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An Open Letter from Jon Cooper to Residents of the 18th Legislative District

Legislator Jon Cooper

Dear Constituents,

Its been a tremendous honor for me to serve as your County Legislator for the past 12 years.  Regrettably, because of mandatory term limits, I’ll be leaving office at the end of this year. That makes this upcoming election more important than ever to me.
We need somebody to fill my seat who’ll be ready to hit the ground running and lead us during these tough economic times.  That’s why I’m strongly supporting Doctor William Spencer, and I hope you’ll support him too.
His dad was a preacher and a teacher. So growing up, Doc learned public service from his parents.  He was drawn to practice medicine because he wanted to help his mother, who suffered from a painful illness.  It’s that kind of compassion, tempered by his strong moral compass and a unique ability to develop genuine consensus (it must be his bedside manner), that makes Doc the right
choice—especially for right now.
Now, when our communities are afflicted with high unemployment and soaring taxes, Doc’s experience as a physician, businessman and community leader is the medicine we need. That’s because he has a prescription for how to bring back jobs, prevent our county healthcare system from crumbling, and make government run more efficiently and effectively.
Unfortunately, instead of offering real answers to our problems, Doc’s opponent is attempting to distort his record and positions.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of politicians who play partisan political games. I’m proud to have received support over the years from people of all political affiliations.  Now is not the time to retreat to party labels when you cast your vote.
Please join me in voting for Doc Spencer on Election Day.  A real leader for these really tough times.
Jon Cooper
Suffolk County Legislator
18th Legislative District


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71 comments to An Open Letter from Jon Cooper to Residents of the 18th Legislative District

  • Anonymous

    Is Huntington better off now than it was 12 years ago ? No. Is another liberal left wing Democrat going to make it better in the next four years ? No way.

  • Mary

    A liberal who lives on his compound in Lloyd Neck. Oh wait, here comes another liberal who knows better than us, Dr. Spencer. Mr. Cooper did not get the job done. Neither will Spencer. They are rich lackeys used by the corrupt town hall machine.

    • Tom H.

      Give me a break, Mary. Jon Cooper is the only elected official who’s really tried to do something about the crime problem in the Station. He led the fight to put more cops on the street, put in surveillance cameras and reopened the police annex. Plus, he sponsored the bill that’s bringing ShotSpotter to our community. If you have any better ideas, why don’t you share them?

      • John

        Cooper also refused to anything at first. When approached about the issue as prompted by shotings outside JAI, he did not want to be invvled because his kis attend CSH. We don’t need politicians, we people who want to solve problems rather than build reputations.

        • Blue Devils Fan

          John, don’t try to rewrite history. Cooper fought with Steve Levy for many years to put more cops on the street in HS. He also came up with the idea to put in a security camera system for the police – very controversial when he first proposed it – several years before there were any shootings outside Jack Abrams. Give credit where credit is due. Cooper has worked hard to improve things in HS and I’m going to be very sorry when he leaves office.

      • sans

        well it was democrat Lou D’Amaro who took away the police annex in Huntington station

        according to democrat Lou crime was down and going to stay down

        that was right before all the killings stabbings shootings occurred

        now it’s spread into the village where stabbings and shootings are becoming common

        I know what the dems should do, build Avalon Bay
        that will solve everything,
        at least it will keep the cops busy

    • Sick of the name calling

      Mary, I’m frankly sick of the name calling. Usually people resort to that when they can’t come up with any valid reasons to criticize somebody. I think Mr. Cooper is the best legislator we’ve had in a long time. Give me the name of ONE politician who’s fought harder for the residents of Huntington Station. Mr. Cooper has been a great advocate for our community and he’s always tried to come up with creative solutions to the problems we face. It’s going to be our loss when he leaves office.

  • Jon Cooper was great

    Jon Cooper was a great Legislator. He listened to his constituents and he worked hard for the people. I trust his endorsement and will be voting for Spencer. Thank you Jon for your years of hard work.

