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Triple Shooting on First Avenue in Huntington Station

Three men were shot and wounded this afternoon in Huntington Station.

According to Police sources, three adult males were shot and wounded in an attack in Huntington Station around 3:20 p.m. today in front of 123 First Avenue. Suffolk County Police are investigating.

Darius Howard, 16, Devon White, 18, and Philip Perez, 22, were sitting in a vehicle in the parking lot of 123 First Avenue at approximately 3:15 p.m. when a large group of males surrounded the vehicle and at least two members of the group shot into the vehicle, injuring the three occupants. The three victims were transported by Huntington Community Rescue ambulance to Huntington Hospital.

Howard, of 18 Smith Street, Greenlawn, sustained a gunshot wound to the left arm and a grazing wound to his head. White, of 123 First Avenue, Huntington Station, sustained a gunshot wound to his groin. Perez, of 50 Wyman Ave, Huntington Station, sustained gunshot wounds to his right arm, right armpit and right hand.

Huntington Community First Aid Squad (HCFAS) Public Information officer, Andrea Golinsky, said that all three victims were individually transported to Huntington Hospital by three of their ambulances.  HCFAS also had a First Responder vehicle on scene.

A Suffolk County Police Officer was slightly injured responding to the shooting when his patrol car was in a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of First Avenue and Pulaski Road. The police car was using its lights and siren en route to the incident when it collided with a 2000 Chevrolet sedan driven by an 82-year-old woman.  The police officer sustained minor injury and the woman complained of back and neck discomfort.  Both were transported to Huntington Hospital in separate HCFAS ambulances.

The investigation is continuing and detectives believe the shooting may be gang related.

Detectives are asking anyone with information on this incident to contact the Second Squad at 631-854-8252 or call anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. All calls will remain confidential.

Please click to enlarge. Location of attack in Huntington Station this Sunday afternoon, Nov. 27, 2011.



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88 comments to Triple Shooting on First Avenue in Huntington Station

  • Robert Desmond

    Where do I begin? Will the election of Dr. Density solve the problem or only add to it? Will Susan Berland’s re election solve the problem or simply add keep safe the status quo?

    It is a sad statement that I am making here but I only wish that this would have happened immediately prior to election day. Perhaps those who are so vocally angry but chose to sit home on election night you should have a really bad case of complacency remorse. Congratulations your property values just went down again…

    Where is the statement from our newly elected Dr. Density?

    • John

      Everyone needs to open their eyes. This high crime we are faced with started long before this election. My family grew up in the Station and has since moved 20 plus years ago due to increase in crime. I think it goes way beyond the local level right up to the Fed. Why doesn’t ICE get involved in this problematic area? Why does HUD support criminals? All these properties with 5-10 children going to our schools at our expense. Where’s the states’s responsibility in this mess? No one sees the big picture. Everyone complains about the Town Supervisor and Town Council. Our government at the highest level is responsible. The towns government has no real influence on our quality of life with the exception of the HHA. They house section 8 criminals and call the Guardian Angels to help protect their own criminals. Its a joke!!!

  • property values

    they dont care. they rent.

  • Hey Mr Cooper!

    Could 1 of your 15 alias give us a statement on how well shotspotter picked up the shootings?

    How about some REAL preventive measures instead of just picking up the pieces after all is said and done?

    Oh, I am sorry? You can’t hear that from behind your 28 acres of newly preserved property?

    • Plate Scanners

      I believe the shot spotters are still being configured and missed this one to help. Having the fixed plate scanners on the poles would have certainly helped but I don’t see any legislator at the county level on this effort…they are fixed to police cars which isn’t as useful. We already have traffic cameras on street light posts…doesn’t seem a stretch to add the plate scanners. Instead the police are pulling video from the local businesses which aren’t that great for seeing plate tags. Note that the town board needs to raise their voice at the next county meeting about these efforts. I will also contact board to seek comment and post their response.

      • My Town Too

        I didn’t think the ShotSpotter was located down that far on NY Ave.

