShotter, cops, or an open or closed Jack Abrams won’t change a darn thing.

  • Anon

    Attached is a link to a HUD violations reporting link. There is also a working phone number. I think if 100 people reported the landlord in question and showed the recent criminal records of tenants maybe we would get somewhere. I have already done so. I din’t know if others have tried in the past but we sure as hell can’t wait for Frank, Doc, Cooper, Mark C or Susan to do this.

    I bet the Police will welcome the help.

    • ME

      We have given the town’s people documentation, pictures and they even went into the illegal housing to see for themselves and nothing, I say nothing has been done for years. They look the other way but have a pool or a deck without permit, boy see how fast you will have a summons in your mail, that is all the town’s people know how to do. So your tax dollars go for them to write tickets for the decks and pools, but who the hell cares how the people are living in the poor conditions that they do. Pius and all the rest laugh at us everytime they deposit a section 8 check.

  • Pius

    One of the worst criminal acts Don Pius’ Section 8 tenants have been convicted of recently was the horrific rape in Frazer Park off Pulaski Rd in Greenport in 2008. In that case, the Minkeson brothers, who resided at a Pius sec 8 rental 68 Rutgers Lane, off Park Avenue, and another animal repeatedly raped a 17 year old girl as she try to leave Frazier Park with two friends who too were robbed and beaten.

    Although the animals were all sentenced to long terms in prison for the rape, the Minkerson family still got to enjoy their section 8 house at 68 Rutgers lane rent free thanks to the Huntington Housing Authority using our tax dollars to pay the Minkerson’s rent to Pius.

    Althought the Huntington Housing Authority was notified by neighborhood residents requesting the tenants be evicted in violation of their lease under HUD’s strict “One Strike” and your out regulations, Bob Fonti and the Huntington Housing Authority refused claiming One Strike don’t apply to Pius section 8 houses only apartment complexes.

    How many more rapes, murders and shootings are going to have to happen before Fonti, Spencer, and Petrone and the Town finally evict Pius from the Section 8 program?

    3 held in rape and robbery in Greenlawn park
    Published: September 2, 2008 3:14 PM

    A night out at the movies turned into a nightmare for a 17-year-old girl who was raped repeatedly by three men and her two male companions robbed at gunpoint at a quiet Greenlawn park, authorities said.

    The girl told police that the attack took place after she and her friends went to Frazer Park early Tuesday after watching the movie “Death Race” at the Commack Multiplex Cinemas.

    Around 1:15 a.m., the girl and her two friends, both 21-year-old men, were leaving the park on Frazer Drive when they were accosted by three attackers, according to court documents. The attackers took their money, tied them up, pulled their shirts over their heads, and then raped the girl three times, she said in court documents.

    Authorities say the three men arrested were Justin McDonald, 18, of 29 Croley St. in Huntington; Anthony Minkeson, 19, of 176 N. 24th St. in Wyandanch; and his brother Patrick Minkeson, 18, of 68 Rutgers Lane in Huntington.

    At McDonald’s arraignment yesterday at First District Court in Central Islip, Assistant District Attorney Elena Tomaro described the crime as “every parent’s nightmare.” She told the judge that the men were armed with baseball bats and a handgun.

    “They were waiting at the entrance of the park for an opportunity to victimize Suffolk County residents,” she said.

    The victims were forced to walk through the park, more than 300 yards, to a secluded area in the back, where they were ordered to lie on the ground. The attackers tied them up with shoestrings, took about $60 in cash, and threw their cell phones into a grassy area, Tomaro said.

    One of the male victims said he heard the attackers debating what to do. “The three guys had some type of discussion. Two of the guys wanted to leave. One of the guys wanted to stay and rape the girl,” he told police in a statement.

    The girl begged for her attackers to stop. “I told him to stop. He said if I yelled, he would hurt me,” she said in her police statement.

    The assailants took car keys from the victims and went through one car, looking for more money, Tomaro said.

    The victims untied themselves after the attackers left and called police from a nearby resident’s home, according to court documents.

    In court, McDonald, dressed in baggy blue scrubs, pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges of first-degree robbery, rape and criminal sex act.

    Judge Dennis Cohen set bail at $500,000 cash and issued orders of protection for the three victims. McDonald was represented by Dave Geller, a Legal Aid attorney who asked for a lower bail and noted that McDonald lived with his mother.

