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Proposal of a Vanderbilt Museum Cell Tower

Elizabeth Black, Candidate for Suffolk County Legislature 18th LD

On May 12, 2009, the Suffolk County Legislature unanimously approved a plan brought forward by Jon Cooper to build a cell phone tower at the Vanderbilt Museum in Centerport. The tower would be constructed by a private communications company who would then make monthly payments to the County for use of the tower. The most optimistic estimates of the revenue to be generated by this project are between $60,000.00 and $150,000.00. A final approval by the Suffolk County Legislature is required.

An examination of the history of this project reveals that it grew out of the financial woes that threatened, and, by all accounts, continue to threaten, the existence of the museum. It was, in fact, a project to generate revenue. Thereafter, in all too typical a fashion, its promoter began to spin it as a project to address a “safety hazard.” Without very much empirical data we are asked to believe that first responders are confronted with a very serious communications problem in the Centerport community and that this tower will eliminate that problem. If the tower were truly needed for public emergency support then its use should be limited to such a purpose. The project proposed is entirely commercial. Any emergency service benefit is wholly serendipitous.

I, as a Suffolk County Legislator, would vote no to this project. Of primary importance is the fact that the venture is probably unlawful. Parkland cannot be used for private commercial purposes without State legislative approval. Although commercial entities can be employed to implement services associated with park activities, such as concession stands, the cell tower is not such a service.

On a philosophical basis, I find nothing attractive about it. Little is known about the health effects of microwave transmissions. Though, on the broad scale, we have come to accept such risks, placing such a potential hazard in our parks and recreational facilities where we invite our children to gather is one such risk, I and many others, are not willing to suffer. As a plan to raise revenue it falls far short of what would be needed to put the museum on a firm footing. Such hodge-podge financial planning is not what this community deserves. Though I agree that some form of public commercial compact will possibly be needed to rescue this important and treasured landmark, this deal is not the one. Such commercial compact would need to remain within the restrictions of the public trust in which the County holds this parkland and must be calculated to give the museum a healthy chance to survive.

Elizabeth C. Black

Candidate for Suffolk County Legislature 18th LD


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93 comments to Proposal of a Vanderbilt Museum Cell Tower

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t you the lady that voted to close Jack Abrams?

  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone vote for you when you voted to overcrowd the schools in district 3, thus reducing student performance, as is already being indicated. Furthermore, you based a decision to close a school against hundred that opposed your vote.

    • Barbara

      Agree, except it was more like thousands who didn’t agree with her. The last election spoke volumes about how our community really felt. Too bad Liz still isn’t listening to what the people want.

    • Mike

      Agree, except it was more like thousands who didn’t agree with her. The last election spoke volumes about how our community really felt. Too bad Liz still isn’t listening to what the people want.

      • 1,000s?

        Really. I was at the meetings that went on until 1:00 in the morning. The people who were districted to the school didn’t want to go anymore. Then, the people who were going to be reassigned to the school didn’t want to go. 1,000s is a bit of an exaggeration, but the room was always full. Probably because some guy was shooting a gun at people on the corner of Lowndes Avenue just before the school was about to let out, but never mind that little fact.

  • michael

    fight on liz
    hundreds also agreed with liz
    pick a fight with petrone who is the cause of this mess

  • Anonymous

    she can’t even handle a single issue without dividing a community, how can she possibly handle a broader role in Gov?

  • Anonymous

    It makes a lot more sense to put it here than in the middle of someone’s residential block!!!

    Additionally, the needs of first responders-those entrusted with our care in emergency situations, should be something we care about.

  • Voting

    I appreciate Ms. Black putting her positions out there and I know it must not be an easy thing to do on sites where anyone can post any kind of a response. However, I will be voting for Mr. Spencer. Ms. Black has shown us on the School Board that she really doesn’t push for what is needed. For example, she voted no for the recent budget but didn’t request additional meetings to work out the kinks and make it better. She is entrusted, as a School board member, to create a budget that can be supported and then she doesn’t support it…that doesn’t work for me. I also saw her vote to shut down a school for worry about safety and then do nothing to fight to make the neighborhood safer. Like I said, I appreciate her gusto in running for office and I would like to see more women run for Legislative office, but I will be voting for Mr. Spencer.

