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Letter to the Editor: Black’s Actions Speak Louder than Words

During the past several weeks I have received several mailings related to the candidates in the 18th Legislative District of Suffolk of which I have been a resident for the past 8 years.  If I hadn’t been following the race closely I would think that Candidate Spencer was running for a seat on the Board Of Education (BOE) of Huntington School District #3.  Clearly, he has the answers that all BOE’s throughout the state have been struggling with lately.  I wonder if Candidate Spencer has ever attended a BOE meeting.

I’ve been attending BOE meetings for the past 3 years and one thing that is very clear is that Liz Black has continued to hold the line on keeping our school tax portion of our tax bills as low as possible. If you don’t believe me all you have to do is look at the minutes of SD # 3 BOE budget meetings from the past few years.  I believe Liz will be extremely mindful at the county level of what is needed and how to save money where she can.

I realize not many residents attend local BOE meetings. However, it leads me to why the recent Democratic Committee mailings can be very deceiving.  In fact, it is the taxpayer that actually, in the end, raises the school portion of our property taxes, which account for at least 80% of our tax bill. Those of us who vote can pass or fail the budget.  The BOE approves a preliminary budget that goes up for a vote.  During last year’s SD #3 budget discussions, Liz Black was one of a few BOE members who wanted to keep the tax increase as low as possible while other BOE members were pushing for well above the soon to be imposed 2% cap.  Liz’s rationale was if we are going to be held to a 2% cap we should at least see what that means as far as cuts and try to keep it as close to the 2% as possible.  Have property taxes in SD #3 increased in the past 7 years? Yes, absolutely. Did Liz Black single handedly raise taxes?  No. If candidate Spencer was versed in how school budgets are developed and what portions are mandated he would quickly realize that more than 80% of the SD #3 budget is made up of transporation, salaries, pensions, and healthcare. All of which are state-mandated.

Regarding the closing of a school due to years of neglect by town and county officials, again, I am puzzled by the Democratic Committee’s allegations that Liz Black single handedly closed the school. For me it began at a forum held by Steve Levy at Elwood High School in September of 2009. There, several county officials came together to discuss the then recent increase in violence in and around the Jack Abrams School.  Subsequently, there were several forums at the town level as well where the issues of crime and violence were discussed. On numerous occasions, Liz Black attended these forums as a concerned citizen and as a concerned BOE member for all children in the SD #3 community.  Liz Black spoke out against the violence pleading with officials to help.  Liz also met with officials one on one to see what could be done. She met with Steve Israel on several occasions to try and secure funding for assistance in fighting crime.  She met with Frank Petrone as well.  These actions to me are stronger than any words that may have been said, as depicted by the Democratic Committee’s recent mailers.  Again, if you want to fact check my information you can find many of these items in SD #3 BOE minutes as well as Town of Huntington meeting minutes where Liz Black has spoken many times regarding the violence.

I am putting my trust in Liz Black on election day to represent the 18th district of Suffolk County because she has proved that time and again she wants quality of life for all residents of Huntington. That means a life in Huntington without crime and violence.  She has also proven that while limited in holding taxes flat due to state mandates she’s helped to keep them lower than surrounding districts in Huntington township.  All I ask is please vote on election day and ask questions of the candidates.  Don’t believe everything you read in the mail.


Michele Kustera

Huntington, NY



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125 comments to Letter to the Editor: Black’s Actions Speak Louder than Words

  • To Michele

    To Michele: You stated taht “Liz Black spoke out against the violence pleading with officials to help.” I attended the meetings for many months and watched her talk nastily about the community, blame the community for violence and literally not do a think to address safety.

    Let’s not forget that the gang members rounded up in March were graduates of Huntington High School. There is a lot our school district can do to impact violence. Instead, Liz blamed the community and played politics with Town and County.

    • Village Eyes

      Too bad you don’t live in HUFSD, because clearly you were at some other school district’s meetings. Too bad Dr Spencer doesn’t vote in his own school district budget and trustee votes.

  • Actions Speak Louder than Words

    Great point-Actions Speak Louder than Words. Another reason to vote for Spencer. Let’s judge Liz Black on her actions.

    1. Closed a school and overcrowded every single elementary school in Huntington.

    2. Voted to spend two million dollars of your tax money on building onto a building while one lay empty.

    3. Never acted in any way to improve our school district’s finances, brought no ideas to the table, put up no transportation memo and never encouraged the board to go to albany.

    Actions speak louder than words so vote for Spencer!

  • Mr. A.

