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Letter to the Editor: It’s Not My Job

Letter from TOH. Please click to enlarge.

This year my oldest son entered the fifth grade at The Woodhull School, Huntington School District #3. A few weeks before school started we were informed via writing by the school that there would be no bus service. We found that the northorn sidewalk was impassable. (There is no sidewalk on the southern side).

After speaking with the two crossing guards we contacted the school, as well as the Town of Huntington (TOH) via email. The school responded that it was aware of the various obstacles blocking the sidewalk and told us it was  the town’s responsiblity. We followed up by contacting the TOH a second time and it sent an abnormally large crew to a few sections to shovel out some dirt and use asphalt patching in spots. This action was immediately followed by a letter in the mail self-absolving the TOH from any future responsiblity for this section of sidewalk on Woodhull Road ( see photo above, click to enlarge).

Needless to say, this all came as a shock, with all the politicians seeking election (and re-election ) on the backs of our children. Would our government deny these children safety, and put that in writing?

After more phone-calls and haggling with what appears to be the Department of Code Enforcement we have given up. As a concerned parent, the issue of what I believe to be a “public sidewalk” in a horrible state of disrepair is now my responsiblity.

This is a sidewalk used by 5th and 6th graders actively walking back and forth to school. Walking is not their choice, since no bus is provided for children who live within this “perimeter.”

The crossing guards are there to help, but they cannot prevent the imminent disaster each time a child has to step into the street, or walk on the opposite side of a guard rail, because they cannot pass.

It is in such a state of disrepair it is shameful, yet the absolute best our town government can come up with is “it’s not my job.”

A Concerned Parent and Resident of Huntington

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15 comments to Letter to the Editor: It’s Not My Job

  • Quick

    Quick…call Susan Berland, forget adopt a hydrant. Let’s adopt a sidewalk.

  • Hurry Susan!!!!

    You might be able to get in another photo op or ribbon cutting to get elected!!!


    Come on girl! Take those stilettos off and run!

  • Jon Howard

    Yes sounds a perfect opportunity for Susan to get in another photo op.
    But of course its not her problem…just as the conditions around JA are not her problem. Nothing like a public official who thinks her job is cutting ribbons and getting her picture taken……..and not working and trying to solve the problems in the town. Of course it is her problem when she feels something threatens her pristine Dix Hills…..that’s her job…forget the rest of the town especially anything in SD 3.

  • crotchie

    When I was a youngster I walk a mile back and forth to school in snow storms, rain storms, and ice storms!!…These kids today wont even go into a swimming pool unless it heated!!!
    I’m afraid the future breed of our country will be nothing more than a bunch of limp wrist, whining, Liberals!!

  • My Town Too

    One would think that it should be the town’s responsibility for sidewalks, as that is town property – or so they say whenever someone does something “illegal” on “their” property. We have to pay the town a permit fee to take down a tree on “their” property!

    Years ago we tried to get sidewalks for the high school as there are a lot of walkers coming across Oakwood Rd and McKay Rd. Oakwood is a county road and they didn’t want to do it, and they wouldn’t give us a crossing guard either for the Soundview Rd crossing.

    I find it interesting that South Huntington district has now gotten sidewalks down Oakwood and they have a crossing guard for Stimson. We do have two for Jefferson, but not the high school. Whitman has two crossing guards.

    The town wouldn’t give us sidewalks for the McKay side or the tennis court side of the high school. We really seem to be the forgotten child of the town, we’re certainly being treated that way it seems.

  • Tom DiGiacomo

    Welcome to the Town of Huntington now pay your taxes and don’t tell us what to do with the money. We know better! Especially when it comes to anything to do with SD3 you can forget about it. The current town board with the exception of 1 member is still mad at us for closing Jack Abrahms school and bringing to light the uglier side of Huntington. The only way to change what you don’t like about government is to vote, so vote them out and hope that a new batch will actually want to work for all of Huntington.

  • fishy

    There are a number of things about this story that don’t make sense. Like…why was code enf. involved? Something doesn’t sound right.

    • Andy

      To fishy,
      We were told to contact Code Enforcement regarding sidewalk repair. Also, we were told that any future complaints regarding this section of sidewalk be directed to Code Enforcement. I thought it would be Highways or the dreaded “General Services”, but no, it was C.E. from the beginning.

  • When people say they've contacted Town

    I really wonder what people mean when they say they’ve contacted the Town. Does it mean they’ve contacted each councilperson? If not, then this sort of thing can happen and you can be going back and forth with one incompetent person and blaming a whole group that didn’t know about it. Just a thought.

    • ME

      That is why when I send letters of complaints, I send it to all of them and then 2 or 3 of them get back to me saying they will look into it and forward it to the right dept. And then the right dept sends me a letter. So you should send it to all of them inorder to get anything done, or you will get, that is not my job or you get put on hold for a very long time talking to Pub. Safety, Code enforcements, etc… I have been through that process so the only way it works is sending letters to all of them.

      • Andy

        This could help us. Do you mean that you send the letter of complaint to the actual councilpeople?
        We will do that. I would never have though of it. Thank you for your input.

  • @ Tom

    The closure of the Abrams school didn’t bring about exposure of the uglier side of Huntington. It brought exposure of the uglier PEOPLE in Huntington. People who would advocate to shut down a school rather tahn just move or do what their family felt right for themselves. Instead, they demoralized Huntington Station, left children to stare at any empty building and screwed up every elementary building with overcrowded classrooms.

  • mcrocker

    this letter should provide relief to someone with a sidewalk in front of their house. if the town wont maintain it, remove it. plant grass and no longer will you be liable for slips, falls, garbage or having to shovel so people can walk on YOUR property.

  • chris

    Screw the curb. I fix it and idiot snowplow morons bust it up again.Who pays for that?

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