        • It does

          Each spotter sensor has a 2 mile radius, and the crime was less than 1,000ft from an obvious strategic spotter location and per previous press, the spotters are still being configured. I’m a concerned citizen, not a politician, and you should join others like myself who attend at least 1 monthly community meeting at the 2nd pct (Dec 13 at 10AM..the have 7PM times for some alternating months which folks like myself who work can only attend). Note SCPD response to HS issues at

          • PO-PO

            The police are doing the best they can with what they have been given. Town Council members have not spoken about crime since we left Town Hall front yard and took our poster boards with us. The fact that Susan Berland was speaking prior to her campaign about adopting fire hydrants is ridiculous.

            Now 3 weeks later and an attempted triple homicide. Bet the courts let him go on bogus lower charges so the shooter can hunt them down again and this time not miss. Which bar will it be on Wall Street this time? Maybe it will be in the Village just like the last time? Northport got any bars? How about Greenlawn. Hey! You never know.

            There should be a press release today. But there is not. This is what we get.

          • jack

            joke , money wasted once again, soon mr. cooper will be lobbyist for more installs

    • jack

      exactly, wonder what his $$$$ take on the deal or did he just acquire a high paid lobbyist job


  • Anonymous

    I wonder if SC 17th Legislator Lou D’Amaro will say this was caused by Garetano’s father’s bar on West Hills road ? I’m so tired of these lying arrogant obnoxious politicans like D’Amaro and Cooper who have helped caused this ghettoization along with corrupt and criminal town supervisor Frank Petrone and his equally corrupt dem town board. The buck stops with them. Petrone and the Democrat Party are literally destroying Huntington. Yet every year the dems send out their hate literature demonizing and character assassinating their political opponents. You don’t have to be a Republican to know Frank Petrone is an absolute ruler and tyrant with deep pockets.

  • Concerned in Halesite

    Probably why they spent all that money ripping up the sidewalks(that were perfectly fine as is) on 110 in the Station. The blood that is being spilled on those streets is the same red brick color they wasted our hard earned tax dollars on. This town board still doesn’t get the fact that you can’t fix a problem with cosmetics that they use to clear their liberal consciences.

  • Nick

    What a sad and disgraceful thing to happen to what was once a beautiful town!…….homeowners get it… legal renters get it….visitors get it! Illegal renters and illegal border crossers DON’T!

  • John L

    It says the detectives believe this was gang related. How can this be? Xavier Palacios just stated at the school board meeting, not to long ago, that all of the gang activity was gone. I thought he was the voice of the Station, all knowing. These incidents used to be isolated to summer months. Maybe the criminals should get a calendar. With our elected officials and police, doctoring numbers all of the time, to make it look like things arent so bad, how can they keep sweeping the crime under the rug? That is one helluva lumpy rug. Still think housing projects are good for the community? I hope the people in Northport are watching whats going on over here. Matinecock is knocking on their doors again.

  • Scary

    Drove on 110 right by that area taking my daughter to basketball at St. Hughes. You could see police blocking off the road.

  • retired citizen

    Well, why don’t we close down St. Hugh’s and send everyone to St. Pat’s where it is safer?

  • @retired

    How’s that running from your problems working for ya? I can’t wait till the next board of ed meeting when Ms Sanin jumps out of her chair to demand we re-open Jack Abrams. I hope one day she see’s our problems are MUCHO GRANDE than a closed school. Talk about a waste of a perfectly good 3 minutes.

    • Anon

      You’re right! She should stand up and demand that St Hughes be closed because it’s in a bad neighborhood! Let’s close ALL the schools–that’ll teach those criminals!!

      • @retired citizen and @Anon

        It is unbelievable to me that after this and other recent strings of shootings and stabbings in the area that you still choose to pick a fight with the decision to close Jack Abrams. At this point, if the school was opened it would be very lightly attended and a decision would have to be made anyway. So, please consider getting over it and be angry instead at Frank Petrone and his failed leadership that allowed this to happen. We should all be writing and calling Town Hall and demanding that they for once at least acknowledge this violent crime and tell us what they are doing about it.