    While I appreciate this letter and your opinion, let’s remember that sometimes words DO matter. For example, when Liz Black was interviewed by the Patch and was asked about immigration, her response was: “The key word is illegal.” I don’t want anyone in charge of making decisions for our community whose first thoughts about the diversity in Huntington is an assumption like this.

  • I was there

    Spencer HAS actually been to BOE meetings in HUFSD and cares greatly about all the families in district 3. Can Classroom Density Liz say the same?

    • Really?

      Why is he at HUFSD BOE meetings but has never voted in his own school elections? Is he there telling other people they should keep a school open that he would never in a million years send his own children to? Is he there as the Head of the Huntington Housing Authority? If so, why is he so quick to tell a school board what to do when he has spent all those years turning a blind eye to all the illegal housing he was giving vouches for?

  • Anonymous

    Spencer doesn’t live in sd3. I wonder since he thinks closing JA(cultural center) was wrong if he would send his children there. I think not. Liz Black has always been fiscally responsible and cares deeply for this community. She is not running for BOE seat, she’s running for sc leg. the attacks on her have not only been inaccurate but are shameful. I do not want that kind if person representing me. VOTE LIZ BLACK.

  • Thank you

    Thank you Michele for writing this. I am voting fir Liz Black because not only is she the best candidate, but she has run her campaign with nothing but honesty and integrity. That is something Doc Density is severly lacking.

  • Thanks from me too.

    People outside of School District 3 need to be aware that many district residents support Liz. Mr. Spencer’s campaign is full of lies and exaggeration. As this opinion points out, Liz has done a wonderful job on our school board and would make a great legislator.

    • My Town Too

      This is interesting if true. Makes one wonder if she’s been campaigning outside of district 3 only, as people on many websites have said she doesn’t show up for the local forums. People outside our district won’t know what she has or hasn’t done here, therefore they’d be more likely to support her given that she’s been talking to them and not us.

      Dr. Spencer’s campaign mailers have been a bit too much, I agree. But many of them are being sent by NYS Dem Comm I believe – how much input has he had on their content? As a neophyte in politics he may believe that he has to go the “negative” route .

      Liz Black hasn’t attempted to grab the voters of district 3. Does she assume she has all our votes or is she conceding to the fact that too many people here disagree with her record and her actions, or lack thereof?

      BTW- district budgets aren’t created by the Board. Our great Asst Supt for Business creates them and the board goes over it, asks questions, asks for more information and then either approves it or not. I doubt that Liz or any other board member can be given credit for “managing or creating” the budget. That’s an overstatement.

    • My Town Too

      This is interesting if true. Makes one wonder if she’s been campaigning outside of district 3 only, as people on many websites have said she doesn’t show up for the local forums. People outside our district won’t know what she has or hasn’t done here, therefore they’d be more likely to support her given that she’s been talking to them and not us.

      Dr. Spencer’s campaign mailers have been a bit too much, I agree. But many of them are being sent by NYS Dem Comm I believe – how much input has he had on their content? As a neophyte in politics he may believe that he has to go the “negative” route .

      Liz Black hasn’t attempted to grab the voters of district 3. Does she assume she has all our votes or is she conceding to the fact that too many people here disagree with her record and her actions, or lack thereof?

      BTW- district budgets aren’t created by the Board. Our great Asst Supt for Business creates them and the board goes over it, asks questions, asks for more information and then either approves it or not. I doubt that Liz or any other board member can be given credit for “managing or creating” the budget. That’s an overstatement. Some board members are better at perusing the budgetary details each month and questioning expenses than others.

      • Village Eyes

        A post so nice you posted it twice?

        First – of COURSE she’s been campaigning in the 18th outside of HUFSD. Please look at a map of the 18th. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised when they get to the poll and find out they live in the 16th or 17th.

        If Spencer has no control over what the Democratic party sends out on his behalf, is such a “neophyte” that he thinks negative campaigning is the way to go, what makes anyone think he’s going to be a great legislator?

        Again…”not grabbing the voters of district 3″…c’mon MTT – you know this isn’t a school district election, right? Get that map of the 18th!

        Finally, yes…you have explained the whole budget-tax-thing nicely…without at all emphasizing that Liz didn’t raise taxes all by herself..people who voted yes for the budget did. But not Dr Spencer! Nope, missed all those school district votes! So inconvenient for a busy busy man! I mean, how DARE he miss a vote! Perhaps he was too busy pushing for more housing in this school district to be concerned about the funding of education in his own.

        • My Town Too

          I didn’t post it twice – must have been a glitch last night.

          Wasn’t saying that it was a school district vote in the least. And no, I’m not happy that Spencer hasn’t voted in his own district lately, but it’s not a reason not to vote for the man.

          I wasn’t going to repeat the fact that Liz didn’t increase the taxes by herself, it’s been said over and over again.

