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Huntington POV: The Berlin Airlift In Huntington

The two major parties in Huntington (as usual) continue to put up blockades around the process of selecting candidates for elected office. In other words, it’s the same old faces and the same old, tired rhetoric from the same old people. As un-american as it is, conformity is the name of the game. Be part of the group or face the wrath of the ‘dear leader’.
You would think that with only a 23% turnout each election year, both Republicans and Democrats might be interested in getting more people involved in the election process. Forget the phony last-minute ‘community input’ meetings that the Republicans held a few months ago. What I’m talking about is reaching out to their constituents and bringing in more members by virtue of their ideas. For example, does anybody remember when the last time the Huntington Republican club held a meeting in Melville?
As Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison repeatedly demonstrated, the traditional way of doing things will always succumb to new ways of thinking. Can someone tell me why is it that the process for selecting candidates has changed very little in the past 150 years? I believe it’s because the party bosses, with their covert connections in town hall, would rather maintain the status quo than opt for real change.
In other words, it’s all about patronage. Go ahead. Try and buck the system and you’ll find yourself in court  justifying the signatures you spent the last six weeks in the middle of summer collecting.  The party bosses are laughing all the way to the ‘no-show’ job bank.
However, there is a better way. Just like the Berlin Airlift in 1948, I have decided to drop in on the Huntington town board race as a write-in and bypass all the lawsuits and nonsense that keep the average voter out.
Just imagine a few years from now–free and open elections.  Picture this– any group or any person that wants to run for elected office just stands up and says, “Vote for me. All you have to do is just write my initials.”
Go ahead, grab your neighbors. Pick an issue. Develop a platform. Choose a name if you want and start running.  There’s nobody to stop you.
What’s the best part? No more signature minimums. No more sucking up to the party bosses. No more special interest head-games. This will change everything.
True competition has finally met the electoral process. Now that’s liberty.
Peter Nichols is running as a write-in candidate for a seat on the Huntington town board.  You can vote for him by writing his initials, “PN“, in the ‘write-in’ box at the bottom of the ballot.

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12 comments to Huntington POV: The Berlin Airlift In Huntington

  • Jon Howard

    Term limits is the only way we are going to stop these same people and their patronage appointees from continuing to ruin this town. As you said same old tired rhetoric and the problems continue. People should not be in office 10, 20, even 30 years like our town officials. We need term limits!

  • WOW

    23% turn out is very unfortunate.

  • sorry but you lost

    peter screened and was not voted in by the executive committee

    Huntington Republicans also had a very open and fair proccess

    the old guard actually wanted to have the chair install who they wanted as they did in olden times and the chair said no way

    Gene Cook who is running for the town board has stated he is for term limits

    other politicians such as Dennis Garetano Debra Poulos are also for term limits

    the people who have ruined this town are the corrupt businesses who make millions in development and building and renting an the politicians who give them what they want time and again

  • Huntington tax payer

    My vote goes to Gene Cook who is running for the town board has stated he is for term limits.

  • only1 problem

    I would be happy to see Mr.Nichols elected into this office and would be thrilled if he could be elected by write in but im very concerned that would split the vote giving Berland and Jackson an edge. I cant stomach the possibility of either of them being re-elected.In my opinion we need them out of office yesterday.I am also concerned about a “rumor” that if elected Bellone may intend to appoint Cuthbertsen as county attorney,which would (also IMHO)be disasterous for Suffolk County. They both have been tied up in high density projects that cost us enormously and It doesnt look like there is any end in sight.

  • My Town Too

    Write-in campaigns unfortunately don’t generate enough votes to make a difference, but it’s great to use to take a stand or just for the principle of it.

    Those who do bother to vote probably won’t know how to do a write-in vote. There are no instructions. Election workers don’t always know what you are supposed to do, if you should happen to ask BEFORE getting in the voting booth.

    Perhaps the new machines have an easier way of doing a write-in? I hadn’t noticed last election time, didn’t think to look for it. If you are going this route, it might be worth your while to find out so you can let your supporters know ahead of time.

  • Taxed to Death

    Mr. Nichols – you cannot win but you can make a difference. You should direct your zeal as you did in last Wednesday’s debate towards Berland & Jackson. Get them out. Then, hold Republicans accountable once they are leading Town Hall. The airlift actually wound up hurting the residents of Berlin as the infamous wall went up to make matters worse. Only through exposing the horrors of communism did the West bring down the all and liberate the oppressed. Mr. Nichols, help us liberate Huntington and don’t be responsible for laying for first layers of bricks for an even greater wall.

  • Please don't run

    Run in 2013. We need ever vote we can to win this year.

    Tell your Libertarian Party to go eat goose eggs. They were chickens and dropped the campaign. Been a rough year so far so start laying the ground work for 2013 and this time STAY in the race ok?

    I’ll vote for you next time, but this time? Don’t split the votes. We need them all, to get these fools out of office.

    • RWM

      Well put and very true!

    • Anon

      Agreed, Mr. Nichols. I admire your tenacity and have full respect for what you are attempting to accomplish. I do fear that your running will just take away much needed votes. How sad would it be if Jackson or Berland won by just a few votes. I can not believe that anyone who would vote for you would ever consider voting for them. Let’s rally around change we can accomplish now. Make the run official next time and we will still be here. Please.

  • wundaboy

    Classic sour grapes. Had Mr. Nichols received the nomination he would be telling us how fabulous the political system is and not writing letters criicizing the process.

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