  • Anonymous

    You mean DR. Density(Spencet)??
    Liz has my vote for sure!!!

    • Dr Density Black

      i dont think Liz Black is a Dr but Dr Density sure fits her when she closed Jack A clasroom density sure went up everytime I see Dr Density I see Dr Density Black. She has proven results in increasing our children’s density in Huntington classrooms

  • Scare tactics don't work

    Anyone who knows anything about Spencer’s positions knows he’s not “Doc Density.” I’ll be voting for Spencer too…

  • molly

    Liz is a tough as nails, smart as a whip woman who has consistently fought the good fight regardless of what people say about her..She has a integrity and never vacillates on an issue that is for the good of all. Vote for a politician that you can trust like Liz.

    • concernedcitizen

      That is the problem. Anyone who knows Liz Black from the Huntington Union Free School District knows that she cannot be trusted. She is indeed a politician but only in the worst sense of the word. Her recent “articles” on this website are sickening examples of her unique ability to pander to fears of the community. She should not represent us in the Legislature. That would be a disaster and a gross injustice.

      • I am anyone who knows

        And Liz Black has my trust.

      • Poor Adam

        Mr “don’t censor me” got his wish, got on the school board and can’t speak out anymore so he can only do it here (over and over and over again) talking to himself. I bet the IP adress shows Spector is at least 3/4 of the “I hate Liz” posts. Oh do tell tattler!

        Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it. STIFEL!

        Only his Democrat supporter Ms Sanin herself is lobbying for Berland/Spender.

  • Doc Density

    RIGHT! He’s not Dr Density……He was on the Huntington Housing Authority and was in charge of misappropriating section 8 voucher funds. He is all about low income housing and shove it in Huntington Station so it’s no where near his lilly white Centerport neighborhood. For God’s sake he is the whitest black man I have ever met!

    Go ahead, vote for him, because the people voting for him are all Petrone supporters or shills like Adam. Adam posts here all the time as he no longer does on facebook because he can’t. Too scared his words will be used against him so he only posts here, every chance he gets to slam Liz.

  • Personal attacks are immature

    Ok so you don’t like this person or that person…who cares!!! This shouldn’t be a debate about who you like! It should be about who we are voting for and why. I hear the above poster who said Liz Black is smart as a whip. I believe it–BUT she shows up to school board meetings unprepared. I don’t need to elect the smartest person, I want to elect the person most dedicated to making all of our Township better. Huntington Station is not the only area with challenges. Greenlawn is having issues with crime and the Village is not immune. I’m voting for Spencer-as are my friends.

  • Teachers that shut down schools

    Teachers that shut down schools…doesn’t sit right with me. What will she do if given more power and County money to appropriate? I hope we don’t have to find out. Good for her for running for office, but bad for us if she gets elected!

  • Hating on Liz

    If you hate her so much on your school board then why don’t you take the easy way out and vote her into Legislation.

    Now is your chance to get rid of her you dummies!


    I think a cell tower would be a Great improvement to this area. The signel is very poor in the hills of this location. All you Nimby’s need to think that the sun does far more damage to your body then the radio transmissions.

  • No thanks

    I don’t see the logic. If she’s not doing right by our school district, not being responsible with budgets or the use of our buildings, why would we want to vote her into a position of greater power? It doesn’t make much sense. We need just the opposite…We need to vote her off the school board next year and not vote her into legislative office. There may be other great ways that she can participate and help…just not from an elected office.

  • Enos Throop

    There’s 15 years of hard, scientific, nationwide data that shows no risk for cell phone waves. Plus, having your cell to your ear is 1000x the exposure. I can’t stand pols who sieze on an issue and take a position that they “think” will appeal to the masses, rather than an intellectual, pragmatic approach to common problems. I don’t know much about Spencer, but this woman is already showing herself to be the kind of opportunistic candidate that grows like a cancer on good government.