          I feel more comfortable voting for him as I don’t trust Liz Black for various reasons.

          • Village Eyes

            ” I’m not happy that Spencer hasn’t voted in his own district lately, but it’s not a reason not to vote for the man.”

            You are seriously going to vote for someone whose job will be to vote for you, who hasn’t bothered to show up to vote for years.

            Uh huh.

      • Really?

        If the flyers are being sent by the Dem Com, they still have Spencer’s name on them. His campaign has been disturbingly negative and reflects poorly on him. If he is going to blindly follow the Dem Com even when they are portraying his character in a poor light, we don’t need him as a legislator.

  • 100 walkers

    Then 100 walkers=Liz’s purported concern.
    Now 100 Kids at the bus stops.

    Liz didn’t really care then and she doesn’t now. If she did, she would have done something for THESE kids.

    • Really?

      Are you talking about the 100 walkers that Finello said he could no longer vouch for their safety in the neighborhood? Are you delirious? The head of the school says 100 walkers are in danger and you blame Liz because they are now standing at a bus stop?

  • Stop

    Enough with the 100 walkers! She was doing her duty as BOE trustee by keeping the 300 kids safe who were slated to attend that school every day. If you want to blame someone for leaving the 100 walkers at a bus stop, blame the town. Also, are those 100 walkers safer waiting at a bus stop or walking thru the neighborhood to an unsafe school?

    • 100 walkers

      Forget about the 100 walkers!!!!

      What about my kids that live here! What has Susan Berland or Glenda Jackson done to do anything about that? Who is marching next to them in the parades?

      Spencer thats who. A vote for him is a vote for their policies on a state level.

  • Anti-collaboration

    In order to be successful as a Legislator you have to be able to work well with other levels of government and other people working in government.

    I read this letter and I don’t understand how you were at the same meetings I was at. All I heard was Liz Black complain about Town, complain about every level of government. She did just about….well…not a thing to build partnerships. She tore them down. Now she says she wants to collaborate because she thinks words make a difference. Like you said, judge her by her actions and you just simply cannot vote for her!

  • 100 walkers

    The 100 walkers were LIZ’s concern. So the 300 kids are more important or valuable than the 100? And yes, if the neighborhood was as spooky as some of you think, then yes, it would be safer to walk into an open building than stand at a bus stop. Blame the town, blame the town…no I blame the people who closed the school.

    • molly

      Nice letter Michelle. I don’t believe that anyone on the BOE took the decision to close JAI lightly, especially not Liz. If you look at it from her perspective, a mother, a teacher and someone who has been trusted to look out for the best interest of the children. than she did not have much of a choice. After numerous violent crimes in the area and the SCPD identifying the area immediately around JAI as one of the 5 most dangerous and gang infested on the island she really had to cast a vote to ensure the safety of the children, all of the children. The town and county did not respond to requests for more patrols so in order to pressure them into making a move the school was closed. It got attention, Cooper got Shotspotter and the TOH is constantly asked what they are going to do to re-open the school. If everything remained staus-quo than Petrone and his cronies would still be able to ignore the area. Spencer is friends with the TOH board and would never cross swords with them the way Liz will.

  • Liz black is a Fiscal nightmare


    She raised taxes substantially in some years.
    She voted to waste $2 million when we had a building open.
    She lets taxpayers maintain a building that’s practically unused.

    Now she wants to be guardian of our County budget? Just say no.

    • Really?

      Again, a school board member does not have the authority to raise taxes. Second, the HUFSD BOE with Liz Black as a member managed for all those years to maintain the tiniest amount of debt which is close to being paid off. That is good fiscal responsibility.

      • My Town Too

        And having minimal debt was a board goal for years before Liz got voted in, nothing new.

        • Nothing new but,

          It is disengenuous to bash her for raising taxes, which is also par for the course of all school boards, and not give her credit for being fiscally responsible on the borrowing side.

        • Really?

          There are seven members on the HUFSD Bd of Ed. For the past few years, there were three members who consistently argued for higher tax increases and some even argued that increasing debt should be considered as an option. Liz Black was one of the four who would not accept that. You may be correct in saying that it has been a standing goal for a long time, but you can not deny that Liz Black was a voting member who kept HUFSD out of debt. Thanks to those efforts, HUFSD is in a better position to deal with the current environment where increased tax negative multifamily housing, retirement and pension costs and a 2% tax cap have made it very difficult to provide all the services needed.

