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Election Results

Huntington Town Council: Eugene Cook with 27.02%, total: 18,794; followed by Susan Berland with 26.39%, total: 18358

Receiver of Taxes: Ester Bivona with 67%, total: 23172

Suffolk County Executive: Steven Bellone with 56.56% of the vote, total: 130607

Suffolk County Legislature:

18th LD: William Doc Spencer, 50.56%, total 7885 (Elizabeth Black, 49.41%; total 7706)

17th LD: Louis D’Amaro, 55.91%, total 6472 (Dennis A Garetano, 44.01%; total 5094)

16th LD: Steve Stern, 54.50%, total 7126 (Deborah Poulos, 45.46%; total 5945)

District Court Judge, Huntington: G. Ann Spelman, 100%, 31, 420

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46 comments to Election Results

  • Anonymous

    Please pick up your yard signs.

  • mcr

    candidates should have to pay $1 for any sign not picked up 24 hours after the election. you can get fined for leaving up a garage sale sign, so why not?

  • concernedcitizen

    There is justice in this world. Liz Black is defeated (or so it appears right now). The only downside is that the people in the HUFSD have to suffer another year with her on the Board until they can vote her out of office next Spring.

    • Read again

      Looks like your school district actually voted for Mrs. Black.

      • My Town Too

        There are two possible reasons for this, if true. One being that they voted for her to get her off the school board asap. The other of course is if they felt she’d do a better job as a legislator.

        As for me, I voted for Spencer and plan on not voting for Black at the next school board election. That way we don’t have her in either position.

      • concernedcitizen

        If you look at the results, you can see that virtually the only election districts in District 3 that voted for Mrs. Black are those in Huntington Bay and Halesite. Those are the folks who supported her vote to close Jack Abrams since it meant that their kids would never have to go to school there. I am sure Mrs. Black had a strategy – close Jack Abrams, make friends with the people in the Bay and Halesite who would then put her over the top when she ran for the County Legislature. What she didn’t anticipate is the very strong sentiment against her that ran throughout the rest of District 3

    • an educated voter

      Wow looks like a very small group of smart very republicans with little to no money can go up a well funded- well organized group of liberal liars and still come in close striking distance!! Well done!
      I wonder how many hundreds of liberals it would take to change light bulb?
      Hope you run again Liz Black-you and your team are exactly the type of leaders Huntington needs-or we will using the liberal model and overpaying 50 people to do one persons job!

  • Ode to Town Hall

    Glenda, Glenda, your big tale of woe,
    You pushed for Avalon when the people said No!
    Susan and Frank also said make it so,
    Cuthbertson too, he’s the next one to go!

    You screamed at the public when the first vote was no,
    Then Susan had Avalon back for a show,
    The taxpayers said again, No, No, No!
    You didn’t listen, we told you so!

    So now the votes over, you’re out on the street,
    Susan’s still flashing stiletto clad feet,
    Cook’s coming aboard to keep it from sinking
    Wonder what old Frank Petrone is thinking?

    The party is over at good old Town Hall,
    We had a good run, the place was a ball,
    The winds are a changin, the people have spoken,
    If we can’t fix it, this place must be broken!

  • Anonymous

    what are earth are you smoking?

  • Huh?

    Nothing will change at Town Hall. The Democracts still have the majority. Deals were cut and no-show jobs protected…

  • Huntington Cowards

    You blew it. Could have gotten rid of Susan Berland. Frank retains power.

  • michael

    agree we blew it ,breland is a waste as her record shows, that she will always dump on HS to keep all the problem out of her area.

    spencer will be worse then cooper,as he is franks toy
    at least we got jackson out

  • recount

    liz should have the votes checked out if legal, we all know how sleezy the spencer team was and still is

    • Talk about SLEAZY

      One of the MOST sleazy (and, ILLEGAL) actions involved individuals placing flyers on cars in the Big H with a picture of Glenda Jackson and a quote supposedly from her telling people NOT to vote for Susan Berland. This flyer was pretending to be from “Friends of Glenda Jackson”. IT WAS NOT APPROVED BY GLENDA JACKSON, NOR PAID FOR BY “FRIENDS OF GLENDA JACKSON.” This was obviously put out by a group, or individuals working for the “otherside”. I’m glad it didn’t work!!!

  • GOP Leadership Failure to blame

    THe low voter turnout on the GOP line is what defeated Garetano, Morrow, and Black. Just look at the percentages compared with past elections. It’s all on the Suffolk Board of Elections website. Google it !!! The Conservatives came through. But the GOP just couldn’t muster up the votes, and had the worst turnout in Huntington since electronic records were saved and made accessible on the BOE website. Time for the Captain to go down with her ship. As Iacocca used to say, “Lead, Follow, or get out of the way!”

  • Observer

    I witnessed the Republicans put forth….

    3 LD’s….

    Garetano- a 3 time loser already against D’Amaro (also NOT a republican)

    Puolos- a 1 time loser already for Town Seat

    Liz Black- Much controversy with Jack Abrams

    Herb Morrow and Gene Cook (not a Republican)

    The only one who won? NOT A REPUBLICAN but an INDEPENDENCE PARTY MEMBER put forth BY the Republicans. You Republican party people need to get your act together. There is no youth in your organization. You are antiquated and behind in the times. Younger people have reached out with new ideas to be told , we don’t do it that way.

    The Republicans need to get it together over the next 2 years. Stop putting forth candidates that have already lost, stop recycling old ideas that didn’t work the first go round. You need to recruit heavily and APPEAL to the 30-40’s crowd plain and simple! You need new blood or all the knocking on doors, lawn-signs, or mailers won’t make a difference. I have not see one quality Republican in the whole bunch that will be worthy of a fight against Petrone (if he doesn’t retire) nor Cuthbertson come next cycle.

