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Cooper Announces ShotSpotter® Gunshot Detection System in Huntington Station Before Thanksgiving

ShotSpotter's Network Operations Center

With the holiday season coming up fast, many people are finding little to be thankful for during these tough times. But Huntington Station residents, worried about gun violence in their community, may be relieved to know that help is on the way. That’s because today Suffolk County Legislative Majority Leader Jon Cooper (D-Lloyd Harbor) announced that the long-awaited ShotSpotter Gunshot Detection System will up and running by November 16th.

Slated to blanket a two-square-mile area of Huntington Station in auditory surety, ShotSpotter’s high-tech listening devices will be strategically located to capture the sound of outdoor gunfire. For security reasons, police officials won’t say exactly where specific sensors will be located, or how many will be installed. However, the part of town chosen to get ShotSpotter covers 90% of the areas that saw a rash of shootings beginning last year.

For Cooper, who is serving his last two months of his 12-year career in the County Legislature (due to mandatory term-limits), ShotSpotter’s coming to fruition is an exciting final chapter to his long-standing efforts to fight crime. Back in 2007, Cooper established the precursor to ShotSpotter. Called the “Safe Communities Initiative,” the program employs private and public security cameras in an innovative, community-based approach to quell street crime and gang violence in Huntington Station. But it was Cooper’s cross-county friendship with former Nassau County Police Commissioner Lawrence W. Mulvey that led him to start thinking about not just giving the police extra “eyes,” but also giving them more “ears.”

In conversations with Mulvey, Cooper was interested to learn about ShotSpotter, a proprietary acoustic surveillance technology system that places highly advanced microphones in densely populated areas which actively listen for the sounds of gunfire. Once a gunshot has been “heard” by a mic, the location from where the shot originated can be triangulated to within 10 feet and relayed in real time to patrol cars.

Nassau County Police Department uses ShotSpotter as one of the cornerstones of its integrated, multi-faceted approach to reducing gun violence. While no statistics have officially been released, Cooper says that NCPD brass have told him that since they have deployed ShotSpotter, there has been a dramatic reduction in shootings with no reported displacement of these crimes to other areas.  ShotSpotter can also play a role in saving the lives of gun victims. By automatically reporting the sound of gunfire, police can be dispatched in time to provide emergency aid to gunshot victims in the four out of five cases when no 911 call is placed.

ShotSpotter’s debut in Huntington Station is just the beginning of a countywide roll-out for the system that, going into 2012, will also bring the technology to high-crime hotspots in Wyandanch, Amityville, North Bellport, and Brentwood. Cooper is very optimistic about the impact that ShotSpotter will have in deterring crime and apprehending criminals in the future.

“Whether it was placing restrictions on where child sex offenders can live, punishing cyberbullies or bringing cutting-edge technology to Suffolk County’s crime-fighting arsenal, I’m happy to be providing our police with the tools they need to enhance public safety,” says Cooper. “With ShotSpotter, we’ll not only be able to dispatch police more quickly and precisely, but going forward it will allow the County to use its precious crime-fighting resources more cost effectively as well.”

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24 comments to Cooper Announces ShotSpotter® Gunshot Detection System in Huntington Station Before Thanksgiving

  • Robert Desmond

    What do we say to this? Thank you? It is a disgrace that we need this system. To the mind numb in Town Hall they will point to this as an achievement and a highlight of their careers. That is sick and perverse.

    To those of us including Mr. Mayoka who realize that this nothing more than a reactive tool for law enforcement and a symbol of what Huntington Station has become. Where to the mind numb are the proactive efforts on the part of our elected officials?

    Is this it? Is this the best the Glenda Jackson, Susan Berland, Frank Petrone and Mark Cuthberson have to offer us? With regard to Jon Cooper who brought us this magnificent tool well I say this. Too little too late and you along with the thugs aforementioned thugs are the poster children for term limits.

