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Letter to the Editor: Thanks For Your Support

Dr. William Spencer (Photo: Mike Tyminski)

Dear Editor,

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the residents of Suffolk County’s 18th Legislative District for their support.  I feel very fortunate and humbled to have been elected your next legislator.  I salute Liz Black for her desire to serve our community and for running a vigorous campaign.   I am excited and honored to have been chosen by the voters of this district and I am ready to serve.  Thank you again.

In the coming days, as I prepare to take office, I welcome residents to contact me with their concerns, suggestions and questions.  My e-mail address is  I look forward to representing all residents of our district.  We will all need to come together if we are going to effectively address the huge issues that face our community in 2012.

Finally, as I gear up for my new job, I would also like to thank Legislator Cooper as he winds down and I encourage all of you to do the same.  I am grateful for his service and dedication to our community.  He will be missed.

Thank you again for the confidence you placed in me.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Doctor William R. Spencer

Suffolk County Legislator-Elect

18th Legislative District

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26 comments to Letter to the Editor: Thanks For Your Support

  • Bill Peresman

    Congratulations on your victory. I wish you greatest success on this new undertaking. Unfortunately, I do not live in the 18th, so did not have the privilege of voting for you.

  • Congratulations Dr. Spencer

    I’ve been watching you closely for the last two years and admire your stance on affordable housing. I love the fact that you now represent Northport, E.Northport and Commack as well as Huntington and Huntington Station. The way you tried changing our zoning laws from 14.5 homes per acre to 26 homes per acre, was genius. With the residents of Northport in dire need of affordable housing, you can now help them cut through the red tape, and give them the Matinecock housing projects. You should also take a look at all of that wasted farm land on Elwood Rd. I see room for multi-family dwellings and housing projects all over there. You won’t have any resistance in these areas because these are the people who voted you in. You should take a look at the corner of Old Bridge and Pulaski also, it used to be A @ A hay and feed, perfect for another housing project. Good luck Dr.Spencer. I hope you succeed in your ventures.

    • and

      while you’re at it, there is more vacant Bonavita property on Stoothof rd in East northport across from the x-counselman. Maybe another Avalon project or the like and you or your friends can get a similar deal.

      • Greenlawn

        Let’s not forget about that HUGE chunk of land between Lake Rd.and B.A.E. Systems. That should be the crown jewel of affordable housing projects. With the Bonavitas owning the land, I’m sure our supervisor would love the idea. As far as rezoning and density goes, they could probably shove a couple of thousand units in there. Harborfields school district has no problems, so let them absorb a few more students. Happy building.

  • osprey over the harbor

    we salute our new Suffolk County Legislator Dr. William Spencer! Good Fortune Good Luck Happy Thanksgiving to your entire family….

  • Anonymous


  • To Dr. Spencer

    There is a backlash happening against a Romney commercial where he uses an Obama comment out of context. The Democrats are saying that he is a liar because of it. Would love to know what your opinion is as it seems to be very similar to what your campaign did. If a candidate lies in a campaign, how do we know he or she is telling the truth as a politician?

  • Anonymous

    I would love to hear him explain that one-remember”Doc” you only won by 267 votes. You will be held accountable and watched very closely!!

  • Beware

    AS you can see reading these posts the housing advocates are out there doing the best they can to destroy Huntington for profit and socialist ideology. I would venture to say that “Doc”Spencer will live up to his nickname of Doctor Density. Bob Fonti and Frank Petrone are licking their chops along with Ken “I have no ethics”Christensen,and the biggest rino of them all Paul Tonna among just a few. Liz Black and the anti-Avalon Bay crowd lost because the Republican Party was divided by a few greedy and power hungry people who could care less over what happens to the communities of Huntington as long as they could get what they wanted. Unfortunately Liz Black’s inlaws fall into that category.
    Petrone’s cabal with the disgruntled rinos helped to keep the turnout low on the Republican side. If those few disgruntled egoists had supported the Republican Party instead of trying to tear it apart Liz Black would be heading for the county legislature and maybe a few other Republicans. Petrone is a master at using Democrat Party resources for the continual destruction of single family housing and the eroding tax base effecting our school districts.At least with an extra Republican backed council member on the town board it will be just a little bit harder for the housing radicals to get their way.
    To Mr.Spencer congratulations and please realize winning by 170 votes is no mandate. Listen to all your constituents including those who did not vote for you.

  • Suffolk is done

    Since Mr. Density, did not follow the laws in our town, let’s see if he can do so for Suffolk. All will be watching.

  • Village Eyes

    I will be watching, closely. Give him a chance? As recently as January Dr. Density was trying to change zoning in Huntington Station and it took the entire school board to unanimously fight it.
    Better not miss one.single.legislative session, dear Doctor. I’m not hopeful, seeing as how you can’t seem to find the voting booth in Harborfields.

  • Rumor has It

    Heard DOC is having trouble sleeping-lost his reputation and now has to pretend to represent all the people. Doesn’t know what to do. Heard he met with Moe, Larry and Curly for advice. They must have been the ones advising him on his campaign!

    • Village Eyes

      My eyes spotted him at the beginning of tonight’s parade route at NY Avenue in Huntington…in the parade by himself. Sad and yet so apt -get used to walking alone, Dr Density!!!

  • michael j

    no more affordable housing until we get more school
    we can’t afford to put anymore kids in these school

    dr density add more homes in dix hill

  • retired wealth

    The seminary in Lloyd Harbor is changing their format. They will now teach priests and not those wanting to be priests. They also mentioned they have 200 acres of prime real estate. The village mayor already has taken notice of the possible use of this land by affordable housing zealots the church sponsors by saying this land will be strictly zoned the way it is. In other words the limosine liberals get to keep their secluded neighborhoods intact without afordable housing being built there. Dump on Huntington Station and it’s school districts and leave Cold Spring Harbor school district alone.

    • @Petroned

      Any developer can give campaign money,kickbacks,ask Bessen,(remember he was rehired for his special skills as land use attorney)Culberson, and Petrone to have a drink with zoning board members and voila! zone change. Perfert unsaturated location(besides Docs Manse)

  • concernedcitizen

    Liz Black lost because she is Liz Black. Have you met her? If so, you know why she lost.

  • Petroned

    Right now all of Huntington has lost.

  • Yer all nuts

    With the shooting across from St. Hugh’s is the Diocese going to take one out of Liz’s playbook and close the Church? After all, its dangerous there.

  • @ yer all nuts

    No one nuttier than you. Think about it.. the town is suffering from severe problems such as crime and corruption. Yet you are obsessed with Liz and make this silly statement about the church. Our kids need to be protected. Why not direct the energy toward the real culprits and lets find a solution.

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