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McKay vs Cancellare: Tamper Time or Teapot Tempest?

Village Tattler makes every effort to ensure that our stories are factual, well- researched and meaningful.  We eschew hearsay, will not stoop to journalistic mud-slinging and steadfastly refuse to get bogged down in political sniping.

We are keenly aware of the current controversy surrounding the inferred removal of a political lawn sign (or signs) promoting one of the candidates in the upcoming November 8th elections. We know about a Councilman’s letter to Supervisor Petrone regarding the alleged incident; we have seen the complainant’s written summary of the episode; we have interviewed TOH employees and officials.

And we are opting to stay above the fray!

There may be some validity to the grievance.  There may not be, too.

The inferences have been made. Violating election and campaigning laws carries significant penalties.

We are not going to try this case in the court of public opinion.   Until some accusations are leveled or charges filed or indictments handed up, we will spend our efforts reporting on the REAL problems facing our town. We are not going to degrade our editorial standards with coverage of this incident.

We’ll leave “innuendo reporting” to others.



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9 comments to McKay vs Cancellare: Tamper Time or Teapot Tempest?

  • Wundaboy

    Tha Tattler patting itself on the back for not reporting on this story even after admitting thet investigated the incident and interviewed My TOH employees and officials? God forbid the Tattler should violate their “journalistic standards”! What nonsense. My guess is the Tattler didn’t like where the story was going and didn’t want to report on an issue that doesn’t meet their “journalistic” agenda.

  • wuna/boyakaDM

    At the town board hearing on Avalon Bay where Petrone and the dems voted yes Whatever happend to the man who was physically thrown by police into closed doors that wouldn’t open with Don McKay’s foot and body holding it shut ?

  • wundaboy

    @wuna/boyakaDM Sorry. I am not DM and have never met him. As far as the man arrested at Town Hall, I wasn’t there but saw the video and I think he was justifiably arrested for disorderly conduct . I can’t speak to the claim you make about the door being held shut.


    You are a jerk.

  • wundaboy

    @really?: Can you please provide documentation that the charges were actually “dropped”(ie., exact date, court and disposition)? That term is not legal and is often incorrectly applied.

  • Don McGoon

    Donny Boy is a long time democratic political operative. Used to be a local newspaper reporter digging up dirt in Town Hall back when Petrone was a Republican. When things started to get too hot around the collar, Don was offered a highly paid job as Petrones press secretary and jumped aboard. After many years of being a loyal hack, Don was rewarded with more money and the Parks Department directors job.

  • Clean up this town

    First Berland and Jackson and next Petrone. This stuff has to stop. I’m a democrat and will be voting them all out.

  • Innuendo reporting?

    Is writing an article about a beloved teacher who passed away innuendo reporting?

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