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Letter to the Editor: Cell Tower was Cooper’s Proposal

From the Deputy Director of Communications for the Office of Suffolk County Executive:

Just when you think you have seen every cynical, hypocritical political machination in the book, Jon Cooper shows you something new. His latest is the September 24th open letter to the community in which he is, in essence, vowing to save the community and the Vanderbilt Museum…from himself!

His letter psychically predicts “…a resolution will be filed by County Executive Steve Levy…” to place a cell tower on the grounds of the Vanderbilt Museum, and tries to lay blame on the county executive for this project. Realize that since County Executive Levy switched parties 18 months ago, Mr. Cooper has blamed him for everything from the Black Plague and the Civil War to those NASA satellite parts that fell into the Pacific last week.

Fact is, the county executive does not intend to and has never intended to file the resolution that Nostra-Cooper prophesized about in his September 24th Quatrain.

But the disgusting truth of the matter–the truth that Mr. Cooper doesn’t want anyone to remember– is that the resolution to erect a cell tower that was filed and passed in 2009 (Resolution 1239) was written by, sponsored by and shepherded through the Legislature by none other than Jon Cooper. The resolution’s name speaks for itself with great clarity: Authorizing a Cell Tower at the Vanderbilt Museum.

The resolution, authored by Mr. Cooper, who gives enormous legislative attention to every leaf that falls on the Centerport grounds, speaks to the Museum’s desire to enhance revenue. It also states “a cell tower at the Museum will enhance public safety by improving telecommunications capacity on the grounds of the Museum and in the surrounding communities.”

Now, two and one-half years later, the valiant Jon Cooper is promising to rally with the community against any implementation of his very own resolution, making it sound as if the big bad Hauppauge empire is forcing this on to his community.

If Mr. Cooper wants to change his position, now asking his colleagues to oppose a measure that in his own words “…would bring much-needed revenue to the Vanderbilt Museum,” that’s his choice. But to prop himself up in a partisan fashion as a savior to the community for trying to stop what he started, is as phony as it gets. And it doesn’t take a seer to see through that.

Mark L. Smith

Deputy Director of Communications

Office of Suffolk County Executive


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15 comments to Letter to the Editor: Cell Tower was Cooper’s Proposal

  • Concerned

    To Mark L. Smith:

    You seem to make a very valid point. However, you demonstrate amazingly poor judgement writing in such a sarcastic, snide tone. It detracts from your message and is utterly inappropriate coming from a public servant.

    Speaking of which, since you are a senior official of the Suffolk County Executive COMMUNICATIONS Department, how about joining the rest of us in the 21st century? Instead of giving us derisive second-hand accounts, you need to provide live, online links to the actual documents and resolutions you refer to. We all want to read the actual incriminating documents and judge Cooper’s shenanigans ourselves.

  • LovetheMuseum

    I can’t believe this. Here is the resolution:

  • Anonymous

    The tone befit the information to a tee. Good Job Mr. Smith.

    • To a T

      No, it didn’t. Smith was pointing out smarmy behavior on Cooper’s part. The equally smarmy tone of Smith’s rant totally watered down the impact of him catching Cooper being a phony.

  • henry dam

    it is a well known that a politician is the only creature on earth to create a problem so he/ she can solve it. you know like a chameleon can change color to suit his/her enviroment.
    i wonder if mr smith is or has created another problem, or is he having lunch with jon?

  • LouisFriend

    Snide? I thought it was witty.

    • Concerned

      So what if it was witty? Our tax dollars should be paying Suffolk County Employees of his stature to conduct themselves in a businesslike manner, not be snide comedians.

    • Don't Need Witty

      His letter should have been short and to the point, not witty. I don’t need my taxes to be wasted on witty.

  • oh please...

    They are allowed to be people too, have an opinion and they get paid when they are on the clock. Not 24/7. Grow up.

    • Don't Need Witty

      Your defense of Smith is startlingly nonsensical.

      By putting his executive title on the letter, Smith is writing as a Suffolk County official, not a private citizen. Whether he wrote it “on the clock” or not is irrelevant. He is speaking with the authority of his executive position behind him. That’s what matters, and that’s what makes the tone of his rant so inappropriate.

  • henry dam

    posibly the cell tower should be revisited , by all cocerned. .the point is is the project appproved or not ?or are we kicking a dead horse .instead of enlightment i read a vendetta of political personalities . but of coarse there is the first amend.that excuses political bigotry.

  • henry dam

    posibly the cell tower should be revisited , by all cocerned. .the point is is the project appproved or not ?or are we kicking a dead horse .instead of enlightment i read a vendetta of political personalities . but of coarse there is the first amend.that excuses political bigotry.
    did i repeat myself?

  • No Tower

    Let’s ignore the political bulls–t for a moment. Yes, this lovely museum is in financial distress. That does not give it carte blanche to abuse its neighbors. Already, endless parties are hosted on the museum grounds for fundraising purposes. The racket and traffic from those is already an imposition on the neighborhood. Now they want to permanently irradiate us with a cell phone tower? I don’t think so.

  • Bye, bye Steve Levy

    Who cares what Steve Levy thinks any more? The guy’s almost out the door, and good riddance. It’s no secret that he never cared about Huntington or the people who live here.

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