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Letter to the Editor: Spencer’s Budget Reporting Dilemma

Dear Editor:

After reviewing a recent flier by William Spencer a number of immediate questions surfaced. This piece directed the typical criticism of Elizabeth Black’s school budget voting record. In the absence of any substantial voting record for William Spencer, I wanted to gain a better insight of William Spencer’s potential approach ahead of the election of Suffolk County Legislator for the 18th Legislative District. What I have come across is alarming. Not only has William Spencer proposed high density development twice the lawful limit, but as Chairman of the Huntington Housing Authority he has violated the town law requiring full disclosure of financial information to the public.

The Housing Authority controls millions of dollars of Federal, State and County taxpayers’ monies. In 2010 alone, the Housing Authority controlled Housing Assistance payments totaling $6,318,399.00. Spencer has been the Chairman since 2003-2010 and has failed to annually disclose to the public what is going on and how the money is being used until last year.

As Huntington Housing Authority Chairman, he violated the town law by failing to file quarterly financial reports with the town itemizing all disbursements and receipts and failing to file annual audits and reports. This serious violation should not be tolerated by anyone, let alone one who seeks to be a Legislator and the people’s representative.

On the heels of a financial scandal at the Huntington Housing Authority in 1999, Steve Israel was at the forefront of legislation to require “regular and systematic disclosure and dissemination of financial and operational information of the Huntington Housing Authority.” The purpose is “to ensure that the people of this town are fully informed as to the financial activities and operations” of the Housing Authority. It is ironic that Spencer criticizes the school budget process which has full public disclosure through public hearings and a vote and yet he does not disclose how the taxpayers’ monies at Huntington Housing Authority are being handled. When William Spencer was appointed by the politicians to the position on the board of the Housing Authority he took an oath to uphold the law. Does that not mean anything?

I would suggest that William Spencer may want to clean up his own “House” before he continues to criticize another. Elizabeth Black has served our residents well and participates in full public disclosure as School Trustee. On the other hand, Dr. Spencer has failed to show us the money for which he is responsible.

The choice is clear. On Tuesday, November 8th, Elizabeth Black will get my vote and I hope yours as well.


Robert W. Lund

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95 comments to Letter to the Editor: Spencer’s Budget Reporting Dilemma

  • Go Spencer!

    These abysmal attempts to injure Spencer’s reputation stand out for the ignorant statements that they make. Under Dr. Spencer’s leadership, certifications became so stringent and frequent, that even HUD didn’t reimburse the HHA. The HHA, under Spencer’s leadership became one of the most strict and carefully monitored housing authorities in the country.

    • Wow

      Wow, are you really that ignorant Robert Lund? You have just turned to out right lies. Are you that desparate? So sad. You have no credibility. No one with any sense believes you. Robert Lund stop lying and get a clue.

    • Facts Jack

      Robert Lund is Looking for any dirt. Try anything, when you cant find it, make it up. HHA has complied with all requests from town regarding that ordinace. Budget is public info. Funds are federal not state or county. HHa is federal agency town cannot make a law forcing a federal agency to comply but they did anyway. Robert Lund is desparate and sad. Gave 200 to Liz Black’s campaign. Support your candidate but stop lying. Please the gig is up.

  • Liz Black and public disclosure

    I’d like to know whatever happened to the man Liz Black brought to the Board to do anti-gang and security work. He gave, possibly the worst presentation, any of us have ever seen—and then he never produced a report. How much of our tax dollars went to paying him? Was it 8 THOUSAND dollars? 9? Hmmm

    • really?

      I would like to know what happened the those Guardian Angels that lowered my property taxes, AGAIN!

      • Property value

        Im glad you have lower taxes because you are going to need more money since Liz lowered your property value by closing a school

        • Really?

          Again, the Spencer supporters are delirious. The location of the school, the crime in the area, the illegal housing and the lack of attention from Town Hall has lowered our property values. Spencer’s answer was to downzone the neighborhood for more housing. Spencer is from the camp that continuing to add high density housing, at the cost of the single family home owner, is the answer to crime and negligence in Huntingington Station, Greenlawn and other neighborhoods that happen to have a train station near them. Time to put an end to this thinking by the Petrone administration by voting out Jackson, Berland and keeping Spencer out.