  • Only

    Only that story about Finello is not being told truthfully…he didn’t want to close Abrams. He was directed to look into options. He told the Board they had to direct him if they wanted something done. Nobody can guarantee the safety of any walkers or bus stoppers or anyone waiting or on their way to school, unless on an adult-supervised bus. Come on people! Liz Black voted to close a school and did nothing to advance the safety of kids. Not the kind of “leader” I’d vote for….

  • Howard C.

    @Only….what??! Finello didn’t want to close Abrams? His famous declaration at a BOE mtg several years back stating that he could not in good conscience guarantee the school’s safety was the catalyst comment that started the ball rolling! Anyone who knows Finello knows that he said nothing without an agenda. His purpose in making that statement publically was to cover his butt to ensure he was legally protected if something did in fact happen to a student on school property.

    Ms. Kustera was a member of the district Long Range Facilities Planning Committee, and QUIT because she saw that the committe was indeed including the re-opening of JAI as one of their recommendations. A shining example of a liz Black supporter.

    I am still in disbelief that Liz Black is the Republican party’s candidate of choice. And I’m a Republican.

    • here we go

      Time to demonize Michelle now.

      You guys are cowards to say such things and not own then.

      Good for Mrs Kustera for putting her name on that letter and having the conviction to stand up for her beliefs.

  • Funny

    What’s funny is I’ve voted for both Democrats and Republicans in my life. While I usually lean more to the Democratic ticket, I’ve voted for Republicans that I think are better than Democrats on occasion. When I first heard Liz Black would be the choice of the party, I too was shocked. I actually thought it was a joke and while rumors were flying, I assumed they were just rumors. Then it happened. This woman who shut down a school and has wasted so much taxpayer money was the nominee. I am still amazed. I know many good, quality Republicans that should have run and could have won, but Liz can’t and won’t.

  • At the Polls

    There is no question that this race will be tighter than it would be next year because in a non-Presidential year turn out is low. But do not be surprised by how powerfully Northport comes out to vote for Spencer and other areas of District 18. Ms. Black’s reputation follows her. I have been all over Long Island and been asked—wait—is it your district that did that crazy thing and shut down a school? Sadly, I say yes. People know what she did and they will remember it at the polls.

  • Not Close

    I don’t see how this race can be close. I don’t see why anyone would vote for a Teacher who shuts down schools. If she can’t guard the best interests of her entire district and is already pandering to small groups, imagine her in larger office? Scary.

  • Voting Spencer

    People are voting for Spencer because he’s just simply the better candidate. He’s run a small business in tough economic times and he’s worked with people, listening and healing for over a decade. We are quite lucky that he decided to run!

  • I Vote for Liz Black

    Liz Black will fight for us. She always has in the past. Spencer is a big nothing. I’m a democrat and will vote for Liz Black.

    • concernedcitizen

      Unfortunately, Liz Black will fight for Liz Black. That is how it has always been. She is a self-promoter in the worst sense of the word. She has not shown up at events recently because she cannot defend her record and does not want to be held accountable. How can candidates who are running across all of Suffolk County manage to find time for these events, but Liz Black supposedly had other committments? If she doesn’t want to attend these events because she is opposed to the sponsors on a philosophical basis, then she should tell us that. But to make up excuses that she is busy is disingenous and dishonest. I, and most people I know, will not vote for her.

      • not really

        She didn’t show up at those “other events” that were not in her L.D. because she showed up at other events IN her L.D.

        The NAACP people are the 17th.

        Find something else to obsess over. You beat this horse to death already.


    What? The NAACP people are int he 17th? Not true!!! The physical building may be but there are NAACP members who were present from ALL 3 LD’s…Liz Black’s most prevalently!!!

  • Angie came

    If Angie Carpenter, Liz’s County Exec. supporter made it to the NAACP forum when she has ALL of Suffolk County to speak to, surely Liz could have made an appearance.

  • Anonymous

    why did liz put all those kids in danger?

  • Anonymous

    Enough with the Liz out the kids in danger. You are as shameful as those Spencer mailing!!!!
    Liz did not gain or loose a sinlge vote by not going to the NAACP debate. She probably would have been set up to fail anyway.

  • RWM

    Dr Spencer, Does the Social Media Campaign Company you hired get paid per post? Does it matter if the posts accurately reflect the truth or shall they just take the lead of your fliers that spew negativity because you have no actual plans? Just curious.

  • @RWM

    I think post people on here posting are just normal parents who are fed up with Liz Black’s politics on the school board. And there are plenty who aren’t and don’t want Spencer to win. It’s a mixed bag.

    • doubt it

      I am guessing it is the same 2 parents pissed off the school is closed and are using this venue as a revenge tactic. I am also willing to bet one of them sits on the school board with Liz.

