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NY State Assemblyman Andrew Raia Endorses Liz Black for 18th LD

Andrew Raia

As a teacher for 34 years and a trustee of the Huntington School Board, Liz Black has gained her experience in conflict resolution, management and has been a proactive member of our community.  I know that as a Suffolk County Legislator Liz Black will bring the same passion that she has brought as an advocate and educator in our community for so many years.

Please join me in supporting Liz Black in her candidacy for Suffolk County Legislature in the 18th Legislative District.

Andrew Raia
New York State Assemblyman
9th Assembly District

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37 comments to NY State Assemblyman Andrew Raia Endorses Liz Black for 18th LD

  • Scary

    If Liz Black has experience in conflict resolution, I’d love to know what conflict she’s ever resolved…from where I sit, she’s caused more conflict than I could have imagined.

  • Length

    The length of this endorsement suggests that he may not have been excited about doing this. Andy Raia is generally a good guy-that he endorsed Liz Black with barely a few sentences…says a lot.

  • Proactive member?

    If Liz Black is proactive, what is she proactive in accomplishing? Wasting taxpayer money? Shutting down schools? That kind of proactive behavior is not what we need in the Legislature!

  • Kara

    Thank you Mr. Raia for your opinion. While I disagree and I am supporting Dr. Spencer, I appreciate endorsements like this. I am voting for Spencer because of his plan for public safety, his experience running a small business successfully and his strong advocacy for the environment. I respect everyone’s right to vote as they most see fit. Best wishes to the community after election day is over-that is when the real work begins.

  • Not much

    Nice words but not much to say. She’s probably a nice person, but not with the leadership skills to be a Legislator.

  • Mad At Steve

    If the residents of 18th L.D. elect Mad Dr. Density, they get what they deserve!

  • Anonymous

    I really like Andy, but to support Liz Black at such a late date, would suggest that the orders to support came from up above in the party, have to rethink support for Andy next time.

  • Betty E.

    I respect the Assemblyman but we all knew this was coming. He had to endorse her to keep his party happy. My guess is he didn’t even write the letter but that Liz’s people did. Andy knows she has been more divisive than almost any other board member except for McGrath (who also supports Ms. Black by the way.)
    This means nothing because if he really supported her he would have come out long ago and we would have seen him standing by her, in photos, rallying folks in support.
    Do not lose focus here. Doctor Spencer is going to win because he is a far better candidate, census builder, community leader and business manager. thanks Assemblyman. Now I know how who to vote for when you run.

  • Im not in her LD

    But im concerned about the effect of electing Spencer will have on other Ld’s. I sincerely hope the 18th gets it right and elects Liz Black.

  • Short

    I think Andy must think Liz is a nice person but clearly this endorsement doesn’t say much. Good luck to both candidates, but let us hope that the community elects Spencer!

  • endorsements

    The only endorsements Spencer has gotten are from people proven to be part of the problem. Berland, Jackson, Petrone etc etc etc.

  • Dummies

    Dumb and Dumber!

  • Charlie

    Thank you Mr Raia for your endorsement. For those who quickly responded with predictable negativity, please don’t forget Mr Cooper’s endorsement of Mr Spencer was luke warm.

  • and....

    Cooper had endorsed Rosetti 1st who would have made a much better choice for the Dem’s. Only endorsed this guy (because he can be controlled by the dem machine) after his political party told him he had to so THEY could stay in power.

    They don’t want change, they want power.

    Anyone standing next to Obama scares me.

    a must see.

  • and....

    Rossetti could not be controlled by the “Democrats” therefore he was chosen.

    He would have brought some honesty and dignity back to the Democrats who are quickly sinking in the mud they created, Perhaps if they stopped slinging mud and started making a difference people would lean a little more left.

    I won’t be and many of my Democrat friends are appalled they have to go against their own chosen party. They feel they are betraying themselves. But they are not voting for the choices they were given.

  • Odd endorsement

    Raia is a nice guy and all but this late and short endorsement speaks to his lack of desire to make it. I’m sure he was required to do so. Doesn’t say much.

  • Sweet & Short-to the point

    A sweet, but short endorsement suggests that Andy Raia is a nice guy and perhaps thinks Liz is a nice person, but there is nothing in here that shows she has what it takes. Spencer has a myriad of endorsements. I’m voting for Spencer who will make things better for us in Huntington. A vote for Liz is a vote for more division.

  • management?

    What experience in management? During her tenure on the school board, things have fallen apart in district 3. What management skills is Raia talking about?