    The Minkesons are due to be arraigned today on the same charges, according to District Attorney Thomas Spota’s office.

    Det. Lt. Thomas O’Heir said at a Huntington news conference that after the victims called police, a responding patrol officer saw McDonald running on a nearby street and arrested him. The other suspects were arrested later Tuesday.

    The handgun has not been recovered, he added.

    • Robert Desmond

      You would think that a tragedy would change the attitudes of the politicians and the thugs in Huntington Housing Authority but it matters not. Do they lack basic survival instincts for is it simply the power of corruption and the high they get off of power. What causes Frank Pertone, Bob Fonti, Susan Berland and Dr. Spencer to lack such basic ethics and morals and how is it that so many voters who truly have the power stayed home on election night?

      • Dr Freud

        Over 72% of registered voters stayed home. And there are more non registered people as well. That is why we are where we are and when one candidate spoke of corruption the machine tried to destroy him.

        This Town may be done kids. Maybe time to move and get what you can for your home.

  • jack

    What the about the over $100,000 with ultimate benefits and OT COPS who spend more time at the Firehouses and the beaches than they do any real work…..
    What about now lobbyist Cooper’s SS system which was not needed in first place if the police did their job.

  • Marshall Field

    I see that some like Jack want to blame the police for the ills of a corrupt local town government. Police Commissioner Dormer has already chastised supervisor Petrone and Cuthbertson Berland Jackson for not enforcing zoning and building codes. Laws already on the books totally ignored by Petrone’s administration that have helped bring in the criminal element to Huntington and giving them housing on the taxpayers dime.The previous posters have stated correctly of the ties between the local media and the Democrat controlled government in Huntington. It’s a mutual love fest but it destroys checks and balances on government waste and corruption and makes the media insignificant because they are biased.

    • jack

      So what you are saying is the police are enforcing regular police tactics?

      I would venture to guess you are in law enforcement or on it’s dole.

      Do a sector car count , let the public see the actual time policing (not cop provided stats) rather sitting at the firehouse or running errands for the wife while be paid over $100,000 per year for the less than stellar job.

      Use technology to show where the cop is and where he i going while on beat and get more for our dollars spent

      Huntington Station is not that large an area for the bloaated SCPD to police if they actually did their job instead of blaming town officials.

      By the way the police seem to always claim something or someone else is impeding them, but if they followed what law is on the books there would be less crime.

      In addition Huntington’s Enforcement Department is a joke and has never followed what laws are on it’s books, they are reactive and not proactive. If you call they consider You a nuisance rather than a citizen. In other words corrupt and corrupted by cronyism.

      All you need is money a little power/friendship and all your SCPD and Code enforcement problems go away……

    • ME

      So why can’t we fire them for doing a poor job. They work for us don’t they. If they are not doing their job , FIRE them. In any other company if you do not do your job, you are gone.
      Let them step down or take their seat away.
      Get rid of them once and for all. Why do have to wait until the next election. We need to riot, get rid of them.

  • John

    It seems the residents need to pressure the state to revoke Pius’s right to rent to section 8. His tenants are clearly responsible for most of the crime associated within the Huntington Township. Section 8 is not only in Huntington Station. Greenlawn and sections of Huntington off of Park Avenue are also reaping the benefits of these thugs. The one guy arrested with the weapon came from Paumanack Village, Greenlawn. Paumanack was originally established for a place the elderly could live out their retirement years. Now it houses criminals and rents to section 8 thugs. It keeps spreading. Its time to take back our control and start protesting where it counts. Please let me know where that is. GET RID OF PIUS HOUSES-GET RID OF A LOT OF TOWN PROBLEMS> This guy has no shame. He single handedly ruins our quality of life.

  • John

    How many of Pius’s properties don’t get police calls. All the owners neighboring a Pius house should start a class action lawsuit for the devaluation of property values.