    A vote for Liz Black=
    1. Higher taxes
    2. Less services
    3. Less security.

    Vote Spencer, endorsed by the PBA’s, a leader with a solid plan…

  • concernedcitizen

    Liz Black is a disaster on the School Board and will be on the County Legislature if she is elected. This attempt to bash her opponent does nothing at all to change my vote. She is unacceptable as a candidate for any office no matter who her opponent is.

  • C2SupportHRC


    share with all your friends on facebook, e-mail and blogs. We MUST get the truth out!

    2 Support the
    Huntington Research Coalition

    • Faith

      Spencer volunteered for a job that was thankless and impossible. He cleaned up the place and did what the community asked of him. You will all be seniors someday, if your hatred doesn’t kill you, and you may need housing. There are over 6000 senior citizens looking for affordable housing so they can stay near their grand kids, but because of the likes of you, it wont be built. Too bad because seniors shop, pay taxes and support our community. You are ignorant racists.

      Liz Black should be ashamed of you and you should be ashamed of yourselves for this despicable video. You reap what you sow and you are sowing hate and bigotry. Please stop. Tell me once and for all what Ms. Black stands for. All I know is that she stands with the likes of you and I can’t stomach you. I hope your children don’t catch your hatred and anger.

      Good luck. Doctor Spencer will win because good always does.

      • race card

        when all else fails, play the race card.


      • The Truth

        About that senior housing. Spot zoning is illegal in Huntington. Does not matter what age group is involved. If the density was allowed to double at Gateway, it would have to be allowed for other developers or they would most likely sue the town for spot zoning. Had the Transit Oriented District been approved, the Gateway project would have been automatically allowed. Since it was not, Spencer had to market the project as senior housing. Despite the fact that the community had just come out in huge numbers to object to downzoning, Spencer decided to try and slip one by the community. When the vast majority of the school board decided to stand against it to protect the school district, Spencer decided to stand against them. In the end, the Zoning Board of Appeal saw through Spencer’s maneuver. This is how he will act as legislator. He will be part of the planned downzoning of Huntington and if you object, organize and take a stand William Spencer will fight you just like he did with the school board.

    • JAI

      The best part of that video is Susan Berland

  • forget HUD

    It was a town law/ordinance. So I would like to hear what his expanation is for not filing, and further, I would would like to know why the town has all these wonderful laws on their books that they fail to enforce. Government is a system of rules that members of society must adhere to. When government fails to enforce its own rules or only selectively enforces some of the rules, then government begins to break down. Unfortunately, we are heading in that direction and Doc Spencer, although a nice man, is part of the political machine that has put us where we are today.

    • Government 101

      Lets pass a town ordinance requiring congress to balance the budget? Oh you can’t. Did you go to school? HUD is a federal agency. The town cannot pass a law requiring a federal agency to do anything. Let’s make this real simple there is town, county, state, and federal government. Federal is whole country. Federal trumps town. If there was such a law it would be illegal.

      • For the record

        The only thing that trumps your ignorance is your arrogance. The Huntington Housing Authority is not a federal agency but rather a municipal agency created by the town to monitor and coordinate federal programs for low income housing. As such, the town has every right to require the agency to account for the monies and administrative filings that pass through that agency.

  • RWM

    I think it is very fair to ask this question especially as it is a large part of his campaign experience.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Is this why all the criminals are coming into my grandaughter’s neighborhood? My poor granddaughter.

    • Dr's Orders

      Because he doesn’t want the criminals in Centerport so he makes sure he represents Huntington Station to keep all the riff raff over there.

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t liz black attend the NAACP event/or any minority events?

    • Anonymous

      Because they were for candidates of LD 17. Liz is running in LD 18.

      • Anonymous

        Get your L.D.’s straight

      • Betty E.

        Do the facts matter to you people? the Guardian angels did not lower your property taxes. You are ridiculous. Please. Doctor Spencer stands for something. And even if you don’t agree with what he stands for you must respect his courage to stand for SOMETHING! I still, after weeks of waiting, have not heard Ms. Black state exactly what it is she stands for. She is against crime… ok, so who isn’t except for the criminals. She wants to create jobs but has no concrete ideas about how to do it. She seems weak and whiney. If I vote for a woman it isn’t because she claims to be a victim of the mean politicians, but because she has stood up to them with integrity.