  • I live 3 houses from away from it all. I just got home from the store at the time of the shooting. How I didnt hear it is beyond me, but then all hell broke loose, cops, ambulances, helicopter (knowing damn well the shooters got away). Pretty scarey that I used to walk my dog up and down this block. And I just moved in 4 mths ago. No more. The cops were in the yards right behind my house looking for the shooters only to come up empty handed. There is NEVER any police presence over here. EVER. Just like I told News 12. NO ONE CARES AND NOTHING WILL BE DONE. LIFE GOES ON FOR THOSE NOT INVOLVED SADLY

  • Jon Howard

    The chaos and violence in HS continues..yet Susan Berland gets reelected…
    but of course it “not her problem”.according to her…and her door is always open except if its to discuss the problems in HS…then she slams it shut …..if its about keeping her precious Dix Hills pristine…she happy to talk to you…what a sham….not to mention the involvement once again of Don Pius properties in this mess…..Does Petrone or Pius run this town…i think its Pius…making money while destoying our town

  • KK

    The problems with Huntington Station is too far gone already. The cat’s out of the bag as they say. The only thing our politicians can do is to stem the bleeding with stricter housing codes. No more absentee homeowners, no more housing projects getting built (Avalon Bay) and no more section 8 vouchers in the area and no more overcrowding homes (illegal apartments). I bet all 3 dirtbags came from some shady housing. Don’t make it a desirable place for scum to live and they will find other neighborhoods to destroy.

    • Anonymous

      Yes send the scumbags to the pristine neighborhoods where there fathers and uncles cut their grass and their mothers work cleaning their houses. All illegal mind you. Let them get a taste of what it’s like. Why do brainless people make brainless comments instead of being a part of the solution.

      • KK

        No, I don’t think it was a brainless comment. You know wherever some people go, they will wreck wherever they live, however I think you read too much into it. I didn’t mean they should go to the pristine neighborhoods, so keep your knickers on, you neighborhood should be safe. And in reality, I am part of the solution by paying my real esatate taxes here in HS and keeping up on my property while the bullets fly!

  • Recall Petrone!

    … and Petroneville just keeps growing!

  • mark

    KK says it all very well. problem is, is anybody listening ? if they are listening, why isnt something being done ?

  • Suffolk's Murder Capital

    This specific set of blocks just wrapped up a very sad murder case…and a few weeks later this happens. As usual..we see more police cars for a week then they disappear. Getting tired of seeing same story for years. The police are just understaffed yet we pay highest police tax in nation. Separating from a large police force is even more might make more sense for Smithtown and Huntington townships to join forces to create their own combined non-county police force…they certainly pay the most and get the least.

    • Anonymous

      Thats a laugh. Smithtown doesn’t have this problem. They enforce their zoning laws and they don’t downzone housing already established. It’s only in Huntington where the slumlords and developers rule our Dem led government. People voted for Berland because dirty politics and campaign tactics win out every time with the voters. Ask do nothing and no good Lou D’Amaro if you can get him out of his gated community in central Babylon.Lies and smears work and Huntington will be destroyed while our Democrat led government keeps registering new voters eager to live in Huntington anyway they can.

  • Bill

    Just drove to the neighborhood of the shooting. Wow. The amount of blight that exists in the station now is startling. I bet someone could easily make a list of 100 homes that should either be scraped or seriously rehabilitated. I think if the town was at all serious about doing anything, this would be a good start. Sadly, I don’t think the town has a clue. Start with 100 houses as a goal and see how many problems would be alleviated. Crime, Over-crowding at our schools and hospitals, huge amounts of garbage and belongings at the sidewalk every week would all decrease. Guaranteed.

    • KK

      The Town doesn’t want to get involved in all that! That is all small potatos to them. Boring!They want to cut big deals, like bringing in Lowe’s (a big failure), putting up the Paramount (verdict of success not in yet), and Avalon Bay (which is guaranteed to tank).

    • They Know

      Bill, They know.