  • Joseph

    We need independent thinkers in office. Let’s stop labeling people–liberal, tea party etc. and lets try to get people elected who get the job done. Jon Cooper was never afraid to be an advocate in office. I am sure Spencer won’t be afraid either. When you go through the hard work of getting into medical school and developing a practice, you are a different kind of person than the rest.

  • Village Eyes

    Jon, I am sincerely sorry to see you go. But William Spencer is a terrible pick to replace you. The campaign mailings coming out against Liz Black are distortions and I disagree he has anything of substance to contribute. His actions re: Gateway were an insult to the taxpayers of SD3. I won’t be voting for him and I’ll be urging everyone I know in the 18th not to vote for him either.

  • Lisa

    Cooper: thank you for all you did in office. You were a good Legislator.

    I’m amazed that anyone would even consider voting for Elizabeth. She voted to support a $2 million referendum in the Huntington School District to add onto facilities while the whole district was overcrowded. She literally overcrowded a district that was already overcrowded. Who would vote for someone who thinks like that? And is she going to reopen Abrams or what? She has to start answering questions and stop hiding behind claims of sexism. I’m a woman-and I’m offended by her!

  • Lindsey A.

    Are there really people out there who would vote for Liz Black after she basically crippled SD3?

    Here’s the difference between Black & Spencer. Black shut down a building and then just ran in the other direction. She said she cared about the kids and their safety but never cared about the kids in that neighborhood. Why do I say that? She never did anything to make it safe after closing the school. I don’t know a SINGLE person voting for her.

    • BOE

      Does not have the power to address crime.

      Go ahead and keep trying to distort the truth but another vote for another crony of Frank Petrone just gives Petrone more power on a state level.

      I am voting for Liz hands down.

      Has Spencer EVER spoken at Town Hall?

      • concernedcitizen

        Has anyone asked Mrs. Black if she will be foregoing her state pension (from her years as a teacher) if she is elected as a Legislator and receives a public salary? If she keeps both, she will be the classic Double Dipper, collecting both a state pension and a salary. And, those are the kind of abuses that she purports to be against. She should come clean about that, be transparent (as she likes to say)so that the public can know the real Liz Black.

    • Reality Check

      That’s probably because you have no friends Liberal Lindsey.

  • Jon Cooper will be missed

    One thing’s for sure – Jon Cooper has been the best advocate that Huntington has had in a long time. He’s smart, passionate and dedicated, and he never backed down from a tough fight. He’ll definitely be missed and it’s going to be very tough to replace him. We need to elect somebody who has the guts to put the people first, like Mr. Cooper did for the past 12 years. If he’s supporting Doc Spencer, that means a lot to me.

  • Jorge

    During Liz Black’s “service” to this school district, here’s what I’ve seen:

    She shut down a school and made a mockery of the district.

    She voted to spend 10k to fight housing-totally unrelated to learning.

    She called another Board member a badger to avoid talking about my neighborhood.

    Vote for her? Who would ever do that. Dr. Spencer has never given up on the people he reaches out to. He works hard and he gives a lot of his time to our neighborhood as a private citizen. I’m voting for him and I sure hope my whole block does.

  • Greg

    Great Jon, thanks for doing this. I too support Spencer. He has a long record of public service and he’s one of the most caring individuals I’ve ever met.

    Liz Black’s reputation speaks for herself. She divided her community. She ignored the voices of her constituents. The thought of her having more power is scary.

  • Julianna

    I’m really offended by Liz Black’s claim of sexism. She’s offending all women when she makes comments like that. She should stop trying to deflect from the issues and start answering questions. She should defend her record if she’s proud of it or admit mistakes if she’s not. As a woman, I generally support female candidates because I believe we need more women in office. BUT not this time around!

  • Blue Devils fan

    John, don’t try to rewrite history. Cooper fought with Steve Levy for many years to put more cops on the street in HS. He also came up with the idea to put in a security camera system for the police – very controversial when he first proposed it – several years before there were any shootings outside Jack Abrams. Give credit where credit is due. Cooper has worked hard to improve things in HS and I’m going to be very sorry when he leaves office.