        Doctor Spencer has my vote because I need a strong representative who does not surround himself with whiney liars.

        • Village Eyes

          I need a legislator who is accquainted with a voting booth. Perhaps we should all volunteer to show him where to go for the Harborfields vote in May. Or how to get an absentee ballot.

        • your right

          He will never lower my propert taxes, only the property value.

          If I, as a senior, want to be closer to my Grandkids and can no longer afford to live in my home, I will do what generation after generation has done and move in with them till I am dead.

  • Anonymous

    Wait! So it was Spencer that let all these people into Huntington Station and made my grandaughter’s school overcrowded. Why did he do this? Please tell me why he would do this to my granddaughter. Sorry Liz, it wasn’t you. It was him all along.

  • Anonymous

    Why would she vote in favor of overcrowding classrooms?

  • Anonymous

    Why would Spencer vote to double that # in an ALREADY OVERCROWDED district?

    NO to Double Doctor Density Spender!!!

  • Wow

    This is substative challenge to Mr. Spencer as fiduciary of HHA funds on behalf of the public. The voters need to hear from Mr. Spencer on the issue.

  • Village Eyes

    Maybe Spendser should save some space on the daily mailings to explain himself as to why he didn’t file instead of weasel words about his opponent.

  • Dear Spencer supports

    “I know you are but what am I”

    wha wha wha

  • affordable housing

    In case all the affordable housing zealots haven’t noticed there are block after block of neighborhoods with empty “affordable housing”.

    The problem is the libs social mandates to pay their union buddies in the schools makes the taxes on these houses almost 1K per month.

    And even if they were zero because of the libs love of illegal immigration and lax code and public safety enforcement, many of these neighborhoods you can’t raise a family in anymore.

    In the perfect lib world Huntington Station will become the South Bronx with “affordable housing’ but no residents. Then Doc Spencer can fix it with more social programs with our taxes.

    Game is over, America needs to be reminded what Jimmy Carter, Obama and Spencer stand for every 20 years to remind us what a special place we live in when Government gets the hell out of our way of the hardest working people on the planet. The Dems want us hooked on their handouts, so we depend on them to keep them in power, sadly that is what the worse run cities in the US have tried and its never once worked here or in Europe.

  • crotchie

    Good news is our Poop Plant received an A+ after an Island wide evaluation by a bunch of soccer mom environmentalists!

  • @crotchie

    of course it did! It’s an election year!

  • Funny!!!

    Funny how wrong you all are. You don’t have to know much about law to know that the town cannot oppose any regulation on a federal agency. The HHA has always complied with requests (I know because I pay attention to these things) but the HHA is under NO OBLIGATION TO COMPLY TO A TOWN LAW because it is a FEDERAL agency. Stop the madness people!

    • Wrong

      Not a federal agency but a municipal agency that monitors a federal program. Perhaps you should pay attention a little more.

      • @wrong

        they are just trying to less the degree of how serious this issue is.

        It’s is a HUGE deal. This guy doesn’t vote and doesn’t file the correct paperwork. How will he ever get anything done?

  • marcplachta

    This is very serious. I looked it up -Yes it is in the town code the Housing authority needs to disclose to the public It seems this agency has been riddled with scandal in the past and the town wanted full disclosure. Why has he not filed? Dont you guys want to know the truth?

    • Wow

      I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t Dr Spencer comply with required reporting? Was it lack of experience, laziness or some other reason? In a role like that you would expect a leader to strive for the highest level of transparency. Transparency builds public trust. We need to hear from Dr Spencer on this issue.

  • lottie

    why do you “shoot the messenger”. If you were not such idealogues you would look at the facts. Is this Spencer the type of guy to tell us “do as I say not as I do”? I am starting to think so. What I know now is Liz Black is outshining him in every sense. Spencer is a political tool of his party.