  • Supporting Spencer

    I’m supporting Spencer because he has earned the trust of the community. He is solutions-and results oriented and responsive to everyone. He will work tirelessly in office just as he has worked in every position of service he has held.

  • Safety, safety, safety

    I don’t worry about much other than safety these days. In Greenlawn, we had a man KILLED at 21 years of age. This just shouldn’t happen. We see crime in Huntington Village and Huntington Station. It’s not because it’s “creeping” it’s because there are criminals who haven’t been connected to something to keep them away from their behavior. I’m encouraging people to vote for Doc Spencer. He is endorsed by:

    ■Suffolk County Superior Officers Association
    ■Suffolk County Detective Investigators Police Benevolent Association
    ■Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association
    ■Suffolk County Police Conference
    ■Suffolk County Detective Association

    What else do I need to say? If the guys and gals whose work it is to keep us safe feel that he’s the guy-then I think everyone should throw their support behind Doc Spencer!

    • Keystone Kops

      He is endorsed by the Suffolk County cops at all levels. How honorable. The very same cops that have turned a blind eye towards the crime that has been going on in Huntington for the last 45 years. The same police dept., that sets up road blocks, to trap truck drivers and rifle through their pockets on a regular basis. The police dept. that is lead by an out of touch Dormer. The ones that do nothing to prevent the crimes. Oh yeah, they give me that warm and fuzzy feeling during the hot summer months I spend in Huntington. They are truly admirable and I thank them every time I hear about violence in my town. If thats who is backing Spencer, than I’m going with the other choice. They hav’nt done a damn thing for us.

    • Really?

      Does anyone really believe any of the associations you just named endorse Spencer because they believe he will be effective on crime? They endorse Spencer because they believe the demands of their union will be better met under Spencer. They have that right, but as you pull the lever you really need to ask yourself how Spencer is going to satisfy those demands and not put you in a position of paying higher taxes ( as his negative flyers accuse others of ).

      • My Town Too

        The logical thing to believe is that a police union group would be backing someone from a union, someone more likely to support them. That would be Liz, a former teacher, a former union member, with union benefits. Dr. Spencer has no union connections.

        Or are they just backing him because he’s on the Democratic line, supposedly Dems support unions. Kind of a general assumption if you ask me.

  • Independent thinker

    I just wrote this on another article and I’ll say it here. We should only be voting for Independent party endorsed candidates these days. Enough puppets at all levels. I’m voting for Spencer because he is an Independent-endorsed, independent thinker. I’m done electing people who give the job lip service. A public servant should be an independent thinker, with plans, who listens to the public. I see that in Dr. Spencer and he has my vote.

    • Independent moron

      I’m in the independent party and I would have never chosen this guy to run. If you are trying to tell everyone that the independent party is not a political party, You are blowing smoke up the wrong persons butt. Get real, its all politics.

      • concernedcitizen

        Just for the record, it is the Independence Party, not the Independent Party. I would hope that a member would know the correct name of his or her own party.

  • Public Health Perspective

    I think the public health perspective Dr. Spencer will bring to the job is priceless. I’m kind of tired of all politicians being attorneys. It’s a great thing to have a private practice physician with experience running a business in charge. He has years of working with and talking to people from all different backgrounds. He will bring so many strengths to the job.

    • Really?

      Where is Dr. Spencer’s office? What kind of insurance does Dr. Spencer accept? Most Doctors who accept medicaid patients don’t live on 9.5 acre estates. So, I am just wondering where all these people from different backgrounds come from. Because they surely are not his patients.

  • Actions Speak louder than words

    I agree but come to a different conclusion-actions do speak louder than words and it is an absence of actions from Liz Black that make it impossible for me to vote for her. She should have encouraged BOE members to go to Albany and fight for this district. We’ve been in a fiscal crisis for a while, it’s really not new. She should have demanded that the referendum not be supported because there was no long-range plan. She should have advocated for budgets over the years that held the line on taxes by finding waste and removing it. Actions speak louder than words and that’s why I have to vote for Spencer.

    • My Town Too

      Frankly, going to Albany is a waste of time. They see thousands of people each year, all clamoring for their time and money. It doesn’t always equate to any success.

      Our legislators are pretty accessible right here when they are home. And most are a phone call away for the Superintendents.

      It may sound great when a board member says they’ve gone to Albany, but it doesn’t mean a hill of beans in reality.