  • John

    Everyone needs to open their eyes. This high crime we are faced with started long before this election. My family grew up in the Station and has since moved 20 plus years ago due to increase in crime. I think it goes way beyond the local level right up to the Fed. Why doesn’t ICE get involved in this problematic area? Why does HUD support criminals? All these properties with 5-10 children going to our schools at our expense. Where’s the states’s responsibility in this mess? No one sees the big picture. Everyone complains about the Town Supervisor and Town Council. Our government at the highest level is responsible. The towns government has no real influence on our quality of life with the exception of the HHA. They house section 8 criminals and call the Guardian Angels to help protect their own criminals. Its a joke!!!

  • Worth the read

    Thompson report from 2005-explains why these illegals keep on getting away with murder!

    • jack

      sorry but that data is from 2005, do you not realize that is over 6 years old or are you just another sheep?

      • @Jack

        do you realize statistics are done over time? Perhaps if you actually read through it you might find something of value.

        It still applies today.

        Statistics cannot be gathered in advance.

        • shocking

          According to the laws. An “illegal” is arrested, if ICE does not claim them in 48 hours they are released back into the streets??????? OMG!

          WOW! Thats sick information!

    • Ripe with Errors

      This report is ripe with errors but I agree with the theme. I was shocked to see my name listed as an owner who had a tenant that was arrested. My house, 1 family, has never been rented and has no apartments and the arrested person was a previous owner from years ago.

  • Ex Queensite

    If there had been a Don Pius in Ozone Park, John Gotti would have custom fitted him with cement shoes and rested him a nice area in Jamaica Bay off JFK…Would do you say?

  • Ex Queensite

    Don Pius has more of an effect on what goes on in the town of Huntington then the board members themeselves. Anybody who voted for “Dr” Spencer should have their heads examined.

  • Jerome W.

    Just like the Occupy Wall Street protests, there should be “Occupy Huntington” campouts and protests on the front lawn of TH and spilling into Hecksher Park.Perfect setting, with 25A cutting thru for all to see and feel. Would be embarrassing for the town, unfortunately, but would bput tons of pressure on Petrone and Company to take action, and for residents to vote them out next election. Focus should be our corrupt and do-nothing Town Leaders, the slumlord/Hunt Station issue, development/Avalon Bay, and the negative impact on crime, the school district, taxpayers, and overall quality of life. Lets start “Occupy Huntington”!! Would this have any chance of being affective??

  • Anonymous

    In the broader scheme of things….maybe if we made gaining citizenship easier for these people they wouldn’t have to live on the other side of the law? I think we in America often forget who our ancestors were. Immigrants. And don’t think people didn’t shit on them. No one believed they could ever be ‘good American Citizens’. Anyone Italian here? Irish? Just some food for thought before we call eight people living under the same roof illegally “criminals”. I’m sure many of them would be willing to pay their taxes and suffer all the same legal consequences citizens do if only we’d let them. This issue is a part of a much larger one.

    P.S. to anyone here who believes living here illegally is a walk in the park, you are very sadly mistaken. Noone joins a gang for shits and giggles. They’re for people to find a place of belonging and acceptance somewhere horrible. Want less gangs? Change our society.

    • Anonymous

      I know this isn’t what anyone wants to hear because it isn’t very instantly gratifying. But maybe the solution to the problem isn’t.


      Most immigrants came here to get away from communist type ruling. Let’s not forget getting taxed to death by Britain without representation and tossing tea into the harbor.

      Over taxed, no representation???? hummmmm, now those that flock here don’t pay taxes but the suckers that were born here do and support it.


      • Anonymous

        The only connection in that example I see is it deals with taxes and representation in the government. but it is in no way similar to what illegal immigrants today are experiencing.

      • Anonymous

        You’re thinking a bit too far into the past now.

      • Anonymous

        As much as these issues effect our community, on a very intimate level, I can’t help but believe the real power lies in the hands of the federal government. I do not believe many people being crammed into an apartment and ruining things for everyone should be tolerated. But I don’t think the solution is to throw them in jail, or deport them. Perhaps we should help them get a leg up. This was done for our european ancestors. Who let me remind you lived in ethnic slums and ghettos similar to our very own huntingtn station. Hispanics will probably undergo a whitening and they climb up the socio-economic ladder, and this wont be an issue in a number of years. This is just history repeating itself.

        • Whitening?

          Interesting choice of words and hopefully you didn’t mean to be racist, but considering that 43% of district 3 students are ESL the likelihood of “whitening” becomes more and more remote. Why?, because they don’t have to. If anything the cultural diversity of the student population is causing the oposite affect, which will perhaps make our kids better prepared to deal with these issues as compared to our generation.