  • Huntington tax payer

    Spencer’s answer was to downzone the neighborhood.This is why he will not get my vote

  • Observer

    The Lund letter is a cheap attempt to undermine Dr. Spencer and it’t not accurate on the points it raises. I do, however, have issues with Dr. Spencer that worry me. No one seems to get that he is yet another rich Harborfields/Centerport resident who just doesn’t have a clue about what it’s like to live in Huntington! He and his family never have to worry about things like gunfire, or horrifically overcrowded schools, or gangs roaming the streets. Of course I don’t blame the man for choosing to live in Centerport – it’s his right to exercise, and it’s one that most people would too if they had the money. I think he does care about Huntington and its problems to some degee, but not enough to immerse himself in the situation enough to really feel what’s going on. I think he cares way more than Cuthbertson (the existing rich Harborfields rep on the council), but again, his heart is somewhere else, and it’s not in Huntington. As for the racial comments, they are laughable, because anyone who knows the Spencer family could tell you they are “whiter than white”, the only black thing about them is their skin color. I really wish there was a good candidate (not Liz Black) who lives in Huntington proper (or the Station), has the guts to stand up to the developers, and votes regularly! As far as I can see, nobody fits that bill.

  • Not true

    Dr. Spencer has ALWAYS complied with all requests for reporting. The facts of this letter are completely questionable. They are in fact wrong. Isn’t that slander?

  • last min jabs

    Every campaign tries to pull things out at the last minute but why pull out things that just aren’t true? This is a waste of everyone’s time and energy. Interesting that Newsday endorsed Poulos and Garetano but not Black!!!

  • Newsday endorses Spencer

    Newsday endorsed Spencer because HOW COULD THEY endorse Ms. Black? Look at her record! She might be a great person but she’s not the kind of leader we need in Huntington now. Spencer will win because he is the kind of leader we need. He will not only make the difference in Huntington he will bring people together in the process.

  • To Observer

    I live in HS and I’m convinced that Spencer does understand the issues we face. You are right that he hasn’t had to experience some of what we Station people experience, but he drives on the same streets we do and has the same care for the community that everyone of us has. I don’t think you have to live in a neighborhood to get the issues. It’s more about leadership. Can he step up and lead? I believe he can. And he has my vote.

  • Kara

    I am pleased that we have choices. I was reading today and see that in some towns only one person is running unopposed. People should have options. While I choose to endorse Spencer for a number of reasons, I think it is a good thing that there are choices. Most important is that every person get out and vote on November 8th. The tea party is publicly saying that they count on people to stay home. If a tea party candidate wins because of tons of votes, that’s fair. If a candidate wins because the people don’t come out to vote, that is sad. We should all get out there and vote. It takes less than 3 mins. to vote. Let’s make sure everyone we know understands that it is important.

    • Really?

      The Tea Party is not running candidates for Suffolk County Legislator.

      • It's OK

        Those Spencer supporters can’t get any facts straight. Poor Spencer thinks JAI is a cultural center! I saw that and was rolling on the floor.

        Anyone in school district three should only be supporting candidates in school district three.

        Liz Black and Herb Morrow.

        We need representation for once and for all!

    • Village Eyes

      Someone should tell Spencer about voting. He hasn’t bothered to vote in his school district elections/budget votes since early this century. Apparently hasn’t heard of absentee ballots…year after year after year of missing the vote.

  • What a joke

    Spencer is endorsed by the PBA because the PBA only cares about the PBA. They feel Spencer will not rock their boat. This guy is so out of it he doesn’t know what JAI is. How can we vote for him. I’m a democrat and will be voting for Liz Black.

  • Lines and Boundaries

    I’m reading the comments above and you would think that Huntington Station is 400 miles from Centerport and that Centerport is 500 miles from Northport. We live in the same Town. There are problems and strengths in each little area of the Town but it is one town. WHoever gets elected, wherever they personally live, what matters is that they care about the Town and can help. I care about that much more than the actual place a person lives or how many acres they live on! I’m voting for Spencer even though I live in School District 3. I trust he will help with the outside of the school district issues we face in Huntington.

  • The Mis-Truths of Online Media

    This is the nutty thing about online media-you can say whatever you want whether or not it’s true. This letter is filled with information that is inaccurate. Why should it be allowed to be published?

  • Karen

    If she is into full public disclosure why isn’t there a disclosure re how she wasted over a million dollars moving students teachers to other schools in the district, Ms. Classroom density. And jack Abrams will reopen what a waste of tax dollars Ms. Black

    • What?