      Those blighted homes are result of greed and irresponsibility. A certain investing resident buys the worst homes, puts not a dime into them, rents them to as many people as possible, can collects HUD checks and makes a nice profit. Worse still, many board members first promoted such housing…then tried to distance themselves from their mistake. Either way we see where this is going, a person not from the area will be driving through to visit friends/family in other parts of the town not knowing the danger who will be innocent bystanders who are gunned down.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you for pointing out the thruth. Greed, the dominating factor. The haves want more and they acquire it on the backs of the have nots. Does Pius the slumlord care about the lives of the hard working people in the community of Huntington Station. Of those of us who are trying to maintain our properties and raise our children in our community. Of those of us who remember how it once was when we grew up here. No the love of money is the driving and thriving force that will keep Huntington Station in the state that it’s in. Greed fosters corruption and corruption results in downfalls. Welcome to Huntington Station.

  • Save Huntington

    Please remember all this. Susan Berland will be running for Supervisor and will somehow not take accountability for any of this.

  • Berland Bye Bye

    This shooting should send a message to Berland that either she deals with the code issues or she will be gone!

    There is no reason we should not protest on the front lawns of Berland, Petrone and Cuthbertson.

    Of course with Frank we may have to travel to Florida as he simply calls it in for his friends these days.

  • Noted in Northport

    I have been reading more now since the Matinecock debate started up again. I want you guys in Huntington Station to know that Northport is listening now.

    We get it. We saw it on abc news last night. We don’t want our lives to be turned upside down like you folks over there but we don’t think you should have it wither. We are standing behind you 100%.

    • @Northport

      Matinecock will be the first of many to follow for you guys over there. Once the door to Pandoras box is opened, it will lead to complete devastation for your neighborhood. It will not stop at Matinecock.

    • @Noted in Northport

      We all need to join in unison like you are suggesting. We seem to have to get the word out in Northport somehow because while East Northport voted for Liz Black in this recent election, Northport and Centerport combined to give Spencer the win. We have a serious problem with him in the legislature now and he has to be watched like a hawk.

  • Anonymous

    St Hughs closed to students years ago right?

  • Anonymous

    St Hughs houses universal pre k for Huntington an South Huntington sd’s

  • Don't matter

    It was on a Sunday……school’s not open on a Sunday will be the argument used.

  • Petroned

    It’s a darn shame. All you people are being Petroned. Frank made his deal with the devil slumlords years ago/ There’s huge money in all of this. Did the District Attorney investigate why Petrone would try and buy off opponents of Avalon Bay ? Of course not our government is corrupt from local to county to state to federal. GOD help us.

  • Of Course

    Petrone is in Florida.

  • JK

    Lot of anger and not much common sense here…The downfall of H.S began 30/40 years ago when the businesses in the area of the railroad station were torn down and the promised “urban renewal” of new construction failed to appear..Most of today’s elected officials were kids when that happened…Blame those guys for this legacy. The fix today? Slumlords must be put out of business. Close them down and you get rid of the sludge that live in those properties and prey on our streets. That the towm could and should do. Education and alternatives for the kids, eleminate the recruiting potental of future gang members. An Anti gang and narcotic task force must set up in the station. That is the police responsiblity. NOW, if the cops are to do this effectively we need to let them do their work without the “profiling” nonsense.
    ONE more thing….Leave my parish, St. Hugh alone. the work done at the parish outreach and other ministries is a shining star in my neighborhood.
    nuff said!!!!

  • Robert Desmond

    Mr. Mayoka and Mr. Cook,

    Where are you guys? I have supported you in the past. Where is your joint statement? Gene, you need not be in office yet to make a statement. Let’s grow a pair boys and get some legislation proposed that will get this nightmare of illegal housing under control. Propose the legislation and let Berland, Petrone and Cuthbertson dare vote it down. Petrone and Cuthbertson are up for re-election next. Let them show by vote where they stand. With the slum lords and street gangs or with the tax paying voter? Get them on the record.

  • Enos Throop

    This latest shooting highlights the failure of local government to take the necessary steps to safeguard the community. This incident will only cause more people to want to move away, which will cause further crime as property values plummet.

  • @Enos

    My property values can’t get any lower. I couldn’t give my house away at this point.

