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Letter to the Editor: We Need a Leader in Challenging Economic Times

Dear Editor:

In challenging economic times, we need a leader in Legislative District #18 that will work tirelessly to better the circumstances for Huntington’s families.  At a minimum, we need a Legislator who takes the job seriously and shows up to work with residents for the betterment of the community.

In the last few weeks, Elizabeth Black, Republican candidate for Legislative District #18 has been missing in action.  In fact, one might get the feeling that she was not really interested in serving as a Legislator at all.  It came as a surprise that Ms. Black failed to show up at her own School Board meeting on Monday, October 24th.  As a Trustee, her participation is necessary for decision-making.  She was elected by the community to serve and yet two weeks before asking the community to support her candidacy in a broader position, she failed to show up at a regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Ms. Black didn’t show up to the NAACP Meet the Candidates Night to answer questions from families who were seeking answers from her about her closure of Abrams and her plans, if elected, to address quality of life issues in all of the hamlets in Huntington.

At the Porter-Trejo Action Network Meet the Candidates Night, Ms. Black also failed to show up and speak to community members about her candidacy.  She missed an opportunity to learn from constituents about their concerns and hopes for the future.

Ms. Black was also a “No-Show” at the Hispanic Heritage event, hosted by Young Leaders and the Huntington Station Latin Quarter.  As with all the above mentioned events, her absence was contrasted by Dr. Spencer’s engaged presence and outreach to the community.

We need a Legislator who shows up and is ready to work with creative ideas and a deep commitment to the residents he or she is elected to serve.  In LD #18, we can’t afford a “No-Show” Legislator.  We deserve the hardworking, thoughtful efforts of Dr. William Spencer.  Please join me in electing this extraordinary candidate on November 8th.

Jane Devine
Former Suffolk County Legislator

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86 comments to Letter to the Editor: We Need a Leader in Challenging Economic Times

  • Jon Howard

    Couldn’t agree more

  • Jason B.

    I agree with you 100%. I’m very disappointed in Liz Black’s lack of visibility so far. I have yet to see her at one campaign event in the community. Doc Spencer, on the other hand, is very engaged and seems extremely knowledgeable about the issues. I’m voting for Spencer.

  • Robert Desmond

    What a shock. Jane Devine doesn’t support Liz Black. That should come as no surprise that since Devine announced support for Bill Spencer back in March. So the only news here is that we finally have a candidate who isn’t looking to pander to the NAACP.

    In fact I find it rather refreshing that Liz Black ignored the NAACP. Finally somebody who is not beholden to the special interest groups which have served to only undermine the tax payer at every turn. This letter to the editor actually energized me to vote for her. To think that the NAACP won’t have an open invitation into her office will allow me to sleep well at night.

    It takes leadership to stand up to the special interest groups Liz. So long as you display courage you will have my vocal support. Never waiver, keep up the good fight.

  • mcrocker

    If ms black promises to ignore special interest groups and groups based on race, ethnicity or social justice, she has my vote and undying support. the fact that ms devine keeps tabs on which events ms black ignores tells you all you need to know about ms devine. steve Israel already visited the porter trejo group last year and he can continue to do so.

  • Oh MON!

    and so it begins. Time for the tides to turn and return freedom back it’s people instead of the machine as we know it.

    Vive La Revolution!

    et vive la liberté et le peuple!


  • Northport Observer

    Heard alot about this and not voting for any more mini-o-cocks all over with more people which eventually equates to more crime.

  • Fossil

    Jane, go and crawl back under a rock with the rest of the has been political fossils!

  • Just say No

    Elizabeth Black thinks it’s ok to ignore part of the community? It’s ok to not show up at her current elected job? Well, then it’s more than ok not to vote for her! Vote Spencer!

  • Vote Spencer

    Who would vote for a legislator who doesn’t even show up during campaign season (when everyone shows up)?

    Spencer has been at every event I’ve attended in the last few months. He’s listened, offered feedback and shared a positive and important vision for the future of Huntington.

    He will rid our community of crime and bring jobs to our area. He is a leader who will not only show up, but show up and work hard!