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Make a logical point, agree or disagree. Say something that makes sense. This stream of conciousness rambling is just absurd and does nothing.

    • Village Eyes

      Ramble indeed. Makes about as much sense as Spencer’s error-filled mailings, the latest in which he mis-quotes Bill Dwyer…twice. The man needs an editor. He needs someone to guide him to the Harborfields polling place. He needs someone to explain exactly how school district taxes work so he can stop making foolish statements about it. He needs someone to explain how to do his job filing financial reports to avoid breaking the law.

  • an educated voter

    I am laughing at the stupidity of the postings here on Liz Black raising taxes??? if the school budgets got passed by the district in an open election doesnt that say Ms Black was in sync with the voters? How can one person alone raise property taxes and close a school!!!!- Any one who thinks that would have to have no clue about school budgets and how school budget votes work. Based on the mailings and the postings here I am starting to think the Spencer supporters have no idea how government works! I am more concerned now knowing that that there was no financial compliance in the Housing Authority under his leadership. I think we are all sick of the Democratic “do as i say not as I do” mentality. We have a bunch of clueless idiots in Washington-keep them out of Huntington.

  • michael

    spencer is franks lap dog, he will do anything for frank.
    there goal is to dump on huntington station, and keep dix hills,northport,centerport free of the mess in my area
    it is clear as a bell, wake up huntington and huntington station
    let put”affordable” housing in those areas,right!!!
    the jokes on us

  • Robert Desmond

    For those folks who are new or rarely read these posts I can sure you that the number of posts written in favor of Mr. Spencer a.k.a. Dr. Density are written by the same person using an alias.

    This is the same man who held a press conference introducing the Guardian Angels to our town. It was supposed to be secret from the public but we did find out and we did attend. Nothing against The Guardian Angels but folks Mr. Spencer was proud that they might be walking our streets. To him that is success, I deem it a profound and perverse failure.

    He is the poster child for everything that is wrong with this town. Vote for him and you vote for decay. Vote for Dr. Density and you vote for the continued undermining of the tax paying voter of this town. Vote for Dr. Density and you vote for a blind eye towards multi unit accessory apartments stealing our educational and medical services.

    What is his motive for allowing illegal multi family housing? Simple, if they are legal US citizens they have a right to vote. Those same people if here legally negate your vote. Think of it. Your vote is deemed null and void just because illegal residents of this disgusting dwellings get bused to the voting booths by the majority Democratic machine to make your vote not count. That is how they maintain power. Let’s get past this folks and not give this tool of a machine who has only earned the nick name of Dr. Density in his public career.

    In closing the so called posts of support that you see written above are those of one perhaps two people using different aliases. Pathetic and symbolic of just how desperate and lacking in ethics and courage the Democratic party has become.

  • Wrong Robert

    Robert-the Guardian Angels press conference was anything BUT a secret. Bill Dwyer met with Spencer and the GA leader prior to the conference. Many people in SD 3 new about the meeting and press conference…it was never supposed to be a secret.

    • Robert Desmond

      It was a secret from the public but as usual they did a poor job of handling it. Dr. Density looked like a deer in the head lamps and was visibly upset by the fact that I dared ask him pointed questions. His photo op was ruined.

  • cannot imagine

    I cannot imagine how anyone would vote for a candidate who shut down a school, wasted taxpayer $ repeatedly and divided a district. This is a person to whom you want to give more power??? Are you sure??

    • Village Eyes

      I can’t imagine how anyone would vote for a candidate who does not understand how school taxes and budgets work, hasn’t vote in his own school district elections since 2005, and has broken the law by not filing reports for the agency he brags about running. Spencer is a prescription for disater. Vote Liz!

  • Mr. A.

    Politics aside. Differences aside. Let’s evaluate the candidates on the facts. Mr. Spencer has continually been there, volunteering and working to help families . Ms. Black has volunteered as well but has cause a great divide in her school district. Vote Spencer-consistent, predictable and hard working.