  • Laurel

    I live in the mist of all this horrific, gang controlled town called HS. The devastating destruction of taking human lives is not coming from one isolated place. The problem can not be fixed by cops that DO practice racial profiling. It can not be fixed by parents alone. It sure can not be fixed by Susan Berland either. We All need to work together to take back our communities, and not be threatened by these thugs. It is a scary situation but through unity we can change the problem. Devastation is here and we have let it go WAY, WAY too far. By the way, why do people blame section 8? I have section 8, am I the problem? No, I have affordable housing to live in this rising economy.

  • KJ

    I was raised in Huntington and it ails me to watch what’s happening. I have a child and I would have liked for him to be raised here, but I’m not so sure now. I just don’t have time to wait for the town to get better; by that time, my child will be all grown up. I am, however, very disappointed in some of the comments I’ve read. There are many, and I mean many reasons why things have gotten so bad, but one of them isn’t public housing, subsidised rentals nor is it because of section 8! That was a very ignorant and CLOSED minded comment. I’m a single parent, putting myself through school and I work like most people. I have section 8. Does that make me have low standards? Does it make me a bad person, a drug dealer, a criminal, less educated??? No. So, the Stereotypical remarks aren’t necessary. If you have so much money, you wouldn’t be living in the area you live in. Move!

  • KJ

    We do need police to get more involved, but it’s easier said than done. In response to the person who said parents should turn their children in….puhleeeze. With all do respect, a parent will not turn their child in if they themselves are up to no good. Nine times out of ten, these parents allow their kids to do as they please. Most of them know exactly what their kids are doing and what they’re into! Believe that. Most of the parents ARE the problem! Sad, but true.

  • KJ

    You are so LOST. The crime is not happeneing in “illegal housing”. Get the facts before you start making accusations. And KK, you honestly can sit there and say “they will find other neighborhoods to distroy”??? As long as it isn’t yours?? Ugh You’re clearly thinking of yourself, which is part of the problem. Lets be civil here and not so angry and nasty.

    I completely DISagree with those of you who support closing Jack Abrams. Alleviate the problem, don’t close the school. If any “bad seeds” got loose into Huntington Bay, guess what?? Just guess. They’d get rid of them. Punto! Period! So why is it that they want to close Jack Abrams? Oh I know! It’s because it’s not in their precious neighborhood. Why should they care as long as their children don’t have to go to school there, its not a problem for them. No good.

  • wake up call

    news alert: the politicians do not care. What have they done…”unity day”” heritage day and holiday parades. Gee thanks. Coopers spot shotter is a failure – what a surprise. This is only getting worse and they will not help.

    • Shotspotter does work

      Shotspotter actually does work. Nassau County just reported that gun violence dropped by more than 95% in areas where Shotspotter was installed. Just don’t expect Huntington Station to be cleaned up overnight. This isn’t magic – it’s going to take hard work to produce the results we all want.

      • yep

        They all left and moved here. With their guns. It doesn’t just ‘stop’. It moves out. You don’t change human nature overnight.

      • BS

        Cooper said Spot shotter was up and operational and it is not. IT was also promised to be installed TWO years ago and it was not. “OVERNIGHT”. THis problem has been going on for years and the legislator has neglected the area.!!

        • jack

          pockets money exits left, now would you like that ss with the super license plate reader or without….

          cooper is now lobbyist for rest of the state

  • @KJ

    There are plenty of us over in the “bay” that want nohing more than to clean up the Station. What we don’t want is to send our kids across town to a school in an area with such violence. Is that too much to ask for? If it was happening in the Bay, you’d better bet the citizens that live here wouldn’t tolerate it. Can you say that for the Station? Where is all the outrage from the people living amongst it? A few here and there is no good enough. We can’t fight the battle alone.
    Look what just happened with this election. Berland got re elected along with Spencer. What a disgrace.

  • Anonymous

    Did you ever wonder why the violence happens HS and not in Huntington Bay? Maybe because there is no illegal and high density housing in the Bay? Maybe?

    • Anon

      Crime happens when there’s poverty. There’s no crime in being poor, but some people become desperate and greedy and aren’t getting the leg up that people in more affluent neighbors have. No excusing criminals, but let’s not group all people who need affordable housing as the culprits.