  • Republican support

    As a Republican who can admit that Cooper did well for Huntington, I am supporting Dr. Spencer. Liz Black’s record is one of wasting $. She wasted money when she supported a 2 million dollar referendum with zero plan in place. She wasted money when she closed Huntington Intermediate. She wasted money on all the overtime and expense of making this move in the middle of the summer. Her name should really be “NO-plan Liz”. Even our County Exec candidate thought the closure was crazy! Angie has said as much. No Plan Liz does not have my vote.

  • Ms. Classroom Density

    Is Liz seriously asking for my vote? She’s Ms. Classroom Density. The only teacher I’ve ever known who makes policy decisions AGAINST the kids. Ms. Classroom Density does not have my vote.

    • @ the dirty campaigners

      Did the usual suspects Adam, Rebeccas and those nasty Giles sit around all night sipping hotty toddys to come up with that zingy one-liner?

      Grow up and start a campaign on the merits of what Spencer has to offer instead of how many ways to toss a teacher of 34 year under the school bus. People don’t like dirty campaigns.

  • Selena

    That’s an interesting term. It’s so true. My son’s primary school is busting at the seems. If you can’t see the outcome of your decision before making it, then that’s a problem if you want MORE power as an elected official. Ms. Classroom Density is really the truth. SHe’s a retired teacher and school board member and yet I don’t trust her to make decisions for our future-our children. Sad.

    • The fact is....

      The school were overcrowded before jack was closed to students. It’s overcrowded because of the extreme Liberals who want everything for everyone who don’t pay into the same system us struggling tax payers are.

      Why did SD#3 show growth with all other school in the Town of Huntington show a decline in enrollment? BAD HOUSING POLICIES. Spencer will do more damage than good.

  • Cooper's a good man

    I’m a lifelong Republican who proudly voted for Jon Cooper the last few elections. He’s a good man who always tried to do the right thing, and he never kowtowed to the special interests. Cooper’s been a great advocate for our community and it’s a real shame that he’ll no longer be representing us. We need more elected officials like him and I hope he runs again for some other office.

  • Cooper & Spencer

    Cooper and Spencer are both great people-good listeners, consensus-builders and the kind of people we want to elect.

  • Huntington tax payer

    Which one is going to work to keep or even reduce my home taxes,so that I can afford to stay living here in my retired years?Thats the one this Senior will vote for!

  • Spencer

    Liz Black raised taxes 35% during her tenure. She voted to close a school, but keep it open (without kids) and pay to maintain it. She voted to spend $2 million to build onto a district with no plan in place (voters shut that down). The only person we can trust in this election is Spencer. He runs a business, he’s fiscally responsible and he’s really committed to the long term health of Huntington.

    • Reality Check

      Are you getting free Vicodin from the Mad Dr.?

      • The fact is....

        We must be in really bad shape if we need an ear nose and throat Doctor advocating for us on a state level.

        Must be the hear no evil, speak no evil, smell no evil approach.

        Does pass the smell test.

        What a local ENT Doctor doing hanging out with OBAMA. God help us all!

    • Facts....

      Liz Black as a single Board of Ed member does not have the power to raise taxes. A vote is taken by the Board and then a vote is put out to the community who vote yes or no.




    • Huntington Hal

      Like you, Michael, I didn’t always agree with Jon Cooper. But his heart definitely was in the right place and he always tried to do what he thought was best for Huntington residents. I’ve got a lot of respect for Jon and we’d all be better off if more politicians were like him. I wish him all the best with whatever he chooses to do in the future.

  • Such a funny tactic

    It seems the desperate people this year are just trying to link everyone to Petrone. Spencer’s not linked to Petrone–at all. Yes, Petrone is in the same party as he is but he is from from being a puppet. You people keep trying to link everyone to Petrone and then you call them “Petroned.” It’s foolish. Focus on the issues.