    • Robert Desmond

      How disgusting and misleading. Ms. Black showed a something that is rare in this town and that is leadership. She made a tough decision which is a rough road for our so called leaders as they prefer to take the path of least resistance. The decision was thrust upon her and the school board because the town council and Dr. Density failed in their jobs of enforcing codes. They simply ignored the proximate cause of crime. She simply was left to clean up the mess.

  • Not true Robert

    Robert- it’s just not true. Under Spencer’s leadership the HHA enacted some of the strictest certification processes in the entire country. You want to be mad at the town, that’s fine, but you can’t blame them for the closure of Abrams. Four people closed Abrams and 3 out of those 4 people were and are politically minded. The proximate cause of crime? Crime is everywhere and you don’t see schools shutting down in any other community. Do you? You can like Liz and of course vote for her, but we can rewrite the facts. The fact is, it was a poor, divisive decision.

    • Oh, Stop

      Before the school was closed, the Board voted to make it a 6 th grade center in order to limit the amount of exposure each district resident had to the location. That vote was decided by a different 4 out of 3. The fact is that the entire Board knew something had to be done because too many families were expressing concern for the safety of their children. Talk about rewriting facts. Voting for Spencer gives nothing but the same attitude ( you don’t like it, move ) and the fight about the school will continue. Voting for Black gives us the opportunity to reopen the school with the entire district willing to send their children.

    • actually

      No other schools in the district are surround by absentee landlords, section 8 housing, half way homes and womens shelters.

      The dynamics are unique at this school.

  • Give up on JAI

    JAI should stay closed. The neighborhood is still too dangerous. Also, I understand the cost to reopen will be ridiculous and we just don’t have the money anymore.

  • Shame on Spencer

    Spencer took advantage of the residents of Gateway Gardens. He painted a beautiful, rosy picture of his new Gateway Gardens housing project. The only thing he did not tell those people was that his plan was ILLEGAL, due to the fact that, although it may directly benefit the residents of the new project, the illegal density of the project would be an enormous detriment to the rest of the community by opening the door to any type of high density housing in Huntington. Seems like Spencer only likes to follow the laws that benefit him.

  • Observer

    Drove past JAI the other day and granted, it was just a 5 minute exposure, but man did it look bad. I don’t know if I can see sending young kids there every day. On the other hand, it’s also a terrible shame to lose a school, especially in times when other budgetary issues are causing classrooms to become overcrowded. Arguments from both sides make sense, but it makes the most sense, to me, to accept these arguments from someone who knows and lives the deal. Which brings me back to Dr. Spencer – if it really is true that he doesn’t know that JAI is a school, and thinks it’s a cultural center, wow, that’s disturbing. JAI is one of the focal points of this campaign and anyone running for one of these seats should be completely familiar with every issue that has affected that school and its closing. Now, I don’t know if he really said this,and I am accepting that he did completely on hearsay on this board. When did he make these remarks? It also seems to me that if he actually lived in Huntington, how could he not know that JAI is a school? I guess people from Centerport don’t know – why should they bother? Somebody a few boxes above commented that we all live in the same town, and whether the exact area might be Northport or Centerport or CSH or Dix Hills or the Station, we all face the same issues. I really have to disagree with that one. Those communities may as well be 500 miles away from each other (or at least from the Station). Someone else argued that high density housing should be located in the nicer parts of the Town (which will never happen), and at first that does seem fair, but then again, why would you take nice places like CSH or Northport or Centeport and trash them too? There aren’t too many places like those in Western Suffolk and to destroy them just doesn’t make sense either. I think we should push to keep all of Huntington Town free of any more high density housing. You could argue that we have our share and have suffered the consequences.

  • Dear Observer

    Please see the video to see where he said it for yourself. It was the News12 debates. When asked about creating new jobs he said landscapes were important.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.

  • Anonymous

    one thing for sure, the voters will vote in favor of the best candidate…

  • Herb Morrow and FOILS

    Speaking of records and reporting, why won’t Herb Morrow respond to FOILS until late Nov? What’s he hiding?

  • the truth

    Did you know that the Chairman of the huntington housing Authority PRIOR to SPENCER complied with the law. But once Spencer got involved -no information disclosed that would be: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009!!!!!! lets talk about the facts. The fact is he would not give the public information. I guess he and cooper were too busy being 15″aliases” on the blogs.

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