          • Anonymous

            This is why sociology should be taught before college to all students. Race is socially constructed. When italians came to america, they were not considered white. Today they are. One say hispanics will be considered white as they move up the socio economic ladder. Which I believe is their ultimate fate. What I mean to say is illegal immigrants probably aren’t going anywhere. Race is just another word for class. Many dont realize this but it’s the truth. Nothing rascist intended by it. The next generation might not see them as anything but white. Maybe.

          • Anonymous

            and they absolutely need to assimilate. the reasons why ought to be obvious. They’re lives are not handed to them. It is not easy to live without paying taxes. I ask anyone who believe anything otherwise to conduct a bit of research. And shame on anyone who denies them assistance. They deserve to be here just as much as your great grandparents did, and less directly you and I.

  • Democracy Kaput

    Well the police are not the problem. The special interest groups that have organized to allow the town to stop code enforcements and for making cheap housing out of single family houses are. The town sits back and allows legit real estate brokers to advertise apartments in single family houses. Many areas of Huntington have such advertisements and it’s suppose to be illegal. Blame the slumlords and their enablers which are affordable housing schemers and activists and corrupt politicians who bank some of the ill gotten gains especially for re elections. Illegal aliens take away housing for legitimate residents and the pc thought police will hear nothing of that. And when you have corrupt elected officials and local government workers who own houses with illegal apartments what does that tell you !
    Don’t forget now a single family house that sits right next to yours can be made into a two family house. What does that do to your quality of life ? It ruins it and your taxes will go up to pay for the other guy/gals tenents.

    Huntington has become a cheap renters paradise at the expense of single family homeowners thanks to an inept and corrupt town board led by supervisor Petrone.

  • Term Limits

    Plain and simple. If we had term limits for the town board then it would be less likely that they can create their political machines that line their pockets and perpetually keep them in office. They cater to a few constituents because they know that the large majority of people never cast a vote and simply don’t care. Sad, but unfortunately true.

  • @anonymous

    They don’t deserve to be here if they are illegal!!!!!

  • slumlords r us

    Looking for a place to lay low for awhile. We have apartments in single family houses in Huntington Station. Give us a call at 754-3600. Signature Properties.

  • Immigration

    They deserve to be here as much as my Grandparents did? whoa there fella! People came here legally. They worked hard, built small business’s and now they are being taxed out to support those abusing the system. In all my Grandfathers tales he never mentioned the gang he was in in the Latin Quarter (what the heck is the renaming of HS btw???) and shot up his homies! Don’t minimize the problems we are facing now by comparing them to what are fore Fathers did. Whats going on now is downright CRIMINAL!

  • Immigration

    For the record?

    I LOVE THESE POSTS! Thank you whomever is doing them.

    slumlords r us
    December 1, 2011 at 8:34 pm · Reply Report comment
    Looking for a place to lay low for awhile. We have apartments in single family houses in Huntington Station. Give us a call at 754-3600. Signature Properties.

  • An inadequate number of property owners utilize modest claims … However the severity of having an outstanding lien contrary to the tenant and also records along with credit reporting … Many people do not want a negative … Bad Landlords Uk

  • whistleblower 2012

    I can tell you for certain about some tenants in that building. For example, 301 is a convicted felon and also has some misdemeanor arrests and convictions as well. He drives a cab for a company that pays him hourly. He makes about 4 times the limit to live in that building. He pays squat in taxes because he claims he is self-employed/contract with a different cab company. You can see the cab parked in the lot. That company runs medical related transports and bills insurance companies and medicare etc. He is hourly as I stated, and off the books completly. He has a bunch of guns and had his door broken down by the police in the past and charged with criminal posession of a weapon. Still he was not evicted. The landlord instead, being his buddy, helped him repair his mangled steel door with bondo to hide the damage for the inspections. He even kept it propped open with a door stop that day so nobosy would see how it closes. How many criminal charges, police raids, complaints will it take? This guy has had raids even when he lived on the 2nd floor. Now the tax evasion? I have tried relentlessly with HUD OIG and have failed. The landlord went to bat with HUD and got him able to stay. Complete BS.

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