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The Hurricane Irene Transcript

Irene's path. Credit: National Hurricane Center

Village Tattler welcomes your photos, drawings, journal entries within reason, and comments about your experience of Hurricane Irene. If you have power and are able to get online, send your photos to The format must be jpeg or giff with a maximum of 2 MB. You can leave your comments right here after this article.

Stay safe and follow the advice we posted from the Halesite Fire Department:





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2 comments to The Hurricane Irene Transcript

  • JT Chiarella

    Brought the vacation gear down from the attic, grabbed the cats and the passports, and hit the road. Goodbye Dix Hills…”WELCOME TO NIAGARA FALLS, CANADA!”….Warm & dry with lovely view of the falls…..Call me when the discomfort & inconvenience are over…. Passed at LEAST 100 electrical utility trucks heading south during the 7-hour drive north… Thanks for the free toll on the Throggs Neck Bridge, Andy! Call me when it’s all cleaned up.

  • I hope the town highway dept. will leave the fallen tree wood for folks with wood stoves instead of grinding it all up,its gona be a cold winter and heating oil is expensive.Just a thought

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