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Holy Titanic II

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27 comments to Holy Titanic II

  • And

    Dr Spencer is the captain of that ship!


    Dr. Spencer is the only candidate able to make things better in Huntington. Ms. Black is divisive, politics as usual…

    • @AND AND

      You, (the current TOH representative) are divisive.
      There are certain Keywords that identify the TH operatives. Divisive is one of them, Bizarre another , unsustainable another, your stripes are showing. I can go on and on but you are not worth my time.

    • Your Average Voter

      ….likes the way the town is run and will vote for the incumbants as well as Doc Spencer.

      • Keep Dreaming!

        Oh Yeah! The average voter loves the way the town is run with crime, violence, drive-by shootings, uncontrolled and rampant illegal apartments, and an arrogant totalitarian town board. NEXT!


    Dr. Spencer wanted Avalon Bay to be built… Liz fought it.

    • Liz

      Coctor Spencer never supported Avalon. What he did support was housing for the 6000 senior citizens urgently looking to downsize and/or stay in Huntington in a terrible economy. But Ms. Black fought that – by illegally spending money slated for educating our children on her politically connected lawyer friend. It seems to me she is not only anti-children, primarily economically disadvantaged children, but also anti-senior citizen, especially those who don’t have much money. Please stop with the lies.

      • Senior Housing

        I am nowhere near being a senior but I even acknowledge there is a need for senior ONLY housing in the township. This should be the priority, not adding of more multi-family housing for non-seniors.

      • the Doc is Out

        I am so sick and tired of Spencers minions, trying to tell everyone that doubling the occupancy of an already tax negative housing project, changing our zoning laws, and shoving 6000 old people into a crime ridden slum, was an admirable thing to do. Do these morons have no foresight into the door it would have opened for all housing projects and builders to follow? Enough already. Everyone knows about his failure to do anything about the crime or living conditions for the people he was supposed to be representing, when he was the head of the H.H.A. I hope the good people of Northport and E.Northport are paying attention, because Doc Density will be representing them also. How’s the Matinecock fight going. The Doc has a prescription for you – build more high density housing.

      • @ Liz

        Senior housing opens up the door for a whole host of problems, including Huntington becoming the next Queens.


  • Anonymous

    once the two town bimbo’s are voted out can we have a re-vote

  • Dump Em

    Dump the skanks, Vote for Liz, and tell Doc Denser to stick it where it stinks.

    • Liz

      I wonder if you would use these words if you had to identify yourselves? Probably not. Grow up and have some class. We should all be able to disagree without the nasty name calling.

  • Nasty

    These are really nasty words. I may not like the policies of certain candidates, but I would never call them names like this. It’s a shame and only suggests that your candidates may be of poor form.

  • John Q Public

    Same Old,Same Old.

    $$ Talks.

  • Get Real

    Spencer, Jackson and Berland want to keep all the crime in the Station and away from their neighborhoods. Liz Black will fight for the rest of us.

  • funny

    That’s such a funny comment-Get Real-because it’s untrue but also because Liz Black AVOIDS Huntington Station and its people. She closed a school. She hasn’t reached out to the community since. Want Huntington Station to improve? Vote for GOOD County candidates who can get us a police presence. Town Board is important, but County is critical. Liz Black will not make things better. She’s proven that already.

    • @funny

      Just like electing Adam kept politics out of the BOE and he opened JAI?

      Same ole same ole.

    • @funny

      How does she avoid it when she lives so close to it? She hears the sirens in the background just like the rest of us folk, all Spencer hears is the chirping of the birds and the water trickling on his lake located on his 9.5 acre estate.

  • WHAT!

    More Matinecock housing projects? Are you serious? My cousin lives over there, I am going to tell her all about this. Her husband helped with the original NO MC deal!

  • Get Real

    I’m a democrat and voting for Liz Black. We need someone not afraid to make difficult decisions and stand up to the status quo. Spence is just another lap dog.

    • concernedcitizen

      Liz Black is not the person you think she is if you think she is not afraid to make difficult decisions. She has avoided confronting the issues for years and has avoided even her school board committments as recently as last night, when she failed to show up for a meeting. That is the real Liz Black.

  • the Doc is Out

    That’s right, Dr.Density, may be coming to a neighborhood near you. Do you like the way things look in the “Station”? Spencer was in charge of the Huntington Housing Authority. That’s the bleeding heart, liberal, housing department, that stuffs section 8 housing projects, wherever they feel they need to. If you thought Matinecock was a fight(its been going on for over 30 years)then hold onto your seat, the Doctor will see you now. No cares for the existing neighborhoods or school districts, overcrowding and crime. If the wonderful people of Northport, East Northport and Commack are willing to open their arms, hearts and wallets, than they should vote for this buffoon. They will say things like-we need this here for the poor people, or old people, when you don’t have any. They will find poor people for you. Ship them here from the city if they have to. A vote for Spencer is a vote for high taxes, high density, high crime and misery for all.

    • Ellen S.

      I had no idea where the district lines were. I was’nt paying attention to these elections. After my co-workers showed me who represents who, what, where and what the background of these candidates was, I feel sick. Who, in E.Npt., knew what this was all about. I work in Huntington but never thought their problems would creep over to my side of town. When I called my husband about this, he said he heard something about a teacher and a doctor running but had no idea what was really going on. When I filled him in on each of the candidates credentials, what they supported and why, he started to lose it. We have been fighting to keep the Matinecock project from happening for years and years now. They want to build a housing project right between two of our schools with no regards to how we the residents feel about it, the traffic it will cause and all of the other wonderful things it will bring. We bought our home to live in a nice residential neighborhood and now they want to destroy it by erecting a housing project for welfare recipients. Would the same people that want build this in my hamlet, advocate for it in theirs? I dont think so. Liz Black has my vote and every one of my neighbors votes also.

  • Dr. Evil

    This guy is the world’s worst cartoonist.

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