  • Betty

    If Ms. Black doesn’t want to attend events specifically organized to allow residents to get to know the candidates, why is she running for office? All candidates should have to answer tough questions, explain what they stand for and why they deserve my vote. Black doesn’t obviously feel she needs to answer any questions and that is a shame. At least Doctor Spencer has the respect to do what it takes to win votes. Where is she and why doesn’t she respect my right to ask her questions? who knows maybe she’d actually win my vote…but not to show up even at her current elected position is not good.

  • Hide & Seek

    It should be very easy to find our candidates! They shouldn’t avoid our neighborhoods, our Meet the Candidate Nights or any events! Vote for Spencer-he’s engaged, present and he truly cares about every family!

  • NO SHOW equals NO VOTE

    Anyone who would vote for a candidate who thinks its ok not to show up to their CURRENT elected job, let alone important events in the community, needs to reexamine the situation here. We have a candidate running for a MAJOR elected office who is already not showing up. There are enough no show jobs in government as it stands-we can’t afford that in LD18!

  • Shashi

    As a woman I’m offended that Liz Black is being wish washy about these important community events. I can understand missing one-but three? These are events with families effected by her poor decision to close Abrams? Doesn’t she have the hutspa to show up and say she maintains that she made the right decision but is still willing to listen to the community and get to know them? What’s up with her? I wouldn’t vote for someone who turns avoidance into a policy!

  • Joseph

    I’m still floored that Ms. Black missed a BOE meeting without any notice to the public as to why. I’m sorry she didn’t attend the events listed in this letter. I hope the debate remains civil and I don’t want to add to any negativity but I have to say that we need a leader in Huntington who will get the job done. I’m glad to see Mr. Cooper has secured shot spotter-he worked hard to get this done. His successor must have the same passion for all of Huntington and the same gusto to get things done. It’s tiring to be a candidate but as Ms. Black seems to be wearing down, Mr. Spencer has continued to work hard, listen and reach out. He has my vote.

  • Mr. A.

    If a canddiate wanted to get elected, wouldn’t they at least show up? Isn’t that like-the most basic-thing they would do?

  • I'm voting for Dr. Spencer

    I’m supporting Dr. Spencer in this election. He has showed time and time again that he’s interested in the needs of EVERY constituent. He has never abandoned, ignored or avoided any resident, let alone community. We need leaders who can listen, thoughtfully, to everyone and then lead. Liz Black doesn’t seem to be showing up to even listen. I’ll be voting for Spencer and hope you will too!

    • Robert Desmond

      I wonder how many multiple profiles are being used on this board to pump Dr. Density up . Dr. Density would be tool for special interest groups such as the NAACP. Is another insider of the failed establishment what we need? As you drive down Route 110 and around JAI look at what Spencer thinks is success. His definition of success is having the Guardian Angels patrol our streets. I met him at the Guardian Angels news conference which was supposed to be a secret from the public. He looked like a deer in the headlights. He is incapable of leadership and totally out of his league. He seemed ticked that he had to respond to the public and couldn’t answer simple questions.

      I will say this of Liz Black, she does not pander to the special interest groups. She wouldn’t appear at the NAACP debates and I applaud her decision. This group was was a great group but now it is a group that undermines the tax payer.

      Vote Liz Black!

  • I can't wait!

    To get my next flyer talking about how Liz didn’t show up! I will add it to the pile of all the other nasty fliers that Spencer has sent. In that pile not one of them talks of him and what he will do to help us. Someone like this will not heal our community but only serve to further divide it. No more business as usual.

  • Many positive flyers

    I have received many positive flyers talking about Spencer’s accomplishments, plan and vision. More importantly than paper, I’ve actually gone to events and asked him tough questions. When I first met him, I wasn’t sold on being a supporter. He was clearly kind, but I didn’t know him well and didn’t know whether he could get the job done. Fast forward 3 months and I’m completely a Spencer supporter. He is exactly what we need in Huntington and I’m grateful that he wants to serve!

    • Question

      Putting the negative flyers aside, can you give me one SPECIFIC thing that he has done or purports to do when elected?

    • Village Eyes

      I am a registered Democrat living in the 18th. What “positive” flyers? I’ve received nothing but daily mailings talking about tax increases…while Dr Density hasn’t voted in his own School District Election since early this century. Dr. Density owes the voters of SD 6- Harborfields an explanation. Why hasn’t he shown up at his OWN voting booth?