  • Anonymous

    Good government?? LOL!!

  • @Enos

    Spencers letter in 2 articles down on the tattler. He also thinks we should not have the cell tower. For all the reasons you just said Ms Black is “opportunistic candidate that grows like a cancer on good government.”

    Spencer is Petrone’s little pet. Someone else who can be controlled by the democratic policies being put forth by petrone to cripple Huntington.

  • @Enos

    Spencers letter is 2 articles down on the front of tattler. He also thinks we should not have the cell tower. For all the reasons you just said Ms Black is “opportunistic candidate that grows like a cancer on good government.” He is taking the same opportunitys.

    Spencer is Petrone’s little pet. Someone else who can be controlled by the democratic policies being put forth by petrone to cripple Huntington.

    My only guess is Ms Black must be a threat to winning the 18th seat or you would not bother to comment. Notice no one has commented on the Spencer article? Says it all…..

  • My Town Too

    Flashback here. Anyone else remember a cell tower being put on Finley, hidden somewhere, for either the Halesite or Huntington Fire Dept? Years ago. Didn’t Liz vote yes for that one?

  • Rachel

    @My Town Too: Thank you for pointing that out. I did not know she voted FOR a cell tower some time ago. A bit hypocritical.
    @Enos: Spencer’s article is blocked for comments. RE: Commenting only because Black is a threat? If that’s true, then many of you must truly feel threatened by all the community members and regular parents you malign so regularly.
    @Voting: Agree 100%. She should have come up with a budget she could vote on. And yes she closed a school, forced overcrowding on our students, and closed the book on that school. She has told people to move on and doesn’t want to address a multi-million dollar property that sits empty. A complete waste of our assets and our district’s potential.
    I’m sure Ms Black is a nice woman, but I fear her have any more power than she already has.

    • Anon

      I would not send my children to that wasted real estate and neither would many other people of the district.

      • HS resident

        @Anon: When the school reopens, and it will eventually, you and your neighbors have a choice: send them to JAI, enroll them privately, or move. Many of you have already chosen to send your children to private schools this year because you couldn’t stand the overcrowding last year — a direct result of closing that school.

        Hopefully our BOE and Superintendent can take some measures to make you feel at ease with the school’s neighborhood. But if not, sending your child elsewhere is your choice. Closing a school should never have been the answer.

  • Huntington tax payer

    Why not get found money into the town and help keep our taxes down.Who would even see an antenna there.Whoes side are you on??You lost my vote

  • Sorry Liz

    Liz Black lost my vote when she voted to close Jack Abrams. A gutless decision that has irreparably harmed our school district and our kids. No way will I support her run for higher office.

  • Rational Citizen

    Another panderer. There is no scientific evidence that cell phone towers pose a health risk. Leaders claiming such a danger play on baseless fears; it is the worse type of pandering. It was terrible to read a medical doctor (Dr. Spencer) give credence to this anti-intellectual, anti-scientific position. He knows better. How reprehensible. Now Ms. Black joins the shrill chorus. When will we have some honest, reasoned leadership?

    • Seriously

      There is a perceived risk by the public that impacts the property values of the neighborhood. This is a fact. Just because there is no proof does not mean the risk is not there. what do you propose put it up and say oops later.

  • Good decision

    I support Ms. Blacks’s vote to close Jack Abrams. There are many district parents and residents who do.

  • Closure

    Liz will always be known as a Teacher who shuts down schools. What will she shut down if elected? Will she avoid our neighborhoods? She allows a building to sit empty, wasting resources and overcrowding classrooms. This is not a decision-maker I can trust!

  • Dr. Evil

    Her vote to close Jack Abrams should end any political career she hopes to have.

    • Hey!!

      Adam Spector why you up at 2am? Get some sleep buddy! How come you can’t get that school open? Burning the midnight oil trying to squeeze blood from a stone? Ask your buddy Petrone for some but do it before the elcetions because after that he wont care who you are anymore.


