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TOH Launches Small Business Resource and Recovery Center

The grand opening of the TOH's HSBRRC.

Councilman Mark Mayoka and the Town of Huntington proudly launched the opening of the Huntington Small Business Resource and Recovery Center (HSBRRC) in Room 304 in Huntington Town Hall. The Grand Opening was a phenomenal success, with many local small business representatives present to demonstrate their support for the long overdue HSBRRC. Supervisor Petrone, Town of Huntington Clerk Jo-Ann Raia, Senator Carl Marcellino, NYS Assemblyman Andrew P. Raia, Huntington Bay Mayor Herb Morrow, Gloria Glowacki, Associate Director at the NYS Stony Brook Small Business Development Center, Bernie Ryba, Certified Senior Business Advisor and Certified Public Accountant, Dorris Melina, Long Island Development Center, Ellen O’Brian and Linda Mitchell, Huntington Chamber of Commerce, Sharon Moulton, East Northport Chamber of Commerce, Thomas Hogan, Cold Spring Harbor Association and BID, Ken Christiansen, Huntington Station BID, Jack Paladino, Huntington BID, and Jim Kelly from the JV Kelly Group all attended and were very excited to become part of this new partnership alliance within the Town of Huntington and to provide fresh ideas to the Center.

The website currently under construction,, will be available to those individuals interested in researching their business issues via the web and utilizing the resources available online. Over the past few years, the small business venture has changed dramatically. Commercial blight indicates a large number of vacant storefronts throughout the Town of Huntington and the affect has drastically increased the rate of unemployment. It is the goal and focus of the HSBRRC to impact and reverse this trend. The right allocated resources can restore and bring forth strong profit margins and sustained growth to any business. The HSBRRC, known as, “Huntington’s Helping Hand,” offers resources focused on supporting existing businesses through cultivating websites, developing a networking and marketing plan, revitalized advertising, mentoring, identifying cash flow issues, and participation in internship programs with local colleges and universities. Further, local small businesses will benefit from developing a new Energy Plan and affecting utility bills along with free computer tutorials to educate and enhance skills. The Center also offers to entrepreneurs and start-ups, resources to identify their business ideas and how to start up a business entity, organize objectives and connect with banking, financial and legal services. Based upon a scheduled appointment, a Business Consultant will be available to those interested in developing a Business Plan, discussing strategic ideas and revitalizing their current business.

Bernie Ryba, a Certified Senior Business Advisor and Certified Public Accountant will be available upon appointment in to meet with individuals interested in consultation and seeking assistance. He has over 25 years of business experience including public accountant and exposure to the brokerage and high technology industries. His responsibilities have ranged from financial and operational auditing to financial management, commercial development and strategic planning. Huntington Small Business Saturday is dedicated to take place on Saturday, November 26, 2011, within the Town of Huntington. Small Business Saturday follows the busiest shopping day of the year, known as ‘Black Friday.’ It is our intention to assist small businesses within our area by bringing shoppers ‘back into the storefront’ in order to stimulate economic development during these challenging economic times.

In 2011, over one million people around the world were involved with Small Business Saturday, a day that recognizes the importance of small businesses in the overall economy and to local communities. We look forward to partnering with all local and Long Island Business Development liaisons to assist the current Small Businesses within our area.

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3 comments to TOH Launches Small Business Resource and Recovery Center

  • Robert Desmond

    For once I was ready to say bravo! Finally a project that I can get on board with until I saw one name. I saw the name of Ken Christiansen of the Huntington Housing Coalition. So the question becomes how does good old Ken and his merry band of misfits benefit? Can somebody explain the purpose of him being at this event?

    If you invite Ken Christiansen why not invite Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverand Jesse Jackson?

    Every where you look leaches like Ken Christiansen seek to attach themselves to anything that is good to suck the benefit out of it to serve the non performers. Maybe Ken is offering a training course for slum lords on how to tap into a neighbors electric meter to avoid detection. They will need this training because Herb Morrow and Gene Cook will hold Code Enforcement Officials accountable!

  • No room at the inn

    It’s funny that the picture was taken in the hallway because the room is too small to hold all those people. More Town Hall phony photo ops.

  • WHAT?

    How long has this been in the works and just announced a photo op of a small room in town hall? is this in addition to the “business incubator”? less than 2 weeks before an election REALLY?

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