  • Kara

    What stands out to me about Dr. Spencer is that he is inclusive of everyone. He cares about all the people he will represent as Legislator. I think this is a very important quality in anyone we elect. I want a Legislator who is as concerned about the Northport Harbor as he/she is about quality of life issues in other areas. He can balance the needs and interests of all constituents. His opponent seems to be showing that she can’t. I support Dr. Spencer.

  • Liz No-Show-Black

    I’m reading this letter thinking-wow-she’s already not showing up? But then again in a less concrete way, she hasn’t been showing up for a long time. She hasn’t shown up at BOE meetings prepared and ready to offer any creative solutions. She hasn’t shown up for the community that she astonished when voting to close Abrams. She hasn’t shown up with any fiscal efforts to address the $$$ issues faced in SD3. She hasn’t shown up to lobby Albany for mandate relief. She has been not-showing-up for a long time.

  • The picture on the Patch

    The picture on the patch says it all to me. An empty chair with Liz Black’s name card in front of it. That’s not the kind of legislator we need! An empty chair? Foreshadowing empty promises, I suppose. Time to make really good things happen in Huntington. Vote Spencer, a public servant we can count on!

  • Anon

    Mr. Spencer’s campaign has been nothing but negative. Even his own supporters can’t write an opinion that is nothing but negative. Every day, there is another negative flyer in my mailbox from Mr. Spencer. A small fortune has been frivolously spent by him to degrade his opponent. His decision to run not on his own merits but by spreading lies and half truths about his opponent shows a character that I can not support. Shame on you, Mr. Spencer and your campaign.


    It’s funny to hear tht folks complain about “negative campaign ads” from the Spencer/Dem campaign. There is just a lot of negative to be shared about his opponent! People should know the facts before voting. If he was calling her a heartless person etc., I’d say that’s “negative.” But his campaign has attcked her on her record—on the truths of her record—that’s not negative. That’s honest.

    • Anon

      His negative campaign is full of lies. As a member of a Bd of Ed Ms. Black is just one vote on a budget that is put together by the school administration. That budget is then presented to the voting public who have the opportunity to vote no, then a second budget is proposed. Many issues beyond a school board’s control effect it. Mr. Spencer would understand this if he ever actually took the time to vote in his own school budget. But, as we recently found out, Mr. Spencer does not vote in his own school budget/elections.

  • Perplexed

    I’m really perplexed as to why Liz Black and her supporters think the closure of JAI is an irrelevant issue in this campaign. It is possibly the most relevant issue. Her record is what she should be judged on–not her as a person. She is likely a nice person on many fronts. She volunteers for a thankless, exhausting role on the BOE. BUT her record of service is disturbing. She closed a school costing taxpayers tons of money in overtime, to scramble and prepare schools to absorb children in overcrowding conditions. She closed a school but didn’t vote to shut it down, which means taxpayers support the maintenance of a nearly empty building. She closed a school without reaching out and listening to the majority of families she serves-impacting morale and distressing families and teachers across the district. She closed a school and did nothing to make the children who she “worried” about-who now stand at bus stops-safer. She closed a school and now she wants our vote for Legislator. Well, many of us closed our minds to consider such a thing when looking at her record. Promises are empty-her record speaks volumes. She will not enjoy my vote.

    • Anon

      Black did not close a school. The Board did because parents would no longer send their children there. Spencer had the opportunity as head of the Huntington Housing Authority to speak out against the illegal housing and violent crime by the school. He was well aware of the issues that surrounded the school building and he did nothing. A vote for Spencer gives us more of the crony system that is doing so much damage to our town.

  • @ Anon

    Let’s be clear on the facts. Liz Black advocated for and closed the Jack Abrams school, along with 3 colleagues: William Dwyer who the voters removed from office last May, John Paci and Richard McGrath. It is untrue that parents would no longer send their children there. A small faction of parents with loud voices would not-and they should not. There are always other options for those unhappy with public schools. As for Spencer, if you attended meetings, he did come and speak out against the violence and he is an independent thinker and not any crony or puppet or any such thing. Not only did SPencer speak out against the violence, he, as a private citizen, actually tried to do something-he got the Guardian Angels to come. Like them or don’t-it’s more than his opponent did! She closed the building, looked the other way and hasn’t done anything to better anything since.