    Now I can sleep at night knowing that if I am gunned down in the street somebody will hear it. Thanks Jon Cooper and the merry band of council thugs for highlighting just how poorly you have managed this town.

    I have an idea, let’s get proactive and attack illegal housing and reduce the number of Section 8 units. Hold Don Pius responsible for maintaining those disgusting properties that he owns. You demonize the homeowner who cuts down a tree in Lloyd Harbor yet you ignore multiple electric meters and allow the theft of educational and medical services. Let’s enforce the no loitering laws to let the illegal aliens know that Huntington Station is no longer a sanctuary city. What would a morning in Huntington Station be like without seeing the dozens of illegals hanging around or sitting on milk crates along Route 110.

    To those of you reading who think that this is a Huntington Station problem you tell that to the poor women raped in Huntington Bay. What does it take more murder and blood shed to have these people enforce the laws on the books?

    I am tired of typing these long winded pleas and calls to action. There needs to be accountability in Huntington Town Hall. Please vote Berland and Jackson out of office. They must both go so that Frank Petrone is made a lame duck Town Supervisor. Please get them out and let the healing begin!

    • Thank you Mr. Cooper!

      Robert, you lost me when you lumped Jon Cooper in with the Town Board members. Cooper has been a great advocate for Huntington Station and he’s done more to try to make our streets safe than all the other elected officials put together. If Cooper wasn’t term limited I’d vote for him again every time!!

      • Robert Desmond

        What specifically has he done that has improved our quality of life? Twelve years and look at the condition of this town. It is a disgrace. Route 110 is the corridor to the greatest village on Long Island and it looks like a third world country.

        Were he looking to advocate for Huntington he would have realized that to grow the local economy he must assist the town in cleaning up Huntington Station. It is the gateway to Hungtingon and the single biggest deterrent to more business and visitors coming into town.

        In business I am paid to be proactive, to anticipate problems and resolve them before they appear. Jon has not been proactive and this system speaks volumes of what he considers an achievement. In the private sector this is an admission of failure and he should expect to be fired. If this were his success I would hate to see his definition of failure.

        I would declare success to cleaning up Huntington the day they pull this system out.

        • Tom H.

          Oh come on. You must know that Jon Cooper has fought to hire more cops for years, but he was opposed every step of the way by Steve Levy (who didn’t want to spend the money). Cooper pushed for more surveillance cameras (again, Levy opposed him). He got the SCPD to reopen the police annex (although Levy insisted on putting it in the HHA office to save money). Most recently, Cooper led the effort to bring the ShotSpotter system to Huntington Station – and of course, he was once again opposed by Levy.

          If you’ve got a problem with a lack of action to “assist the town in cleaning up Huntington Station”, you should blame Steve Levy, not Jon Cooper.

          • jack

            more cops for what so they can employ a shot spotter system for area that is so small the retards should be walking around to take care of, with their military type get ups


  • Angelo

    How true , let’s get out and vote!

  • Good Job Jon

    True and sad that this mess was promoted by this insane housing policy the town board has prompted…and is exasperating by allowing further subdivisions. Worse still…the town can pass blame to the county police, which isnt their responsibility, which isnt fair either. It is sad, but there are too many cases of unreported gunshots and we need to do something, regardless of ill housing policies as I don’t want my loved ones hit by cross fire.

    Last thing needed is what many nassau county districts added…a fixed plate scanner at key intersections that red flags cars registered to non-resident gang members to police…and then we can call it a day. Car based scanners are not practical considering the limited police head count we have.

    • I agree with you 100%

      You’re absolutely right that a lot of the crime problem is due to the town’s unfair housing policy and lack of code enforcement in Huntington Station. I also agree that Leg. Cooper deserves our thanks for the great job he’s doing. I’m glad he had the guts to stand up to County Executive Levy and fight as hard as he did to bring ShotSpotter to our community.

      Nassau County reported a huge drop in gun violence (up to 90 percent!)in the neighborhoods where they deployed ShotSpotter. That’s not reactive, that’s proactive policing. This technology will provide an important tool for law enforcement and I’m thrilled that it’s coming to Huntington Station!