    It is so funny to think that there are people who are STILL trying to link Petrone to BOE members! I get that you didn’t want some people to be voted in but now that they are, work with everyone. Everyone should work with the whole Board of Ed the best that they can. We have a new Superintendent and it is a new day in Huntington Schools. Hopefully he will be the one to teach all of us what is best, and the Board won’t have to make decisions without really strong guidance. Closure of Abrams was knee-jerk—most taxpayers won’t stand for it anymore and it’s why most people I know will vote for Spencer. BUT as long as Liz Black continues to be on the School Board, we should try to be supportive of all BOE members and not try to undermine everything when they are in a VOLUNTEER role. Vote for Spencer-of course-but be supportive of the new direction of this school district and those who are trying to help by serving on the BOE.

  • Observer

    I think this thread has gone off the rails in terms of the original topic, but what it comes down to, as it has so many times before, is that places like Centerport matter (because most of the people who live there are white and rich or at least quite comfortable) and other places don’t. Politicians who pander to the power base of places like Centerport cannot do enough to fight things like cell towers, yet ignore things like shootings and killings in places like Huntington Station because no one who lives there matters.

  • HS resident

    I hope the VT does the right thing and removes this post. You don’t have to like the man’s politics, but your racial comments offend anyone with an ounce of decency.

  • Ignore HS?

    The only person who has ignored Huntington Station is Liz Black who voted for a policy to avoid the area!!! Spencer has been active in trying to address gang issues and has always been committed to HS!

  • Same old thing

    We can blame all the parents of JAI students for closing the school. They were the ones pushing for a reconfiguration of the district.


    You can’t blame the PARENTS, or VIOLENCE or the TOWN for closing Abrams…you can only blame those who VOTED for the decision and pushed for it…i.e. Ms. Black and 3 others.

    • Anon

      Again, it was the parents that demanded action. Or maybe you don’t remember the Mom’s walking on Town Hall and rallies they held outside trying to get Petrone to listen. Maybe you don’t remember the Board Members who voted for a 6th grade center in order to limit the number of students in attendance at the building at one time. Let’s not act like these Board Members just woke up one day and decided to make some changes. People were screaming for the changes to be made.

  • HS resident

    True, Spencer is the only candidate who has tried to come up with ideas and programs to help that neighborhood. Where has Liz Black been? She closed the school and moved on.

  • Answer

    Dr Spencer is a political outsider with a fresh face and new ideas looking to follow in legislator coopers footprints. With legislator coopers endorsement he will continue to fight the battles for the constituents that Jon has been fighting. Spencer is a doctor and a small business owner with experience in creating jobs in our community.

  • Dr Spencer

    I know Dr Spencer to be an independent businessman who isn’t beholden to anyone and will be a compassionate, fiscally responsible legislator who will represent the residents of his district and not his own self interest…unlike his opponent who raised taxes millions of dollars, Dr Spencer will fight to keep a lid on Suffolk’s portion of the tax bill.

  • Vote for Dr. Spencer

    Dr. Spencer will do a great job. He is responsible, wise, prudent, compassionate and invested in all that he does.

  • Vote for Spencer

    Spencer knows first hand what it means to be a small business owner—he will bring the change we need to Huntington…Liz Black is a vote for more of the same divisive politics.

  • @vote for spencer

    oh God not more change! Obama gave us change…..look at us now!

  • Positive Change

    We need our our 18th district to have a legislator who can build consensus and work with all people. Doc Spencer is that guy. He sure has our vote! The alternative is a current elected official who divided the community in a terrible vote to waste a building.

  • huh??

    How is a Ears Nose & Throat Doctor equal to a small business? He works out of Huntington Hospital which receives state funding. Seems he likes stuff that gets state and federal funding. Sure he rents a place on Carver to see patients but really? thats not a small business owner. Nice way to try to spin something he is not. I still laugh at why an ENT would go into politics.

