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Shooting Victims Live In Non-Owner Occupied Rentals

The young men who were wounded in the gun attack in Huntington Station on Sunday afternoon are apparently residents of some of the non-owner-occupied rental properties that are increasingly plaguing the Town of Huntington.

Darius Howard, the youngest victim, resides at 18 Smith Street, Greenlawn.  At the same time, the residence reported by victim Philip Perez is 50 Wyman Avenue, Huntington Station.

According to TOH Land Management records 18 Smith Street is owned by CATCO Associates while 50 Wyman Avenue is owned by Community Properties. These companies are two of many in the portfolio of absentee landlord Donald Pius.

The third victim, Devon White, resides at 123 First Avenue, Huntington Station, which is the site of the attacks.  New York State Corporation records only show that the owner of the building is Lincoln Estates, LLC.  The company lists the same address as the attack site.

Earlier this year, Maritza Rios, a 24-year-old accused of assaulting two females in the early morning hours of August 20, 2011, was identified by Suffolk County Police as a resident of 53 Wyman Avenue, Huntington Station.  The property, a single family residence, is also shown to be owned by absentee landlord Community Properties.

Several years ago, Huntington Town Code established “presumptions” for the existence of illegal apartments.  Among those presumptions are  the presence of multiple electric meters or the existence of multiple mailboxes.  At the time of the incident, 53 Wyman had two mailboxes on the front porch.

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