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In Remembrance of 9/11: We Will Never Forget


West Neck Rd., Lloyd Harbor

4th Avenue side of West 11th Street

West 11th Street, Huntington Station

Bay Path Court, Huntington

Cold Spring Harbor WTC Memorial

Fort Salonga Road, Centerport

Fort Hill Nursery, Route 25A

Huntington Town Hall

Fort Salonga Road, Centerport

Memorial Plaque, Albemarle Rd and East Rogues Path, Huntington Station

Huntington Manor Memorial

New York Avenue, Huntington Village

Neighborhood Memorial at Albamerle Road and East Rogues Path, Huntington Station

Water Well, Huntington Village


Southdown area, Huntington

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4 comments to In Remembrance of 9/11: We Will Never Forget

  • henry dam

    we will never forget . it wwas islam that declared war on the west today and five hundred years ago in the Quaram .]Koran]Allah and Islam has never acted to my knowlege to stop the killing of unblievers ergo infidels.

  • Bulldog

    Don’t Forget-NEVER Forgive!

  • henry dam

    never forget never forgive great reply . one should note there were many muslims killed on 911 islam deems them as martyrs or soiders of allah, but victims of western oppression. intresting how many muslims became scarce on 912.they were all aware of the inpending attack. so much for innocence.

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