    • correction

      Dr Spencer does not rent he owns his building. He started his own medical practice, he makes a payroll, he provides health insurance,and unemployment brenefits. He pays SD3 taxes in his property taxes, he pays MTA taxes, he provides jobs consistently in this down economy, he has a budget, he has to maintain inventory, he has to negotiate contracts, and his business has been successful through strong fiscal management. He has no leins, bankrupcies, defaults or judgements. He is a small business owner providing over a dozen stable jobs right here in our town. That’s what he brings to the table. We need more people to get involved.

      • Station Mom

        He’s also one of the most compassionate people I know. As a doctor, he treated many members of our family and our friends. I know him professionally, I’ve met him personally, and I know he is pursuing a political position because he cares about our ENTIRE community. To repeat what others have said, where has Liz Black been since she closed the school? What actions has she taken to work towards reopening it? I’m furious that we’re paying to keep a school open but empty, that my children have been overcrowded for two years. She just refused to discuss it, every month, as she sits in the very auditorium of the school she pushed to close.

        • the other station Mom

          Well he misdiagnosed my kid for over a year and he had to be taken to Schneiders Childrens Hospital to be fixed. All I know is I have been seeing that guy walking in the parades for over a year now, someone pointed out last year he was with the Huntington Housing Authority and now he is with Susan Burland, Glenda Jackson and a few other career politicians who have single handedly messed this town up and if thats who he is hanging out with then we can expect more of the same. NOTHING. Sorry but no more second chances with Huntington anymore. No more Democrats in office that know all the other democrats that are pushing through a really messed up high density agenda. They stuff more in, it brings in more crime, the school gets closed and you get to blame Ms Black for circumstances beyond her control that the democrats created in the first place.

          • Huntington Mom

            Wow same thing happened to my kid. Small world. Thank God it was just his ears and was a minor tube issue. Still scary though.

          • Go Liz another mom

            I support Liz Black because I have different views from Spencer. If we want to her to win we have to keep it on the issues. Dr. Spencer saved my childs life. I have heard that over and over again. I have three children and they get sick constantly and the diagnosis is constantly changing when I see doctors because the kids change from allergies, to viruses to infections. Kids don’t get fixed and their conditions are constantly changing. Doc is one hell of a physician if we start getting personal we are going to cause a backlash against Liz lets stick with the politics.

      • What he brings is......

        More low income housing to YOUR neighborhood. VOTE NO to Spencer, Berland and Jackson.

  • NOBAMA!!!

    Obama promised change, positive change. I am NOT buying that line anymore.

    Another Democrat? Nope.
    More change? Nope.
    Lower taxes? hahahahaha. too funny, by adding in more density????

    All you get with Spencer is Sanin in a cushy legislative assistant’s job. Her and her hubby are working their butts off to get to bozo elected.

    No thanks. No more Obama policies in Huntington, all Democrats OUT! NO NO NO NO NO More of the same pain we have felt since Obama got in.

    We have had enough.

  • Crazy!!!!

    Lots and Lots of People in Huntington, HS, Northport and Dix Hills are working to get Spencer elected because he is BY FAR the most qualified candidate for Legislative office! Liz Black pushed for a vote at midnight that hadn’t been vetted because she thought she knew how people would vote-and she was wrong. Liz Black voted to leave a huge facility empty but still pay for it. Liz Black is wasteful and Liz Black doesn’t have the vote of ANYONE I know. She is a teacher that shut down a school. With more authority, who knows what other great things she might close.

  • A Vote for Liz is Irresponsible

    Liz Black is a woman who I applaud for going after her political dreams-but she’s not the person we want in office. She makes decisions that do not protect the taxpayer in her current role. In fact, as a BOE member she didn’t vote for the budget saying she couldn’t support it but she never asked for extra working sessions to get it to a point that it could be supported. She has great ambitions, but she’s certainly not a candidate I could every vote for.

  • Vote for Spencer

    I was recently thinking about what makes a person choose to vote for a candidate. Certainly, experience matters. Positions on important issues matter. Party-affiliation matters to some. Still…there is something more. I could never vote for a candidate that I didn’t believe had real caring about every constituent. It’s a hard thing to measure-surely-but if I don’t believe a candidate is kind and interested in the problems of all areas represented, I couldn’t possibly vote for them. I can confidently put my vote behind Spencer. He has stood by all of our neighborhoods and communities in Huntington. He has always listened and cared about people. No problem is too small or too great for him to consider important. This is a candidate I can put my trust in and he has my vote.