    • Anon

      More lies. The majority of parents were screaming and yelling at the meetings to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING about the school. The first thought was to rezone it but then the parents who were told there children would have to attend started screaming and yelling. The school was closed because too many people refused to send their children.

  • I am convinced 75% of the anti-Liz Black comments to the letter above were posted by the same person. Spenceer is an advocate for more subsidized housing in Huntington so there is no way I am going to support him.

    Any Republican who tries to get the support of NAACP members is wasting their time. They are the African Americans who, as Herman Cain pointed out, have never left the Democrat Plantation.

    • concernedcitizen

      I am someone who is vehemently opposed to Liz Black and have not posted on this thread before. From what I have heard over the years and am hearing now, you do not have to look very far to find people who feel very strongly that Liz Black is not qualified for public office. Liz is a “no-show” in every sense of the word and many people do not respect her. Contrary to what you say, I am not surprised at all about the anti-Liz postings, either in their numbers or the passion with which people post.

  • Anon

    A vote for Spencer is a vote for Matinecock, Avalon Bay and as much high density housing the developers can dream of fitting in your neighborhood.

  • To Mr. or Ms. Anonymous

    You can keep saying things are a certain way but it doesn’t make them true. The majority of parents showed they want that school open by voting against candidates who would have kept it closed. That is just reality. Reality is that Huntington is a laughing stock for the decision to close that school. You can agree with the decision and you can think Liz is a good politician. But the facts are simply not as you present them.

    • selective amnesia

      You are so off base with your conclusions. Go back and look at the minutes of the school board meetings from the winter and spring of ’09. The JAI people were up in arms over the lack of safety in the neighborhood and wanted to an alternative. Remember the town hall or Toaz talk. Then one of your “community organizers”, Ms. Sanin, came up with the brilliant plan of creating a 6th grade center, not so much for educational benefits but more to have all of the families of district 3 brought into the battle . Four members of the school board were hoodwinked into beliving that this would bring all of district 3 together so we all could put pressure on town hall and Suffolk county to do something. Well, we see how that plan worked out, don’t we. We’ve never been more divided and that area is still a war zone. Oh, and for the record, Liz Black saw through that charade and voted against the 6th grade center.

  • Dr. Who ?

    Doctor? After watching the debates, I wouldn’t let that blithering boob come at me with a bandaid.

  • Funniest thing

    Funniest thing is that Liz Black is the person who made a motion for that 6th grade center vote. Feeling it wasn’t properly vetted, she still made a motion. What an irresponsible move. And for the record, Dr. Card, the Asst Sup of Curriculum supports a 6th grade model. It wasn’t adopted by the board to bring people together (maybe bill did it for that reason) but it was considered educationally sound. I would bet we will see a 6th grade center in huntington in the next 5 years. Hopefully, Liz won’t be on the board though to continue to make irresponsible, uninformed motions!

    • Good Point

      Good point on Liz being the one who made the motion. She explains it as wanting to get the idea off the table with a vote as soon as possible because it was not discussed in any way amongst the whole board. Not sure in hindsight if that was the smartest thing to do on her part. As far as Dr. Card is concerned, he was “Peter Principled” a long time ago.

    • Village Eyes

      That motion and vote happened hours after the normal meeting end. That was the meeting Frank Petrone showed up and blew smoke about what he was(n’t ever actually) going to do. And yes – it was a meritless idea and it was to get it off the table. But if you weren’t there or just jump in to chime along with the Sanin crowd, you’ll spin this and the rest of the story as you usually do.

  • Stop the madness

    I was at one point a parent of a child who attended Abrams. It was a great school and I think scored better thn Woodhull on many of the state tests-regularly. It was closed because a small but very loud and intense group of parents felt they should never have the enter Huntington Station. They promised to be there and care about the community if only the Board would shut down that school. Let’s not for a minute act like this was a majority of the Huntington district. If it was, Jim Cahill and Bill Dwyer would be on the Board now-but they are not because they community voted them and their policies OUT.

