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NY Islanders Open Pro Shop at Huntington Town Rink

The New York Islanders recently signed a contract with the Town of Huntington to operate the pro shop at the Town’s recently-expanded Dix Hills Ice Rink, 575 Vanderbilt Parkway, Dix Hills, NY. The Islanders will be cerebrating the grand opening of the pro shop, which will serve both hockey players and figure skaters, beginning with a session at which participants in the Town’s recreational hockey league will skate with Islanders Matt Martin and Travis Harmonic.

Huntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone and Town Council Members as well as The New York Islanders, including players Matt Martin and Travis Hamonic, were at today’s recreation league skate and ceremony and ribbon-cutting.




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8 comments to NY Islanders Open Pro Shop at Huntington Town Rink

  • Anon

    Where is the poor guy who ran it for 20 years before Frank and the town gave him the boot. I played hockey up there for years and he did the best job of sharpening skates around the area. Typical town, get rid of the hard working guy who does a great job, sign on for bright lights and glamour. Wonder how many times TOH Board members and their friends have been in the Islander box.

  • John Condon

    Not a first in Huntington. Buddy Harrelson and his Huntington friends muscled out local coaches from the St. E’s summer coaching league a few years back. Midnight meeting at the Golden Coach Diner. Harrelson got the news right away.

  • well well well

    I knew this was coming -thats why they needed to make a big splash openning the massive rink in the first place. It also had alot to do with nassau having to have a vote on a new coliseun (vote costing the taxpayers million $) And Beson also has been getting and giving away tix for Islander games and concerts at Nassau coliseum. How many of the others have been doing the same?

  • Get skates on Frank

    Then ask Matt Martin to deliver one of his textbook HARD open ice body checks to him for what he’s done to Huntington Station.

    As far as DH Rink being Massive, not by a long strech compared to other LI town facilities.

    O.K you want him out for approving the Rink in DH, I want him out for his backhanded dealings with PIUS and rentals in Huntington Station.


  • Fed Up

    Couldn’t Frank get some section 8 in that pro shop and put six meters on it. Then allow 18 to live in it, send six kids into your school district Tax Free?
    Seems like a waste, nobody goes to Islander games anyway.

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