  • experience matters

    Yes, since the 18th district is over run with ear infections and tube issues we should all vote for Spencer!

    Antibiotics and Q-tips for everyone!

  • Dummy of the Year award

    >>> Need you help regarding the hot housing issue. A lot of misinformation out there with strong emotional rhetoric.
    >>> Very Important! Please take the time to read.
    >>> Please distribute to everyone you know so they may judge the situation based on facts which can be supported.
    >>> Gateway Gardens currently has 30 family and 10 senior apartments built in 1967.
    >>> Despite aggressive capital improvements and replacement of roofs, sidewalks, plumbing and windows over the years, the homes are in serious need of renovations. Renovations will improve property values in the area according to local respected real estate attorney experts.
    >>> Reputation of Housing Authority
    >>> There are over 22000 rental properties in the town of Huntington and only 410 properties are section 8 about 2%. All section 8 properties meet Federal housing quality standards and all section 8 properties are inspected annually. Huntington Housing Authority audited Section 8 program scored a 97% by a third party auditor placing the authority in the top percentile of over 3300 housing authorities across the country. Housing Authority requires all properties coming on the program to register with the town and to have a Certificate of Occupancy.
    >>> Myth 1 Section 8 is placed disproportionately in Huntington. Housing Authority does not place section 8 housing. People that are given a voucher must find a landlord who will accept the voucher. If the landlord accepts, the home is inspected to make sure it meets standards. A resident with a voucher can go any where in the country and use that voucher.
    >>> Locations of section 8 homes are not revealed to protect the family’s privacy. There are a lot of claims that homes with multiple meters and multiple families, poor conditions or reports of crime are section 8 housing. Any time we here a claim we investigate and if true the individual and or the landlord are removed from the program. We have one of the best enforcement records in the country but overwhelming majority of illegal housing and crime do not involve Section 8 housing.
    >>> Myth 2 Supreme court ruled that no more section 8 is allowed in Huntington. This is not true. Section 8 is portable. The are no bans on Section 8 because it is not placed in a particular area.
    >>> Myth 3 Huntington station is overwhelmed with Section 8 and public housing. Actually the reverse is true. There is a severe shortage of safe registered housing contributes to the illegal housing. Compared to similar townships on the island the record of new housing has been abysmal. The people are already here when they don’t have legal housing they reside in illegal housing increasing the crime and danger in illegal housing through further crowding. Gangs love this.
    >>> Myth 4 Section 8 housing and public housing properties do not pay taxes. Section 8 property landlords pay taxes just like everyone else. Public Housing units also have taxes paid on them by the Housing Authority to the town in the form of Payments in Lieu of Taxes. No property is tax free.
    >>> Housing Authority has over 665 seniors on a waiting list for housing for more than 5 years. According to the CDA 5 year plan there may be as many as 6100 seniors who need housing in the town of Huntington. There are over 2000 families on our waiting list looking for housing. The need is great. The people are already here.
    >>> To renovate the existing failing infrastructure the Housing Authority partnering with a private developer and applying for tax credits, will bring in 20 million dollars in private funds to renovate the Lownes Ave area and add 36 senior only homes to the 3 acre property.
    >>> It is the housing authority’s job to seek housing solutions to help our community.
    >>> Benefits
    >>> Not one additional child will by brought into the school district. The property when completed and assessed will bring in $100,000 of additional revenue into school district 3 every year forever. The school district has a major budget crisis and has a responsibility to secure funding for education.
    >>> Opponent indicate there will be a great increase in density that will establish a precedent. Density increase traffic, lowers property values and burdens the school district and is aesthetically unappealing. Here is why our proposal does none of these things. The effective density is the same.
    >>> We are building 36 – 600sf 1 bedroom senior units. There will be no children. It is against the law. Seniors drive at a rate of .6 of the standard population so traffic will not be impacted. The location is on a bus line next to a train station near a shopping center. This will give a boost to the local economy. The deteriorating area will be given a face lift and property values will increase.
    >>> The senior units are 1/3 the size of a typical unit. The size of all the additional unit buildings in total spread over 3 acres would be the same as if we built an additional 15 three bedroom family units within the code.
    >>> Remember the school district gets $100,000 a year in additional revenue forever.
    >>> The additional seniors moving into the apartments would be in the 30 to 60% income levels that is an income between 30-60K / year with an avg income of 40K. These are senior who have lived worked and retired in this community. This is a win for seniors, a win for our school and a win for Huntington.
    >>> This is nothing like the Avalon project in size are scope but after the Avalon defeat and through the power of social media it appears the facts no longer matter. Help me set the record straight and get the facts out there.
    >>> Please distribute to all your Facebook and email contacts, blogs and local media.
    >>> Please call me to discuss and or debate
    >>> Sincerely
    >>> Dr William Spencer
    >>> Chairman of the Huntington Housing Authority

