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Update: Assault on New York Avenue

Suffolk County Police arrested Maritza Rios last night.

Suffolk County Police have arrested a Huntington Station woman who was involved in an altercation on New York Avenue in Huntington on August 20, see

Maritza Rios became involved in an altercation with two women on New York Avenue on Saturday, August 20 at approximately 3:25 a.m. One victim suffered a concussion and another suffered a broken nose and lacerations to the face. Both women were treated at a local area hospital.

Following an investigation, Second Squad detectives arrested Rios, age 24, yesterday at approximately 11:30 p.m. She was charged with two counts of Assault 2nd Degree. Rios was held overnight and scheduled for arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip on August 27.

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24 comments to Update: Assault on New York Avenue

  • Really?

    Hmm, Maritza Rios. Huntington Station. Wow, what a shock. Who’d have thought that?

    And it took them a week to figure that out?

    Hey, does she live in a Pius house? Or one of the other slumlords?

    Just trying to help find the accomplices….

    • Pius

      Why do the police now withhold the address of the person arrested. It’s public information yet when you FOIL it they refuse to provide it? Coverup for Pius and the other slumlords who use our tax dollars to harbor criminals.

  • Rocket88

    Throw this POS in the pokey and then run her out of town on a rail! We need to stop worrying about how friendly and “undertanding” we need to be, and get a little more tough around the collar with criminals.Make it a two step process. Step 1 throw them in jail, step 2 throw them out of town. In time, we might have a nice neighborhood again.

  • tsk tsk

    for all the public knows
    she can be an illegal from down under

    notice when ever an illegal alien gets arrested
    they are called Huntington Station resident

  • Jerome W.

    Get this LOSER the heck out of this town! POS!!

  • Anonymous

    All of you are living in a secluded mind set. Young men are being assaulted in the village every other weekend. It is all races, nationalities the rich are no better. Don’t get me wrong I don’t agree we should have illegals and Pius needs to clean up his mess but wake up. We have a theater 4X the size of IMAC being built and Avalon Bays with these increases in population are we getting more police ? We don’t have enough police now. The town is like the Wild West when the bars let out. Young men do not report all altercations. We need to demand more police for our town.

  • we are broke

    more police means much more higher taxes

    taxpayers are tapped out

    when Petrone gets his developments expect the population of criminals to increase

    but number of cops will remain the same or even less

  • Ruh Row!

    You know we had a Hurricane since this article posted. Hello!

  • Anonymous

    Shes not an illegal immigrant. She is a legal us citizen born and raised. You all are ignorant and should be ashamed of yourselves for your racist comments. None of you, im pretty sure, have no idea what actually happened, because you werent there. Yet,you are placing judgement because of her skin tone. Not only that but since when did petty girl fights become such a big issue? Had the victims been of any other race none of you who commented would be concerned. People get shot and killed and it doesnt make headlines the way this did.

  • To Anonymous

    Ms. Rios broke one girls nose and cut one girls face. There is video showing her and her accomplice as they strut through the alley by Value Drug looking for trouble. They meant to do harm and were successful. This is not a “girl fight”. This is a dangerous woman, even if the colour of her skin was purple. One can only hope, for the sake of the rest of the residents of Huntington, that the Judge who hears her case will understand the danger to society that she represents.She needs to be locked up.

    • Anonymous

      I understand that a broken nose isnt what any one wants to has but really it doesnt take that much force to do. You stated that there is a video taping of the incident but that video seems to have not reached the surface and when it does im pretty sure it will show what really happened. You, yourself has not seen this video and I didnt see anywhere in the news paper or internet articles stating that she cut the victim. This incident I must admit doesnt look good on her behalf but shes not a threat to society. Shes being portrayed as a gruesome monster when she was merely defending herself, but of course since shes the one who did damage shes the one in the wrong. The arguement escalated when one of the victims thought that she was going to verbally and physically attack Ms. Rios. She showed them.

  • To Anonymous

    I have to ask if you saw the video of Ms Rios and her friends as they filmed themselves beating up their victims. These are not good people who are being mistakenly called out because of their race. These were kids with weapons, willing to use them and proud to video themselves as they did. There comes a time when you have to question the call of racism. How far can a peson go before race is not an issue? Does someone get carte blanche because they are of a certain race? If this was a bunch of “white” kids, no one would question how horrendous their actions were. We would be tallking instead about how the kids parents can afford a lawyer to get them off. But they were not white kids, so we have to be politcally correct and almost go as far as let this slide. Enough. White, Black, Hispanic, Asian – who cares? You break someones nose, you cut someones face – who does that? You are a danger to society, period.

  • Ruh Row!

    “The Village Tattler was without power until Friday, September 1.”

    What, no library card? The internet did not shut down.

  • Petroned

    Because our government refuses to close an open border with Mexico and up to 25 or more million illegal aliens have entered in the last 20 years, you can not blame people for thinking she might be an illegal immigrant. That is not being racist. It was and still is racist to allow people into the country illegally so they can be used and abused for cheap labor. Both Republicans and Democrats are to be blamed for this man made disaster.

  • I be knowing

    Maritza is a very sweet young woman and she is a mother to two beautiful girls who she takes well good care of, you shouldn’t judge her bc y’all all white KKK. She is black and puerto rican, she is not an immigrant you need to think before you speak

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