  • KJ

    Actually I don’t wonder. You speak very freely with a loose tongue, but can you tell me what illegal housing is tied to violence?? I can’t make a statement like that because i don’t know the answer, but enlighten me, please. And I never said I tolerate it. Did you read what I wrote?? I can’t speak for the station. I can only speak for myself, so don’t go grouping everyone together as it may come easy. That’s not right.

  • Single Family Homeowner

    Can someone please tell me the last time there was a report of a shooting or similar violence coming from a single family home? One that is owner occupied?

  • KJ

    I’m just saying the violence needs to stop. The ignorant comments need to stop as well. Make sure you have facts to support your claims. We all want the same thing, (I think) which is to have a peaceful town.

    • "KJ"

      We have facts. We don’t need to PROVE anything to you. If you really are KJ a young woman going through school and on section 8 (really? Maybe section 8 being abused?) where were you when the first shooting happened in October? Why did you speak up then? Because your a fake figiment of someone imigination.

      ‘someone’ is posting here as you simply to make other posters out to be racist. I am sure we all know who the someone is as she has publically called people out for being racist too.

      Young woman, working, going to school on section 8? Problems I have with that? YOU DONT NEED SECTION 8 if you are working and going to school. Where have you been until now? Are you exposing the section 8 program for handing out vouchers to people perfectly capable or working? You want ‘unity’ and a ‘peaceful town’ You work, go to school can afford an internet connection or a smartphone? Where are all your other neighbors? The infamous pleeeezeee and ‘UGH’

      Do you really think we are all the stupid? You guys need to re-write your playbook.

      I would belive you if your postings weren’t so transparant but belive you me, we ALL know who is really behind that keyboard.

      • Pius

        All the cops in the world won’t change a thing so long as the Huntington Housing Authority (HHA) uses our taxpayer $ to pay the rents of murders, rapists and gang members who live virtually rent free in Don Pius’ section 8 houses.

        The HHA is supposed to by HUD’s One Strike regulations terminate assistance if any family member living in a section 8 dwelling is involved in any criminal or drug activity. But, Bob Fonti, Dr. Spencer, and Frank Petrone are all budds with Pius and the deal is they look the other way so long as Pius houses are in Huntington Station or the “bad part” of Greenlawn off Park Avenue.

        Pius’s tenants are well known for their horrific crimes including murders, stabbings, assaults and rapes. The criminal activity of his tenants at One Tower Street was so out of control, the Town caved and bought the house to shut it down. What kind of message is that, instead of enforcing the One Strike laws they pay Pius 400K for One Tower?

        As long as Pius, the Town and the Huntington Housing Authority continue to violate the law and concentrate their housing in the minority section of Huntington Station and sanction criminals living there…. StopShotter, cops, or an open or closed Jack Abrams won’t change a darn thing.

  • KJ

    @ Single Family Family Homeowner.

    Where’s the correlation between apartment buildings and the crime on the part of youth? Where is the correlation? Is your argument, had those teens been living in a single family home owned by their parents, they’d be less prone to violence?? LOL! Are you saying that the violence stems from living in an apartment?? Does the financial status of their parents have something to do with the mindset of the teen? Is that what you’re saying? Teens coming from the most affluent families, still commit murder, rape…it’s up to the individual. The REAL issue is the misguidance of these teens not whether or not their parents OWN their homes. It seems to me that people on both sides are missing the underlying issue, which is their parents and these teens need to be held accountable for their actions. Look at psychology. Plenty of teens in Huntington bay and Huntington Station have the same self destructive mentality and behavior, which is a trait of adolescence, the difference is the means and the ability to COVER up such mistakes, period. I can list many incidents of shootings, violence theft, etc in Huntington Bay. I’ve heard it all as I went to school with many kids from the bay. But that’s irrelevant. And the Columbine shootings…where did those kids come from? Let’s get back on track.

    • Beccafied

      Rebecca you are beyond transparent. Did you learn this all from Jon Cooper. It’s one thing to post anonymously quite another to make up a fake persona.

      “look at the psychology of it”

    • NO K

      WRONGO!! Your stats are completely false. You may want to go back to psych 101 class. These ” teens” that you are talking about are cold blooded criminals. Don’t sugar coat it. There are not “plenty of teens” with “means” involved in the same behavior. You are just plain wrong and as a result are part of the problem. Go volunteer in the Emergency Room and get a reality check!