  • Not a liberal...

    I am many things. I am a hard worker. I am a taxpayer. I am a parent. I am a sister. I am a homeowner. I am a little bit shy at times. I am not a liberal. I usually oppose liberal policies. I oppose candidates that are too liberal. I’m not in opposition to Dr. Spencer. He is a moderate business owner with a strong background and a good heart. Liz is too far to the right for me. I’m not a liberal but I’m not right-wing either. I took the time to read about both campaigns. I looked at the websites, the facebook pages and the newspaper articles. I support Mr. Spencer.

  • Same old thing

    Spencer is just another rich guy that wants to keep the crime isolated to Huntington Station. Just like Frank and Susan. I’m a lifelong democrat and will be voting them all out. The “democrats” in town hall are a disgrace to the party.

  • Wealth?

    I don’t understand why people keep mentioning that Spencer has money or has a lot of acres of property–As far as I know, he came from very humble beginnings and built himself up to be a Dr. He’s the American Dream. Why do people resent that? It tells me that he has what it takes to be successful at everything he tries and that he can still relate to people of all different backgrounds. I hear your frustration with Frank but Spencer is not someone to vote out-he hasn’t even been in. I’m voting for Spencer.

    • Facts....

      As head of the Huntington Housing Authority he has certainly been “in”. Look around at the section 8 housing in HS. Do you think he did a good job?

  • david r reisman

    Yes Huntington and our society are much better in many ways because of the leadership of citizens such as Jon Cooper our legislator for the past 12 years. His support of Dr. Spencer is just another example of our growing dynamic society. Dr Spencer and his vast experience as a health care provider i.e.,a surgeon with thousands of patients, a small business owner and a spiritual leader is proof enough to me that he will provide sound leadership for our community and nation….if you meet the man and listen to him you will understand….on to victory!

    • Keith R.

      I agree with you that Huntington – and Suffolk County as a whole – is a much better place because of Leg. Cooper’s efforts over the years. It’s going to be difficult for anyone to follow in his footsteps, but I’m impressed by what I’ve learned about William Spencer. I hope that Cooper will remain active in our community and that his successor will use him as a key adviser. Cooper certainly has a great institutional knowledge due to his leadership role in the Legislature over the past several years.

  • What is he?

    Is he a doctor or politician? Make up your mind William. Doctor or ego stroke?

  • Agree with above....

    Why are people so impressed with someone because they are Doctor? I know plenty of Doctors that have no place in politics. From what I have seen with Spencer, he is one of those Doctors.

  • Benefit

    The benefits of Spencer being a doctor, in my opinion, is his public health perspective. He can understand community violence from a public health perspective and do so much to bring his experience of running a business to carefully guarding our tax base. We don’t simply need another lawyer in office!!! And we certainly don’t need a teacher who shuts down schools.

  • My two cents

    The Legislature that Mr Cooper has been a part of has been democratic controlled and taxes have increased. The focus above on Liz’s SD3 voting record is interesting. You may not agree with her position on everything but you have to acknowledge that being in a position of decision making provides working knowledge and valuable experience dealing with the issues that impact our community. Sounds like Dr Spencer is a fine well liked physician. However, Suffolk county has serious complex issues that need to be dealt with immediately. We need an individual who is already familiar with the issues, contracts and NYS/Fed mandates which impact Suffolk county’s financial stability. In my opinion that individual is Liz.

    • My Town Too

      You’re mixing apples and oranges here. Being a school board member doesn’t give you ANY insight into Suffolk County financial affairs or issues. You are dealing solely with issues affecting your school district.

      Suffolk County finances have very little to do with school district finances. Being a Legislator doesn’t give one any power over individual school district taxes, being a school board member doesn’t give one any power over Suffolk County taxes.

      If anything, Dr. Spencer’s involvement with the different housing groups has given him MORE detail on how Suffolk County works, than anything Liz Black has done.