  • To each his own

    Wasn’t it recently Dr. Spencer who as head of the HHA was pressing to add more housing to an already densely populated area? Wasn’t it Dr. Spencer who brought in the Guardian Angels? I’ve seen and heard that didn’t last very long. The great thing about our ability to vote is we CAN vote for who we think is the best candidate for our needs. I don’t want any more housing built in or around this community until the crime and current housing code issues are addressed properly. Liz Black has never wavered on her opposition to Avalon Bay. In fact she was the first BOE member to speak out against it both at BOE meetings and Town meetings. She will have my vote and many of my neighbors because we believe SHE is the right candidate to help move the 18th district out of the mess it’s in.

  • Really?

    I wonder what Dr. Spencer’s opinion on Matinecock is. We know he was all for increased density in Huntington Station – and forced a school district to hire a lawyer to fight him. Yes, he said it was only senior housing. But if I were a Northport resident I would sure want Dr. Spencer to clearly state his opinion on Matinecock and other affordable housing projects before I would consider voting for him.

  • SENIOR housing is for Seniors

    You people who don’t believe in senior housing boggle my mind.

    • Really?

      Yes, but precedent setting decreases in density make it impossible to legally deny the next request. Dr. Spencer was made aware of this and chose to fight the school district anyway. How many other school districts will Dr. Spencer fight in order to get his way?

  • HHA truths

    So many lies have been spread about Spencer’s chairmanship on the HHA–Under Dr. Spencer’s leadership, they instituted many more
    inspections on all section 8’s than required. Doc Spencer called for spot reinspections at various times on all the units on all the homes.

    The HHA in Huntington is the only
    or one of the only housing authroities out of several thousand housing
    authroities across the country that does criminal checks on all
    recertifications of section 8 units. HUD doesn’t reimburse them for
    any of this b/c they don’t require it.

    • Really?

      How many illegal housing situations has Dr. Spencer reported while he was out there reinspecting? How have all the landlords of these illegal houses become rich while Dr. Spencer was in charge of the Huntington Housing Authority?

      • My Town Too

        He was only responsible for inspecting the Section 8 housing, not all illegal housing in Huntington.

        Section 8 housing is legal, but may have more than the legally allowed number of occupants.

        Other rental housing, owned by absentee landlords, is not Section 8, but usually has more than the allowed number of occupants.

        Let’s not pin this all on him. The town itself is responsible for checking on illegal housing through it’s Code Enforcement.

    • The biggest lie

      Is that it was going to be senior housing. They were seeking an increase in density to sell. Senior housing was never to be built. Read the notes from the ZBA meeting 1/27/2011

  • safety is all that matters

    The below unions all support Spencer. Enough said. Safety has to improve. VOTE spencer

    ■Suffolk County Superior Officers Association
    ■Suffolk County Detective Investigators Police Benevolent Association
    ■Suffolk County Police Benevolent Association
    ■Suffolk County Police Conference
    ■Suffolk County Detective Association

  • Anonymous

    soo liz put all of these kids in danger! OMG Please do not let this woman near another decision!!!

  • Vote 4 Spencer

    Spencer is an Independent. Why? Because he can work with folks on either side of the aisle and thinks independently and creatively. We are fortunate he is running for office!

  • bull

    Party line backing means nothing but more lines at the polls.

    He is not an Independent.
    He is a Democrat.
    He is a Petrone Puppet.

    Vote for him and you get more of the same. These are simply more desperate attempts by Spenecrs hired internet posters to make him look better than he is.

    If they have to work so hard you need to realize something MUST be up.

  • Spencer is better than Black

    Dr. Spencer is simply the better candidate. He’s not anyone’s puppet. I’ve known him for a year plus and can tell you he is one of the most ethical, caring, hardworking people I know.

  • Anonymous

    If you want more of the same then yes vote Spencer. If you are tired of the corrupt cronies running this town I urge you to vote Liz Black. She will fight for us. Spencer will only fight for his best interests.

  • Anonymous


  • @anonymous

    She voted yes to close JAI because it was unsafe. You should be thanking her. It was my sons school too. That decision has nothing to do with being a suffolk county leg. If anything it shows she can make the tough decisions that need to be made. It wasn’t made lightly. It came after a full year of talks about safety and empty promises from town and county officials. The police couldn’t even keep the area safe.
    If you think the school should be open, then you should be doin everything in your power to get TH town to clean up the area and get the criminals out. Start by voting out the 2 useless town council mbrs on Nov 8! VOTE BLACK, COOK AND MORROW ON NOV 8 for a better Huntington!!!

  • It was Knee-Jerk

    Not true-it was a knee jerk decision and failed to protect our community in any way, overcrowded schools hurting our kids education and was disasterous. All it showed is that she is not a person who can make thoughtful decisions.

  • Anonymous


  • Liz Black has my vote now

    All these attacks on Liz Black makes me want to vote for her. It’s time to shake up the town and add some new blood. This guy Spencer is just out of it. If any agency is endorsing him it’s because they must feel he will be a push-over.