  • Petroned

    Wow some people are Petroned big time. Look at facts and google is great. High density housing brings in more crime period. Changing single family housing into cheap rentals brings in a higher density of people many who are transients and many who never lived in huntington before. This does not help the community but destroys it along with the middleclass that suffers under town rule not villages that are incorporated. Are all renters bad absolutely not. Just like most people who unfortunately have to live in an inner city ghetto. Most people are rather decent but unfortunately there are those who prey on them and others. We now have this on a regular basis. Look at all the real estate companies and LLC’s that own houses in Huntington it’s a disgrace. They want profit anyway they can make it. KJ is wrong as can be. Sounds like they are as mad with middleclass single family homeowners as they are with criminals. Pius houses were found out to house many criminals and many of them were illegal aliens. Did Pius lose out on any of our taxpayer funded HUD money for housing illegal alien gang members in his houses ? No. I bet in KJ’s mind their are no illegal aliens or illegal housing. Gang members who are illegal residents or legal if found living in any slumlords residence that slumlord should be denied any HUD money. But that won’t happen for the ultra left and the money making real estate owners like Pius and a slew of others won’t let it happen. They own us and Petrone. We are all Petroned.

    • Correctomundo

      And Petroned hits the nail on the head. Sub-standard housing, brings in sub-standard people to the neighborhood. KJ, wants us to believe the people that live in these places, embrace the same ideologies as the rest of us. That they take pride in the communtiy and contribute positively. Give it up KJ, there is nothing like taking pride in something you have worked hard to save for and earned. While there are exceptions to the rule, they are too far and few between.

      • ナイキの使命は、 “世界中の全てのアスリートにインスピレーションとイノベーションをもたらすために。”です(ナイキミッション、2007)、それらによると、アスリートの体を持っている人です。それは、ナイキの目標は全世界のすべての人を鼓舞し、革新していること、その後結論できる。このミッションステートメントは、会社の限界をプッシュし、ナイキが彼らの従業員から期待しての努力とエネルギーの量を証明する。ナイキの使命は手の届かないように見えるかもしれませんが、ナイキはこれまで彼らのミッションステートメントですべてを達成しています。ナイキは常に全体の世界中の人々をやる気に、常に自社製品で実行する、このように彼らの言葉まで住んでいます。 本物のNFLユニフォーム ユニフォーム サッカー 激安

  • Anonymous

    Gee KJ, the next time I run into MS-13 over here in Huntington Bay I’ll tell them you say hello! Gimme a break.
    Wake up people. Admit the problem and let’s fix it!!

  • Beckafied via Petrone

    FYI anon…MS13 was in the Bay. They committed a horrific crime. They go to afluent neighborhoods to rob them. Lloyd Harbor recently reported many break-ins. Who do you think is doing this?

    Do you really think they are going to break into the apartments complexs that are all tightly woven together to get what? a crack pipe? NOPE. They want the goodies they can pawn and trade. They want the cash and jewels man. They know where to find them.

  • KK

    @KJ – when you own a home in Huntington Station and pay really high real estate taxes, and have put alot of money into your home to keep up the value of your investment only to see the local school closed and hear gun shots, helicopters, and sirens going off, you would sing another tune.

  • NO K

    @ KJ : the information you are spewing is completely false You are just plain wrong and as a result are part of the problem. Go volunteer in the Emergency Room and get a reality check!

  • GHCG

    Special Guest Speaker

    Inspector Brady
    of the 2nd Precinct.
    Suffolk County Police Department

    Inspector Brady will be at The Greater Huntington Civic Groups meeting
    this Thursday to answer questions on Crime, Gang Violence and the
    relationship our Town leaders have with the local authorities.
    Agenda Items include:
    Avalon Bay, Matinecock East Northport – Northport and Thanksgiving
    weekend shooting in Huntington

    12/1/2011 7PM
    VFW Nathan Hale Post
    210 West Pulaski Road
    Huntington Station