  • Matt Harris

    The point in favor of having ShotSpotter in HS is plain and simple. It has no conscious, does not lie and will catalog every gun shot in the area. The police can’t fudge the numbers, and it won’t depend on a terrified neighbor to report it.Plus, there is a far higher chance the perpetrator using a weapon will get caught, hence the reduction of gun related incidents where it is installed. Mr. Cooper should not be faulted for the increase in gun violence in the station, the Town board and it’s policies should be. Thank you again, Leg. Cooper.

    • Huntington Hal

      You’re right, Matt. Mr. Cooper should be thanked for everything he’s done to make the streets of Huntington Station safer. I just wish the Town Board was as responsive to community concerns as he is.

      It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that by allowing the police to respond more quickly to a shooting, ShotSpotter increases the likelihood that the gang member or criminal will be arrested. More arrests means fewer bad guys to commit gun crimes in the future.

      The first step towards revitalization of HS has to be making our streets safe, and ShotSpotter will help accomplish that goal. Thank you Mr. Cooper for making it happen.

  • Shashi

    I agree with Matt and all the others who are supporting this and thanking Mr. Cooper for his efforts!

  • chickadee

    Mr Cooper has done a wonderful thing for HS. What is his next job? Maybe Steve Levy’s job?

  • @ Chickadee

    I agree with you. He has done well. Steve Bellone will hopefully replace Steve Levy! But maybe Jon Cooper can serve in another capacity—State Assemblyman? I would support him in that office!

    • JAI

      Maybe Jon Cooper should run the “Little Shelter Animal Clinic. Look at the big picture, instead of putting band aids on gaping wounds

      • Keith

        Give me a break. It’s easy for you to complain, but I sure wouldn’t describe what Jon Cooper has done for Huntington Station over the years as “band aids.” Give me ONE example of something else Jon could have done to help our community. And don’t mention issues like code enforcement and zoning, which you certainly know fall under TOWN jurisdiction.

        I think Jon has been the most proactive and dedicated county legislator we’re had in a long time. It’s a shame that he’s term-limited and I’ll be very sorry to see him leave office.

  • Huntington tax payer

    Its been said many times the illeagle housing in Huntington station is one of the major problems and the town board keeps allowing down zoning of property’s will only make matters worse in the future.When something does not work you change it that is why the town board needs to be changed come this next election day we must vote out the two incumbents that side with Patrone with every thing that is wrong for Huntington!

  • Untrue

    Susan Berland and Mark Mayoka actually vote similarly most of the time.

  • It's true

    It’s actually true. Check out voting records. Susan and Mark vote similarly a lot of the time. They are friendly. He even attends her fundraisers and supports her. There isn’t this black and white, Dem republican mentality that you think. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

    • Anon

      Actually I don’t look at this as a Republican and Democrat issue. I look at who is supporting the over all agenda in town hall that has failed us over the years and who is striving for a change. Mr Mayoka is trying to change things for the better, his ideas are regularly defeated 4-1. The voting public is tired of it, Dem or Rep. If Susan wanted to show her good faith to the voting public on major issues like the 2nd AB vote, the indepentdent audit of Town Hall budgets or the accesorary apartment variances for owner occupied residenances she could have proved her new view, one away from the support of Frank, she failed to do so and cannot change anyones minds that she is anything but a frank puppet by voting with Mr Mayoka on some minor issues.

  • jack

    cooper got a donation by same company

    • That's a lie!

      Jack, you’re pathetic. That’s a complete lie and you know it. If Jon Cooper got a donation from ShotSpotter, why don’t you provide some proof. I just went to the Board of Election’s website that lists all campaign contributions to all county elected officials and candidates, and there’s absolutely NO such donation to Mr. Cooper.

      You’re a real lowlife – shame on you. You owe Mr. Cooper an apology.

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