  • distraction

    These school-issue conversations are a distraction. This letter is about Liz the NO SHOW candidate. I have to wonder, where has she been? She left the Cold Spring Harbor Meet the Candidates early, then she didn’t show up at all at the 3 events mentioned above and then she didn’t come to her school board meeting. So what exactly does she want to serve for? No-show jobs need to be eliminated from government, not encouraged….especially in this market!

  • Bewildered

    It’s true. Jack Abrams was closed because of a few very vocal parents who did not want their children in that neighborhood. Instead of seeking crazy solutions, like swapping the school with Town Hall, the leadership should have calmed the hysteria. Instead, they fanned the flames. Liz Black should have been at the NAACP forum to answer the many questions about her unfortunate decision to close JAI, and how she would make things right. She owes an explanation to the people of that community. Somehow, Bellone & Carpenter found the time to get there. Liz didn’t.

    • Not true

      just because you say it does not make it true.

      This is your opinion and nothing more.

    • You're Wrong

      Vocal minority? No, the parents wanting JAI closed are actually a silent majority. JAI is closed because 3/4 of the school district didn’t want their kids going to a school with a homeless shelter and two gang houses across the street.

  • I agree

    If ANGIE CARPENTER could find the time to show up and talk to people, as she is running for a County-wide office, what excuse does Liz Black have for her failure to answer to a community whose vote she is requesting?

  • Feel for Liz

    I feel for Liz. I think it’s hard for her to hear from her Republican counterparts tht they disagree with the awful decision to close Abrams.

    Cook & Morrow have made clear that it needs to be reopen. I believe Angie Carpenter even referenced the decision as a waving of white flags to gangs… It’s not easy to be a candidate.

    Some peopel just aren’t able to face the music and it’s not a character flaw, it’s just a challenge. She must know she did the wrong thing in not showing up at any of these events.

  • Ali

    She’s probably just deciding not to run anymore. Doesn’t make her a bad person.

  • Vote for Liz

    Spencer is not the change we need in Huntington. I’m a democrat and will vote for Liz Black. She does have leadership qualities. Spencer is just another Patron lapdog.

  • digit

    cant’Wait makes a valid point. The mailings about Liz have been negative and inaccurate. As an independant…sham on the democrats. That said, Liz, in my opinion, over the last 5 years, looks as if she is unprepared for school board meetings or simply does not care. The NO SHOWs Mrs.Devine points out speaks volumes on what we have in store for us if she is elected.

  • well....

    I would rather have Liz NOT show up then Doc Spencer showing up in all honesty.

  • RWM

    “Showing up”. Interesting phrase and that seems to be the only credible thing Spencer can do. I watched the debate on News12 and left wondering if he has any ideas or plans. After reading this article I visited his Facebook campaign page and I was elated that I could watch his speech from the NAACP. I was very impressed that he was able to fill almost 2 1/2 minutes of speaking time. The content was eye opening on what he will do if elected…NOTHING. He talked about where he was raised, who his parents were.are and that he moved to Huntington and wants to give back. Sorry pal, but I need more than that. I have yet to hear him come up with any concrete ideas…all he says is invest in the people. I am starting to think the more I hear him, that his nickname is a double entendre.

  • osprey on the harbor

    Thank you Jane Devine for your observations about the no-show…I was amazed she did not show up at the recent NAACP meeting…a lot of people worked hard to make that event happen…it was well attended and very informative…..

  • hee hee hee

    Dr Density AND
    Dr. “Dense” a tee!

    Thats so funny I just scared my cat from laughing so hard.

  • Good Gawd!

    This man has no plan as the previous poster pointed out. ALl he has is a group or really I belive just 1 person posting as many about his “plan”

    I can see the discussion now.

    Spencer-“we don’t have a plan”

    Volunteer A-“we will, it will be upcoming over weeks is what we can say. Then just win the election, and you won’t need to follow up.”

    Spencer-“I have a hard time making sense”

    Volunteer A- “You don’t have too, We’ll distract them by making crap up about Liz Black”

    Spencer-“So whats my plan?”

    Volunteer A “who cares. No one ever asks the details. Most people are stupid anyways”

    Spencer-“what do I talk about then?”

    Volunteer A “You r a Doctor and you want to invest in people, that wins the minorities and voting base we created with affordable/subsidized housing”

    Spencer-” So keep it vague?”