  • Democracy Kaput

    Many years back Newsday’s Sandra Peddie was going to do an investigative report on the housing scandal in Huntington. She had gone to many local residents and gathered a lot of information. She assured those she came in contact with that this would expose the deep problems we have here concerning housing and the slumlords among other problems derived from lack of code enforcement. She had many battles with her superior editors some who had quit and/or changed jobs. At the end she was not able produce the report because Newsday’s hierarchy said no.A few years before this the state attorney generals office and the district attorney’s office were aware of corrupt an unethical activities by our local government officials concerning lack of code enforcement, zoning changes for profit, laws made to enhance one’s own financial gains,elected officials not filing financial disclosure reports,foil requests sabotaged,rigging government services against the public,lying,false documentations given to public etc etc. Nothing was done except with the state but that was shut down after local government and politicians found out about it. Face it the nearly 75% of the residents who don’t vote are the ones who are right. Our government and the democratic process is fully corrupted and useless. One horrific example is what happened in 1999.Remember the West Hills rd fire started intentionally by an illegal alien who murdered 4 illegal immigrants. They lived in squalor for decades and Petrone said officials never knew they were there. Proved to be a fully complete lie by town’s own documents.Petrone was taken to court by the residents of that illegal dwelling who suffered and Petrone won.

  • Think again

    @Beckafied via Petrone

    I can’t answer for Lloyd Harbor but most if not all of our “crime” up here in Huntington Bay is committed by little rich kids who live in the immediate area. Even when the Bay Police grab them or find out the culprit it’s handled like “Mayberry” in regard to nailing this little pukes.

    Our hope now lies in Mayoka and Cook. Those who voted in Berland and Spencer and live in Huntington or HS need to get their head’s examined.
    That whole existing board must go!!! PIUS/PATRONE/SPENCER powerhouse is responsible for blood on the streets of HS.

    Perhaps if TOH handed vouches to MS-13 and other gangs for free ice skating and value meals at Dix Hills Rink and somebody snowed the other’s skates we’d have a nice shootout there and things would get done.

    • Mad At Steve

      Cook cut a deal with Berland. He’s a sell-out. Mayoka will be joining him at the hip. He just wants to stay on Town Board while Berland gets elected Supervisor.

  • @Think Again

    Your little rich boys are robbing their neighbors only to get money for the drugs they buy in Huntington Station! They are not rich, the parents are, and kids don’t want to explain where the money went that Mommy gave them.

    Let’s not sweep it all under the rug. We all know it’s true.

    Protect ALL our kids and clean up the station instead of spreading it to other areas! We are all at risk and so are our children!

  • Think Again

    @Think Again

    No kidding.

    The OP had posted that it was MS-13 robbing homes in Lloyd Harbor and my point was that in the more affluent towns in most cases robbery of homes, car contents, etc. are committed by locals for money for drugs.

    No breaking news on your behalf, read before you reply.

  • slumlords r us

    If you are an illegal alien and dabble in drugs, if you are a insane criminal and like to rob beauty spas,if you are a bunch of teens and twenty somethings looking to get away from mom and dad while u experiment with cocaine and sex, if you are a felon in between jobs,if you are a pedophile and have no place to go, etc etc then give us a call here at Signature Properties 754-3600 for some apartments for rent in single family houses in Huntington Station. Again we have apartments and illegality not a problem. Town government is on our side. Please call 754-3600 and we’ll get you in that middleclass community even if we have to blockbust our way in.

  • Knowitall

    Police have in custody seveal “southside” huntington thugs, a tenth ave and tippin residents, caught on camera at the 9th and 1st apartments as well as cameras of nearby businesses, on drug and assault/attmpt mur charges. Theyre all ratting each other out. Theyre reaponsible for a previous shooting at same locale and at a candlelight vigil. Severeal are on the run, as undocumented theyre off to other cities or S.America. Violence will PLUMMET in the station. Those boys will be gone a looong time. Get off your butts and get updated news agencies!

  • Anonymous

    Where is your new sours “knowitall?”

  • […] New York Avenue, Huntington Station, not far from the area where recent shootings occurred (see, Bellone; Webber; Legislator Kate Browning, Chair of the Legislature Public Safety Committee; and […]

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