    • What?

      Dr. Spencer, I thought the ZBA ruled against the senior housing on Lowndes Avenue. Are you saying that even though the district hired a lawyer and the ZBA turned you down you are still going to push this through anyway? Yes, it is like Avalon Bay. It was voted down but somehow it ends up getting built anyway. So, you are no different. Also, to Myth No 2. The court DID rule that Huntington Township must stop concentrating all its low income housing in Huntington Station. No one said the court ruled specifically section 8. You really need to read up on that. Myth No. 4, Yes, Section 8 landlords pay property taxes as well as Public Housing. How much of the housing you are talking about is tax negative? Give us a number. You sent out a glossy saying you were going to keep our taxes down. So, surely you can tell us how much of this housing is negative because you must have taken that into consideration in your calculations.

  • concernedcitizen

    Look at Liz Black’s record in raising taxes in our school district. Sure, she voted against this year’s budget because she was running for office. But check out her “tax” record over the years. Check out her attendance records at meetings. You will be appalled.

  • @concerned citizen

    Name any tax in any county in any state that did not see a tax increase. Tell the WHOLE truth and not just the 1/2 you want to tell.

    Want another spin? Spencer increased density which increased taxes that Liz fought hard to keep lower than they should have been.

    It’s all about perception.

    • Seriously

      liz gave up on the community waved a white flag to gangs, closed a school and increased classroom density on our children. she voted 6 times to increase taxes by more than 30% and we got less teachers, and services. youre right its all about perception.

      • Buzz Buzz

        And Doc Density wants to bring in more people so that you can pay even more money for less school services…in SD3. Not in his SD6. Nope, none of that high density housing in Centerport or Greenlawn.

        • Doc Density Black

          Yes Doc density black, closed a school, lost state funding, lowered property values, increased classroom density and raised your taxes 6 times.

  • Liz's voting

    Anyone remember the security guy brought in by Liz that our district paid—was in 8k or 10k to…that was going to do a security audit? Anyone ever see a report? How about the vote in which she agreed to spend $ to send a lawyer to town hall? Great, consensus building Liz! Or what about when she didn’t vote for the budget she’s responsible for putting forth? Or the 6th grade center call for a vote at midnight that she then said she did assuming a different outcome? Or the final vote to close the building in the district that actually has room for the kids??? VOTE SPENCER ALL THE WAY.

    • Kathy

      ..the security guy who was her friend, right? Knowing we were going to face a tough budget year, she gave our money to her friend, who hasn’t produced a report YET (how long has it been now???), money that should have gone to our children. She comes unprepared to every meeting, reading through her material for the first time while she sits in front of the community she was elected to serve. Trust me, she wasn’t the only BOE member who wasn’t unhappy with the budget. Some thought it was too high (Rich, Bill, Liz), some thought we should at least try to pass a slightly higher one and avoid all the teacher cuts and 1/2 day kindergarten. But it was their job to come up with a budget they felt the community could support and they all had to compromise. What if EVERY board member refused to vote on a budget because they were unhappy with it? Way to shirk your responsibilities, Liz!