  • PBA

    Spencer is endorsed by the PBA’s because they trust his ability to get the job done and make HS safer. Liz Black’s response was closing a school. Enough said.

    • Wrong

      The only thing the PBA cares about is is putting another rubber stamp in the legislature that willprovide them with more jobs and benefits. And how are they going to pay for that? Taxes, Taxes and more taxes.

  • Anonymous


  • Not true

    The people of the Station closed JAI not the BOE and certainly not just Liz Black. Get your facts straight.

  • Anonymous

    What is the people of the station?

  • Anonymous

    If she had a backbone and never closed the newest school in our district, then she would of had my vote and she would have probably won. If she closed a school, now imagine what she would do to the community. THE END!

  • Petrone puppets

    All the Petrone puppets must be working late this Friday afternoon with all this vitriol directed towards Liz Black. Imagine if they worked this hard on their real jobs like code enforcement. All our problems would be solved.

    • My Town Too

      That’s just insulting – people who support Spencer don’t have to be Liz-haters or Petrone puppets.

      Some people aren’t supporting Liz for reasons having nothing to do with the closing of JAI. Some people are supporting Doc for reasons having nothing to do with housing.

  • Anonymous

    Did she really close a school because she feared the safety of children? Didn’t she put those kids in more danger?

  • Anonymous


  • @anonymous

    I have 3 kids in the district and 2 have less than 25 kids per glass. My 6th grader has 28. Those numbers won’t get any lower with JAI open. Those are the sign of the times with the budget we hav o work with. Again I you are unhappy look at the root of the problem…. The TOWN!! their poor control and lack of vision has put sd3 in this mess.

  • Anonymous

    You guys make me laugh when you say you not vote for her cuz she closed a school. Get real. Crime and yearsof neglect and abuse from this town council(Petrone and cronies) closed the school. Stop being si ignorant!!!!

  • Vote for Spencer

    I’m voting for Spencer because I care about the environment. He has outlined real plans to address the Northport Harbor while Liz Black talked about a committee. We don’t need more red tape, we need solutions. We also need to protect our environment!

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Everywhere I go I hear how the school portion of taxes is what we need to worry about. Well guess what? County taxes make up almost 13% of our tax bill-that is not insignificant. I’m voting for Spencer because he will reduce waste, do a line by line analysis and cut any unneccessary spending while making sure we get our fair share of $ spent to the County for police district taxes—I want to see the cops on the street for all the $ we pay. Vote Spencer, he’ll get the job done.

  • Carpenter opposes Liz Black's vote

    Even Angie Carpenter, the GOP candidate for county executive, opposes Liz Black’s decision to close Jack Abrams. She’s said that on many occasions. Liz Black was wrong to close our school and she’s wrong for Suffolk County.

  • Anonymous

    didnt liz black vote in favor of closing a school because she feared safety? Yet she put all these kids in more danger

  • Anonymous

    It’s not that she’s wrong, she is just to quick to pull the trigger and does not understand community development/coalition building/ and consensus formulation.

  • Voting For Liz

    @Anonymous – You admit kids are in danger, yet you think Jack Abrams should be open. Do you think it’s better to have more kids in danger? The BOE and is responsible for decisions pertaining to school property. Town Hall is responsible for the unsafe conditions around JA, not Liz Black. It is Town Hall you have to address and be angry with for kids still being in danger around Jack Abrams.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Agreed “voting or Liz”. And another thing, the decision was not made quickly. The safety of that school was the topic of
    discussion at BOE mtgs for at least a year.
    I think she dies understand the community and that is exactly why she booted to close the school.

  • Anonymous

    how can she understand the community when her vote cost a massive division within the same community she was voted in to represent?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

    that was a horse and pony show. she wasnt elected to send messages to town hall?!?! she was elected to serve her school district. the other guy is trying to be political, while ignoring the reality of his scope. LOL

  • Anonymous

    and that’s why he was voted off the board

  • Anonymous

    I’m voting for Angela Carpenter, but will not vote for Liz Black… Ms. Carpenter does not agree with the closing of this school…

    We need smart people in office. I will be voting for Spencer, he has the proven ability to learn and build. She has the proven ability to divide and destroy(or shut down schools)….

  • Anonymous

    I’m voting for Angela Carpenter, but will not vote for Liz Black… Ms. Carpenter does not agree with liz’s decisions…

    We need smart people in office. I will be voting for Spencer, he has the proven ability to learn and build. She has the proven ability to divide and destroy(or shut down schools)….

  • so sad

    same people posting over and over again. Same people reading over and over again. Your spinning your wheels.