  • Charlie

    It took months for Mr Cooper to endorse the party’s chosen candidate. Not so timely!
    With regard to management experience, does anyone know anything about the Doctor ‘s practice? How many patients, how many employees, is it profitable…is it well run?

  • Anonymous

    What a joke! That’s a character reference, not an endorsement!!!! Character references are given when an individual is forced to comply. He probably had to keep his party happy.
    Another problem with this reference letter is that it’s not true. Her mgmt and people skills suck!!!! She doesn’t even show up to NAACP events/or any minority event for that matter. She makes a decision to close a school and puts kids in more danger!!! She divides communities!!!! Please someone stop me…. because I could go on and on and on…..LMOF

  • Go Spencer!

    I’m a District 3 person who supports Spencer for the following reasons:

    He has the plan to get rid of crime in Huntington that I can believe in. It’s a plan with multiple steps and creative ideas.

    He will get Northport Harbor the clean up funds it should be entitled to in order to get rid of the contamination.

    He will bring jobs to Huntington!

    • And the question remains

      How will he do these things. He gives no specifics as to how he will accomplish these things. Saying that you are a consensus builder is not an answer. If he has a specific plan for any of these things why won’t he spell it out?

    • Give up on JAI

      How will he bring jobs to Huntington?

  • backa$$wards

    High Density breeds more damage to our aquifers.

  • concernedcitizen

    I would have to re-evaluate my opinion of Mr. Raia if he is endorsing Liz Black. I know there is politics involved but people are fed up with politicians. Andrew Raia should have had the courage not to endorse a candidate that is not qualified. And, as many suggest, his endorsement was lukewarm, as if it were forced upon him. He should have put his foot down and said no the the politicians.

  • SD 3 Person

    I am a SD3 person too. If Spencer has a plan to reduce crime , he has not articulated it well. Many of us have watched him on news 12 and at various events. He is vague in his ideas and not very persuasive. If he is our legislative rep, many of us are concerned he will not be able to stand up to others the legislature and effectively fight for the 18 th.

  • Anonymous

    That’s a character reference, not an endorsement!!!! It’s what politicians do when they really don’t want to endorse, and they can’t refuse…LOL

  • Anonymous

    This Raia character can not be re-elected!!!!

  • Short vs Long

    For the record, Cooper’s letter of endorsement for Spencer was extremely long and detailed (about a dozen paragraphs), while Raia’s letter of endorsement for Black is about the shortest I’ve ever read. Plus, anyone who says Cooper in any way kowtows to Petrone doesn’t know Jon Cooper, who’s always been as independent as they come. In fact, that’s one reason why Cooper is so popular. He’s never been afraid to buck other politicians, whether Petrone or Steve Levy. Cooper has guts and a moral compass, both of which are refreshing.

  • SD 3 Person

    This is silly. Are we now counting paragraphs in endorsements? If we are, check your math on Coopers endorsement’s way off.

  • Osprey over the Harbor

    Is Raia’s choice for the 18th Legislative District such a surprise? Doctor William Spencer is clearly the superior canidate to handle the tough challenges that face the citizens of Huntington and Suffolk County.

  • @osprey

    clearly if he needs to be defended immediately by hired bloggers to demonize his opponent CLEARLY he is superior.

    Those days are over. The people were ASLEEP not stupid. The more you post about his superiority the more votes you lose.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Weird attack

    It’s weird to say people are paid bloggers just because they don’t say what you want them to say. It’s also weird to try to link people to Petrone and say they will be “puppets” just as a way to try to scare people into voting for the wrong candidate. Maybe what people need to realize is that this media forum is not only for right wing people. There are plenty of moderates who participate and contribute.

  • Mr. A.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. My opinion is that Ms. Black is not the kind of candidate we should have in the Legislature. She doesn’t think on her feet and I can’t imagine how she could work with the other people she’d have to work with. Spencer is a consensus builder, Liz Black is a divider. I wish her well in life. I don’t think she is a bad person. She’s just not the kind of leader we need during these tough times.

  • Underwhelmed

    You call that an endorsement… 50 words or less, pathetic…..Check out Spencers endorsement:
    Suffolk County(SC) Probation Officers Association
    SC Deputy Sheriffs Association
    SC PBA
    SC Superior Officers
    SC Detectives Association
    SC Police
    SC Association of Municipal E
    CWA 1108
    SEIU 1199
    And a great endorsement letter from Legislator Cooper see it at

  • Anonymous

    all of the orgs above understand the need to support the best candidate, not one that closes buildings/overcrowds schools/divide communities/and has no backbone to her decision making.

  • jack

    Having this guy endorse you is like saying vote for anyone but her……

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