  • No money for your kids.....

    Go ahead, vote for Spencer. There will be NO money left for your kids once they have all the pieces in place to be sure all the low income housing is in Huntington Station and not in any of their school districts. You are really fooling yourself if you don’t believe it.

  • Spencer is FOR the kids

    ENOUGH!!! Spencer is one of the most deeply committed advocates for kids. He spends his entire life devoted to healing children. He is not looking to make HS a low-income mecca, he’s TRYING TO SOLVE problems not run for them. He brought in the Guardian Angels to try to HELP the issue around Abrams. His opponent shut down the school and let the district abandon a neighborhood. Geez, not a really hard choice for me…SPENCER ALL THE WAY.

  • LIZ is More for the KIDS!

    ENOUGH! Right back’atcha! Stop trying to make Liz look like she raised taxes when taxes never even go down. Name any time ever that a Board of Ed in our Country said let’s put forth a -4% budget this year for the PUBLIC TO VOTE ON in an OPEN ELECTION which happens every year. So WE THE PUBLIC ARE TO BLAME FOR HIGH BUDGETS not BOE members that decide at what rate. Your twisting the whole BOE, voting process to suit your needs.

    Spencer will increase density and increase all taxes for all 8 school districts in the entire town, hands down.

    Him and Bellone (both Democrats) are pushing high density smoke-n-mirror agendas that will in fact increase your taxes. Look into Bellones Wyandach Rising….sounds just like Avalon Bay in another town and guess what? it is.

    • Doc Density Black

      Name a board of ed in this country that closed a school, lost state funding, lowered property values, cut services, fired teachers, as well as raised taxes. We realize times are tough, but you dont surrender to the gangs, stuffing our kids in over crowded classrooms getting their art on a cart instead of a room. Knee jerk reaction now the super recommends reopening the school and now you have too spend millions more reopening the school. That’s not smoke and mirrors density and tax increases, that is real! Liz Black is high density for our kids not perceived but real. Liz Black = high density, high taxes, getting less paying more= Dr Density Black.

      • Doubt it.

        Board of Ed members have all that power to do all that???? OK Rebecca you just keep fighting hard for that $90K Legislative Assistant Job.

        Looks like Sanin went to the dark side. She now supports high density = high crime based on the Democrats agenda. You lost your way Rebecca. You used to inspire others, now you just piss them off.

        • Density Black

          Yes the board did all that. When you close a school there is a domino impact. Closed school does not get state funding, property values around a school that is closed go down, all those kids pile into other classrooms mean that density of classes go up. When you reopen school you have to reallign staff which cost money, closed school also costs jobs. closed school sends message to community you are not important and gangs win. School board closed school, yes the board did all that and more. Liz Black is high density for are kids. It was a 4-3 vote she could have made a difference. This is real not an agenda. Oh by the way sorry this is not Rebecca. This is just some of the every day hard working people that live in the community which you forgot about.

  • Incorrect

    It’s just not true. Liz Black DID vote to spend $2 million dollars of TAXPAYER money on facility development when there was an EMPTY building and NO PLAN in place for the district. That’s just fact. A number of Board members did not vote this way because they thought, as did most of the voters, that it would be irresponsible to spend money with no plan whatsoever. Vote for Spencer…without a doubt.

  • Talk about angry...

    If the folks who post on here and support Liz Black are the kinds of people associated with her, then she does not have my vote. Why can’t there be a normal, nice discussion on the issues? I am supporting Spencer for three FACTUAL reasons: 1. Taxes—he’ll hold the line, she’ll raise them. She’s proven that as a school board memeber. 2. Planning: he’s already outlined plans to help youth, address crime etc. She voted to spend taxpayer $$$ with no plan. 3. Experience: He’s run a business, he can relate to the small business owner AND the family taxpayer. He can relate to people and be for the people. SPENCER HAS MY VOTE…AND MOST PEOPLE I NOW FOR SURE!

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