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New State-of-the-Art Sports Facility, Breezy Park, Dedicated to Brianna Titcomb

Yesterday's Breezy Park dedication, in memory of Brianna Titcomb.

Huntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone and the members of the Town Council were joined by representatives of three youth sports organizations on Sunday, October 23, to dedicate Breezy Park, a new, state-of-the-art facility with two lighted playing fields, a practice field, a playground and other amenities on the site of the former Mohlenhoff  Nursery.

Also attending the ceremony were the parents of Brianna (Breezy) Titcomb, the 13-year-old who was killed by a drunk driver in Texas in 2005 after whom the park is named, and Joe and Nikki Gregory, who donated $1 million toward the park’s construction in Brianna’s memory.

The role of the Cold Spring Harbor Soccer Club in this project was noted by Supervisor Petrone. Brianna was a cherished member of the soccer club.

The Town, partnering with Suffolk County, acquired the 11-acre property following a tireless effort by dedicated and caring residents and the Cold Spring Harbor Soccer Club to keep the parcel from being developed as a bus depot and repair yard for the South Huntington School District.  The project’s funding sources include money from the Town’s Environmental Open Space and Park Improvement Fund (EOSPA), other Town funds and the donation from the Gregorys.

The remarks from the other Town Council members centered on the symbolism of the park being named after Brianna.

“For generations to come, people are going to ask who she was,” Councilwoman Susan Berland said. “They are going to find out her story, they are going to find out about her love for sports and her memory is going to live on. We don’t want to forget a beautiful young lady who was taken from us too soon.”

Said Councilman Mark Mayoka, “I hope people can enjoy this part the way Breezy would have enjoyed it.”

County Legis. Jon Cooper (who was instrumental in obtaining the County’s participation), Nikki Gregory and representatives from the Cold Spring Harbor Soccer Club, the Huntington Sports League and the Huntington Village Lacrosse Club also spoke, followed by Brianna’s father, John Titcomb, who was flanked by his wife, Dawn, and son, Brett.

“Let us not forget that the seeds for this park were sown and grew from the ashes of a tragedy, the loss of Brianna as the result of a drunk driving collision almost seven years ago,” said John Titcomb.  “It involved the terrible behavior and choices of another individual, who changed our lives and those around us forever. From these ashes, passion, energy and vision produced something positive to hold on to, emblematic of a young girl and her love of life, sports, family and friends.

“Dawn and I would very much like to have this park not only known as an incredible facility with which to recreate with family and friends, but also as an educational awareness of the consequences to one’s self and others of the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Use this park to educate our young family members and players about strong decision-making skills that they will carry forward, not only for their own benefit, but for society’s as well. We truly feel that Brianna’s spirit will be carried on the shoulders of every player who not only plays sports in this park, but on those who come here at any age to play here on the playground, watch their siblings compete, and on those young and old who come just to watch and enjoy life.”

Breezy Park backs up on Suffolk County’s Froelich/Wicks Farm nature preserve.

The Titcomb family has commissioned a memorial to Brianna, which is under construction and should be ready for unveiling in the Spring.

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