    If the Republicans are all we have, to defeat “them” being the Democrats, then you guys better get to work. No one is there to replace the dying out dinosaurs and that is why the Republican party in Huntington will soon be extinct. Unless… get to work. NOW.

    • Vivienne H. Wong

      Well said. The truth is there is no Republican Party in Huntington. The above writer is well informed with two exceptions. Of the five seats listed above only 2 were Republicans, yet we have 46,000 registered Republican voters. The “leader” couldn’t find five?
      As to Liz Black: Ms. Black ran an excellent campaign and should have won. I hope she runs again in 2 years – an example is Cooper lost the first time he ran. Liz Black only lost by 179 votes.

      • My Town Too

        Don’t assume that party registration means votes for the party. I’ve been registered as a Rep since 18 yrs. old, yet I’ve NEVER voted the party line, I always vote for a person I feel will do a good job.

        As for Liz, I never saw her, never heard from her during the campaign – only got a few mailings that I always throw away no matter who it’s from – I never believe half of what’s written in those glossy mailers.

        Doc came to my door, had a website with lots of information. He was better funded as well.

        If Liz wants to run again, I’d suggest she distance herself from the school board so she doesn’t have that hanging over her head again.

        • Dr. Evil

          She will never be able to distance herself from the Jack Abrams fiasco. She voted to throw the district into chaos and to damage our property values. She is, I hope, done.

          • Not so fast

            You do know that being evenly divided mean just as many people disagree with you as the number who do, right?

  • Susie Q Homemaker

    I hope Susan realizes that even though she “won” there are 15,000 people in this town that are not happy with her service.

  • Robert Desmond

    Jefferson County Alabama just filed for the larges public bankruptcy in United States history. If we continue to elect these liberal Democratic thugs to office we are going to find ourselves in the very same situation.

    Note how the Suffolk County legislature held secret a new tax hike plan. The only reason why it was news before the election was because News 12 actually did some reporting. It wan’t just liberal Democrats but also RINO Republicans. What is the tax hike for? It’s to pay for more public service employees. Long Island has become Greece like in its economic policy. Why do kids leave after college? It’s because of the spending and tax hikes not for the lack of housing.

    To all of those Republicans that stayed home last night you missed an opportunity to make a difference. You have no right to complain about the corrupt behaviors that voter apathy not only causes but actually invites.Hate high density housing? Well Dr. Density is longer just Huntington Stations problem…. You are all subject to becoming the next Huntington Station.

  • Disappointed

    I have also been registered Dem for about 15 years and vote for whoever I think is the best candidate(or best of the worst)but Icould not vote for one Dem this year.

  • Anonymous

    Can you please remove your dirty signs from our streets. They are dirty and foul. Please keep our streets clean

  • Huntington tax payer

    At least Petrone will have one LESS yes person on the town Board.
    Every one pick up a few election signs to keep OUR Town beautiful and you can reverse them and use for your next yard sale.

  • My Town Too

    If Public Safety can go around taking signs off telephone poles, then I think they should be directed to pick up all the leftover campaign signs on public property as well! Really, what else do they do all day?

  • Understand

    I voted for Susan Berland but I understand the poster “susie q”-and her position. I think we all need to hold our electeds more accountable and I think that they realize its not business as usual. There was a sleeping public in Huntington—and no more.

  • mark

    if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

  • Bill Norton

    It doesn’t look like this election is going to change anything. I voted with my head on Tuesday. My next vote will be with my feet. It’s time to leave New York.

  • Save Huntington

    Get used to Supervisor Berland.

  • Former Republician

    Ms. Black ran a sleezy campaign, a pathethic youtube video pictures of her opponents home on mail pieces, the whole time either saying he was sexist or ranting as she did at the league of women voters going for the pity vote. This is what the republician party problem is sleezy and they use scare tactics. She shouldn’t have involved her children in her campaign just proving how the next generation of republicians are being trained in slimy campaigning. As a women and a mother I found her campaign distrubing.

    • Village Eyes

      Uh, you just described The Rev. Dr Spencer’s campaign. An ordained minister who let flyers full of lies get mailed out, then whined that he had no control over it. Not a voter in his own school district elections, he thought he’d make up stuff about how school taxes get raised. And then there’s the HHA, and his attempt at changing the zoning under the guise of senior housing – super sleezy AND cost our school district money to fight – even though the law WAS on our side, he let it take $$ from our kids. As a woman and a mother, I found his campaign disturbing.

    • C2SupportHRC

      The video was made by concerned residents. It was not approved of nor distributed by Mz. Black. If the Republicans weren’t corrupt and full of RINO’s that didn’t come out and vote and also didn’t bother to mail all the last minute mailers until after the election (received 11/10, 2 days post election) the REAL Republicans would have had a chance. Also as a testament to the party corruption out of 5 seats only 2 were real Republicans, the rest were Independence party members.


  • Former Republician

    Yep ,thank you for making my point. keep perpetuating the same old same old just smell the coffee the only person who won a Huntington seat wasn’t a republician! It’s all about winning.

  • Oh Susan!

    If Susan wants to continue her political career in Huntington, she has to start being more of an independent thinker and not just rubber stamp every vote with Petrone and Cuthbertson. And enough with the fluff nonsense like ice skate swaps and adopt a fire hydrant! How about adopting some real legislation that makes a difference in this town?

  • Save huntington

    Berland and Cook what a joke. The unions endorsed both of them. What did they promise the unions? Scary being Cook is tea party member. At least Berland can spell. The new board member should learn to spell. over development and down zoning are one worTd.

  • Agree with Norton above

    Voting with my feet. Not sticking around to see the tax increases Bellone has in mind.I am not in the 1%, I am not in a union, I am not poor so I have no choice but to go.

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