    Volunteer A – “Yep. And let me and my friend handle all the fake accounts on social media. He is a good friend of mine and an expert at these kinds of things”

  • Image

    It’s interesting to read these comments. I think Spencer sometimes has a look to him that people misread. I did when I first met him. But once I got to know him I realized he was brilliant and full of ideas.

  • Crime

    I’m worried about crime in Huntington-and not just Huntington Station. Some of us would like to hear about getting rid of crime in Greenlawn too! I’m voting for the candidate who can show me they know what to do about crime. It’s the only thing that matters to me in this election-everything else is secondary. Greenlawn is not the community it once was. We have gangs and we have issues that need to be resolved!




  • @ Crime

    Liz Black talked about solving crime by picking a good Commissioner. That’s a given. All Legislators will have to be part of that. I took the points below straight off of Doc’s website. I’m in the same boat as you, worried about crime above and beyond anything else.

    ■Equip our officers with state-of-the-art technology and resources for fighting crime, including ShotSpotter.
    ■Build upon the enormously effective SCPD School Resource Officer program.
    ■Promote a confidential drug tip line to enhance police investigative efforts.
    ■Implement County’s Anti-Gang Task Force recommendations where appropriate and immediately carry out the United States Justice Department recommendations to take the County’s task force members out of Headquarters into each precinct.
    ■Provide job, counseling and vocational training opportunities for young people to make them less vulnerable to the draw of gangs.
    ■Create a “Student with Student” program that brings police recruits into local high schools to interact with teenagers in a relaxed, friendly environment establishing long-term, quality relationships.
    ■Fund TriCYA Community and Schools Together (CAST) program which provides intensive case management and support for siblings and families of active gang members.
    ■Invest in a comprehensive, proactive DARE-like Anti-Drug Education Program soliciting donations or sponsorships to assist with funding of the program.
    ■Create a Parent Support Services Division in the Department of Health to facilitate rehabilitation, counseling, insurance and educational issues.

  • wow

    wow. he has my vote..

  • good

    I attend the same Church as Elizabeth Black and I know her to be an active and caring person. As a person, I respect her Faith and community activism.

    Being on the BOE is a volunteer job and doesn’t require any specific background or payment for service.

    Being a Legislator is different. You get paid for your work. There are expectations. You are in charge of major decisions with the County budget. I can support Elizabeth as a person but I cannot support her as a candidate for Legislator.

    I will be supporting Doctor Spencer, but I do hope that the posters on here realize that both candidates are human beings and there is no need to be mean.

  • Reflection

    I think sometimes people think flyers are nasty because its like looking in a mirror. I’ve received the same flyers you have but don’t think they are nasty. Complaints about school closure and the pain its caused kids is real. It just is hard to realize how much that decision has destroyed our community.

    • Oblivious

      Those of you in favor of opening Jack Abrams must be living in a dream world. Are you for real? You think it’s terrible for our kids to have 5 more students in the class, but it’s ok for them to go to school in a neighborhood full of violent crime. What kind of parents are you?!

  • unfair

    You shouldn’t ask what kind of parents want their kids to go to school in a safe school! That school was always safe. The neighborhood has issues at night and shutting down a school is hardly the answer. Many people have asked what kind of parents want their kids to go to overcrowded schools, but that’s not fair either. Everyone has a right to an opinion.

  • @unfair

    And Liz Black was the one who purposefully overcrowded every elementary school and made us lose full day K. Can’t have full day K without abrams open-no space. Liz Black has been bad for our schools and she will be bad for the County. Vote for Spencer.

  • so stupid!

    You guys are really reaching. We lost full day Kindergarten because of budget cuts state wide.

    I would hope the SPencer supports were smart but I see that he has set the bar low.

  • I Vote for Liz Black

    Then Liz Black may have saved a child’s life. What’s more important then that?

  • Saved what child's life?

    What child? Really…what about the children in that neighborhood that she demoralized? What about the 100 walkers at the bus stops? What about all the kids in overcrowded schools who won’t get what they need from teachers and principals? What kind of saving is that?

  • Full day K point

    I think that actually goes both ways. I agree that budget constraints is ultimately what took full day K out-but it was also how on earth to fit kids into buildings with Abrams closed. At the end of the day, we cannot restore full day kindergarten without the reopening of the Abrams school. That IS truth.