    Spencer really is a big dummy to pay you people to do this here.

    Little to no impact on this sight, most if not all of the people who read the tattler made up their minds months ago.

  • Anonymous

    He is not a dummy, he graduated college with a degree in medicine… The problem is uneducated people trying to run things. The community doesn’t make who we are, we make the community. Ignorance breeds hatred,jealousy, and division. Liz Black can not breed unity in the community, because she is the poster child for IGNORANCE!

  • Hippocratic Oath

    As a medical doctor with a busy private practice and a medical specialist chief position at Huntington Hospital, how can Spencer find the time to be an adequate and involved county legislator? There are many legislative meetings both regular and committee held during the day. The position also requires attendance at many community events and functions on weekdays, weekends, and evenings. So with seeing patients, surgery, emergencies and hospital obligations, it seems to be an impossible task to undertake and do the job properly.

  • Good question

    I think that’s a good and fair question regarding Spencer’s practice. And I’ve asked it myself. But we are very fortunate because he has the ability to dictate his schedule and has the flexibility and the time to dedicate to this work. I am grateful he is willing to make such sacrifices to improve Huntington. We need his leadership!

  • Don't Assume!

    You are assuming that Spencer has the ability and time to handle a flexible schedule and make the necessary sacrifices. I disagree with you because a doctor cannot juggle around when patients become ill or have emergencies or even need surgery. I can’t see any doctor that cares about his patients letting a lucrative practice slide for a much lower paid elected position. If he truly wants to be an effective public official his practice and patients will suffer! You can’t give inadequate medical care, particularly a specialist in his field that treats many children. Remember, don’t ASSume anything!

  • Not true

    Legislators all run businesses, and engage in outside work. Doc has plenty of time to do both. More than that, he knows HOW to do both because he’s been in a listening and healing profession for upwards of a decade.

    • Village Eyes

      And yet he’s not found the time to vote in his school district’s budget vote/elections since early this century. Didn’t think far enough ahead to get an absentee ballot. Harborfields has had budgets fail in the past…but did the good doctor do his part and vote? Nope. But he’s going to vote for you in the legislator…unless something else come up.
      Vote Liz.

  • the truth

    Can you tell me why Dr. SPENDER never gives his time to the DOLAN CENTER?? Did you know that all the doctors contribute their time there for free to help the poor… but NOT Spencer. He only works for MONEY – the community means nothing. I guess he is too busy on his boat at the centerport yacht club. IS he a phony or what?

  • anoymous

    same old same old Rebulicians trying to scare the voters in the 18th LD over crime and housing.
    If the Mayor of New York city had to close a school everytime there was a shooting in the area at night…no all city schools would be shut. Mrs. Black doesn’t have answers…oh yah I like her remark during news 12 debate “using students as human shields.” The 18th is made up of very smart people who can see Spencer is a concenus builder and problem solver. And Liz don’t forget who pays for your retirement taxpayers…another line from news 12 goverment doesn’t create jobs…well it created yours!

    • good point

      I’ve seen other TOH politicians “using children as human sheilds” while their friends turn their backs and allow it to continue, so what Liz said rang true. NO shame, No question about it.

  • @anonymous

    Totally different than NYC. This has been an ongoing issue in this area for years. Probably more than 25yrs. We live in a suburb called Huntington, not Manhatten. Can’t compare. VOTE LIZ.. a vote for Spencer is a vote for the same old crap. And look where that’s gotten us… A closed school!!!

  • Carol Oberlander

    Please vote for Paul Ehrlich on Tuesday, April 3
    for Library Trustee.

    This letter is to express my complete confidence in Paul Ehrlich for Huntington Library Trustee. I have known Paul and Laurie and their family for over 25 years. They have close connections to the town of Huntington. Laurie’s father worked in the schools and the entire family has much pride in our town. Laurie is an outstanding music teacher and Paul is a retired businessman.

    The Ehrlichs currently live in the Village and are very interested in keeping our town viable during these economic times we live in. Paul has been a trustee of the library for the past three months and would like to continue in this capacity. He will support programs that motivate children to a lifetime of reading, which include technology and new programs. All Huntington residents enjoy our public library and the resources it provides. After all, Huntington is the best town on Long Island!

    I know I can rely on Paul to perform his duties of Library Trustee and achieve results without waste of our tax dollars. He is honest, takes pride in his work, is professional and courteous, and has integrity. I have confidence that Paul, with his business background, can successfully manage the tax dollars efficiently. We, as taxpayers feel that that is crucial.

    Please vote on Tuesday, April 3 for Paul Ehrlich for the Huntington Public Library Board of Trustees.

    Carol Oberlander

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