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Storm Update from Asharoken Village

Asharoken Mayor Pat Irving and TOH’s Supervisor Frank Petrone have announced a Voluntary Evacuation of the Village and Eaton’s Neck beginning at 9:00 AM, Saturday morning, August 27th.

“If you have someplace else to go, you should go there,” says Irving. It is anticipated that the dunes along Asharoken Avenue will breach during the storm, causing a closure of Asharoken Avenue. Depending upon how serious the breaches are, Asharoken Avenue could be closed temporarily or longer, if the road is damaged.

Please consider helping your neighbors during this emergency.

For those residents that have no other place to go, the Red Cross has established Walt Whitman High School as a shelter. Persons unable to get there on their own, can get a Town Bus at the Town’s Asharoken Beach parking lot and the First Presbyterian Church in Northport from 12 noon to 6:00 PM, Saturday.

Most importantly, you and your family need to be safe.


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