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Four Arrested During Sobriety Checkpoint

  Suffolk County Police arrested four people for DWI at a Huntington Station checkpoint early this morning.

Suffolk County Police have arrested four people for driving while intoxicated during a sobriety checkpoint this morning.

First, Second and Third Precinct officers, assisted by officers from the Suffolk County Police Highway Patrol, conducted a sobriety checkpoint at Route 110 and Church Street in Huntington Station today. This operation was conducted for the prevention of injuries and fatalities associated with impaired driving. A total of 176 vehicles passed through the checkpoint between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. and four drivers were arrested.

The following were charged with Driving While Intoxicated:

  • Candice Bethel, 29, of 135 East Granada Ave., Lindenhurst
  • David Carvalho, 55, of 90-05 56th Ave., Elmhurst
  • Robert Lanza, 45, of 214 Parkwood St., Ronkonkoma
  • William Newman, 27, of 81 Centershore Road, Centerport

They were held overnight for arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip on November 20.

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7 comments to Four Arrested During Sobriety Checkpoint

  • crotchie

    Huntington Village and the 110 corridor are nothing but a DWI trap….You are better off not patronizing Huntington businesses!

  • Roma

    Actually…you are better off not drinking and driving!

  • crotchie

    Unconstitutional DWI laws….4 bars on every block…..4 cop cars at every road block….its a win win situation for revenues!!!
    Someones gotta stimulate that big money maker court system and malnourished lawyers down in Islip!!
    DRINK AND DRIVE>>>DRINK AND DRIVE>>>DRINK AND DRIVE!….its your civic duty….its expected of you!!

  • Nick

    Here’s a couple of hints for making it through a DWI check point… taxicab or designated driver! Only ignorant fools drink and drive . They will kill you and your loved ones. Enjoy the up coming holidays!

  • A Parent

    There are 3 twenty something adults living in my house who regulary frequent the clubs,bars and restaurants in town.They and all their friends know that they can call me for a ride at anytime,no questions asked no judgement passed.But I usually take them back for their cars the next day because they use taxi’s.I’d much rather do this then pick them up in CI,the hospital or the morgue.

  • Rocket88

    If you drink and drive you deserve everything you get. Drink responsibly, drink with friends with one assigned as a designated driver, call family or friend if no one else is around, call a cab, call a limo, whatever it takes. The next morning,you may have a headache but you’ll be alive and not in big trouble.

  • crotchie

    Why don’t we just ban Alcohol all together!!!
    Whada ya think Safety Nazis???
    Why is Alcohol legal…look at all the crime it produces!!….ban it!!…put people who possess it in jail!!!…turn them into felons…..
    ……………………………………………nahhhh bad idea….we’ll loose too much revenue….better to loose a few hundred people a week than all the billion dollar windfall booze brings in every year!!!

    DWI laws are a farce that was concocted in the early 1980’s to drum up overtime for our millionaire cops!!

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