      Why is being a doctor running for legislature any different than being a lawyer or a retired teacher? Anyone can run, no matter what their occupation.

      Let’s worry more about our Town Board members right now – they have more influence over the housing problems in Huntington Station than either legislative candidate does.

    • My two cents

      I guess we can agree to disagree on this one. Local involvement at the school level provides an understanding of costly mandates such as the pension system, the empire health plan, housing and zoning issues, local crime and what it takes to negotiate with unions Those are major issues for Suffolk county. The knowledge does translate to the county level.

    • Get your facts straight

      Actually, County general fund property taxes have NOT gone up over the past six years while the Democrats controlled the Legislature. The reason why our tax bills are higher each year is because of continued steep increases in SCHOOL DISTRICT taxes. If you don’t believe me, just look at your own tax bill. Get your fact straight please.

      • My two cents

        Ah come on…The General Fund is only one line item.

        • Get your facts straight

          Are you trying to tell me that school district taxes – which are Liz Black’s responsibility – are NOT the biggest part of our tax bill?? Come on, let’s be honest here. You can’t blame the County Legislature for our high taxes, since they’ve actually done an excellent job of holding the line on spending over the past 6 years. It’s the SCHOOL BOARD that’s proposed big tax increases year after year.

          We can debate whether those school tax increases were warranted or not, but there’s no question that they’re the main reason why our overall property tax bills have gone up so much.

  • Marshall Field

    Jon Cooper lives in Lloyd Harbor. He never proposed any high density housing where he lives. Spencer lives in Centerport on 6 acres of land. No affordable housing projects for his neighbors either. Spencer’s attack on Liz Black using cupcakes is pure sexism. Every female voter should be outraged. We all know that sexism and racism are double standards for democrats when confronting republicans. Spencer will get a free ride using it because the media is for dems. The public is sick and tired of democrats being used by developers and builders to destroy the suburban quality of life with more higher density housing. Petrone’s power needs to be removed. So remove the dems from office and save the town from the bulldozers and crime.

    • Cooper has preserved open space

      Housing density and other zoning issues fall under the jurisdiction of the TOWN, not the county. Jon Cooper has had no control whatsoever over whether or not we should have higher density housing. If anything, you should be giving Cooper credit for his efforts over the years to preserve open space, like the 80 acres he preserved in Northport near the VA Hospital. In that case, the developer wanted to put in a large housing development, but Cooper was able to prevent it.

      • Thank you Mr. Cooper!

        Absolutely right. Mr. Cooper has done a great deal to prevent over-development. We all owe him a big THANK YOU for his efforts!

  • Safety

    The only person I trust from a safety perspective is Spencer!!!

  • Safety

    Spencer is endorsed by the PBA, Sherrifs, Correction Officers…he is the candidate who will bring County resources to Huntington. We will be very fortunate when he is elected as we all deserve a safer, healthier community.

  • JAI

    The only thing safer in Huntington since Coopers term are Cats and Dogs.

    • Karl B.

      I challenge you to name a single elected official who’s done more than Leg. Cooper to make the streets of Huntington safer. Unfortunately, as we all know, County Executive Levy has been fighting him every step of the way. Cooper has fought hard to hire more police officers and he’s continually come up with ideas about using new technologies – like surveillance cameras and Shotspotter – to reduce street violence. Things would certainly be a lot worse today if he hadn’t been there to advocate for us.

      • Thanks, Mr. Cooper

        Amen to that, Karl. I want to extend my thanks to Mr. Cooper for all that he’s done for us over the years. You don’t see many politicians like him. You know what made him so special? He cared about the people he represented.

    • My Town Too

      Truth? Wow. Under Fact or Fiction, I’d most certainly question the topic of the town board NOT stifling or berating the public when they try to talk or disagree with Petrone! OMG! It’s laughable. All one has to do is listen to any of the tapes of meetings to see how nasty Petrone can get.

  • Revolt

    Don’t worry he will be COLLECTING for the rest of his life…..not to mention full healthcare.

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