  • RWM

    When you have no plan, simply attack the opponent with a smear campaign. That is all I hae seen out of Spencer’s camp. Including all of you posters who work for the Social Media PR Company he hired ;>)

  • not

    Not a social media person, just a parent who is horrified by Liz Black’s decisions and has found a real candidate in Dr. Spencer. His multi-step plan against crime shows me that he understands we can’t police our way out of the issue-but that police are a critical part in the process. His plan to bring jobs to the area shows me that he cares about people and the environment. His plans to preserve land show me that he listens to all constituents. I’m voting for Dr. Spencer not because I hate Liz Black–I don’t like her record, but I am voting for Spencer BECAUSE of his plans.

  • Spencer outlined a real plan

    Look bottom line is this. Money is dried up. Jobs are out the door. Crime is on the streets across the Town. There is no such thing as a person immune from any of the above. Rich and poor families are all losing jobs and everyone drives on streets where crime occurs. I need the next Legislator to act immediately to restore sanity to Huntington. I don’t want a Town puppet, I don’t want a School Board puppet and I don’t want a County puppet. I want an independent person. I want to vote on the Independent line and for a candidate that has ideas. I’m voting for SPencer for this reason. He’s an Independent-endorsed, independent thinker. We don’t need any more lip service, we need real action.

  • Dr. Spencer

    Dr. Spencer has years of running a small business in tough economic times-making payroll and negotiating contracts. He has my vote!!!

  • What a joke

    We can do better than Spencer, much better.

  • Thanks Jane

    Jane Devine improved our communities through her contributions as a public servant. She’s contributed in a myriad of ways and was truly a trailblazer, and a beacon of light for woemn in politicis and government. I am thankful to her for her hard work and appreciate her time in endorsing a candidate she believes in and sharing this information with the public!


    I am supporting Spencer because he is a proponent of good environmental policy. He will protect the harbors and preserve open space. These days, that is so important!

  • Spencer is #1

    Spencer and Black both want to serve and they should both be commended for that. Above and beyond that, I have to support William Spencer. I know him to be completely devoted to improving the lives of others in a number of ways–as a doctor, minister, active parent and kind friend. He has the characteristics and qualities you can’t teach someone. He has our support.

  • Northport

    I appreciate everyone’s comments but lets talk about something I haven’t seen on here: Northport’s contaminated harbor. While Liz Black talked about creating a committee with Marcellino & Flanagan, I heard real solutions from Dr. Spencer. He will partner with the County Exec. to make sure we get our fair share of clean up funds. I trust his advocacy, his intentions and his heart. I’m voting for Spencer all the way. Our Harbor needs his leadership, as do we!

  • Independent

    I want an INDEPENDENT in office. Not a PUPPET. Not a CRONY. That is why I’m voting for Spencer. He’s supported by the Independence party. He supports Independent Campaign Finance Reform Laws.

    He’s not an attorney or career politician. He brings a new perspective and will continue to be the independent, hardworking person I’ve known him to be for a long time.

    • RWM

      He is the biggest puppet there is. Dems are controlling him and his election, hence all the mailers

    • Observer

      Dr. Spencer seems pleasant enough to deal with, and probably even cares about the town to some degree, but, when you look at true empathy for its citizens and demonstrated dedication to its welfare, he still comes up far short: the man lives in Centerport, for goodness’ sake — his wife is very active in Harborfields schools and the family is a big deal there. The only contact his family has with Huntington is tennis lessons. If he is so devoted to the town, how come he doesn’t live in Huntington? I’ll tell you why – because he can afford not to! That’s a choice most people would make, to live in a place like Centerport if they could afford it, and that’s fine, but is that what we really want for Huntington Town leaderhsip? Nobody who lives in Centerport has to hear the gunfire or stuff their kids into horrendously overcrowded schools or worry about what Avalon Bay will pump into the school district. I’m not saying Liz Black is any better – clearly she’s not. But we really need someone who lives in the Huntington mess and experiences it every day, for starters! We already have a rich Harborfields guy on the board (Cuthbertson) who couldn’t care less about the problems of Huntington. We don’t need two of them!

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