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Chris & Ali Mitchell of Marshs Honored for “Showing They Care”

Joseph Carrello joins Stephanie Kahn, President and Founder of the Stephanie Joyce Kahn Foundation, Jill Kahn-Carrello, Ali Mitchell, Chris Mitchell and the Carrello children, Aidan and Caroline, at the “Party…and Show You Care,” fundraiser at the Huntington Crescent Club.

Ali & Chris, both personally & through the Mitchell Family of stores, have always believed in being actively involved in their communities.  “Giving Back” has been a major focus of their lives, for which they were recently honored at the Huntington Crescent Club.

Over 200 guests joined Jill and Joseph Carrello as they hosted an evening of “Party…& Show You Care,” the proceeds of which were earmarked to provide the Stephanie Joyce Kahn Foundation’s Children’s Listening Therapy Program to developmentally disabled and autistic children.

For over 36 years, The Stephanie Joyce Kahn Foundation has been devoted to serving the needs of the visually and physically impaired community, as well as Special Needs Children,  through listening therapy.  The proceeds of this fundraiser, “Party..and Show You Care” are earmarked specifically to provide services for developmentally disabled and autistic children.








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