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Update: Woman Arrested for Escaping Police Custody

    Samantha Deutsch, of 5 Wallace Ct., Huntington Station, escaped from the Second Precinct last night. Photo credit: Suffolk County Police Department

Today, Suffolk County Police Second Squad detectives arrested Samantha Deutsch, age 23, a Huntington Station woman who escaped police custody last night and was being searched for by helicopter,

Deutsch was in custody at the Second Precinct, 1071 Park Ave., Huntington, for Disorderly Conduct and Vehicle and Traffic warrants and for Criminal Impersonation. At approximately 7:30 p.m. last night, she broke free from her handcuffs and fled out a side door.

Second Squad detectives found and arrested Deutsch, of 5 Wallace Court, at the home of Thomas Carriero, of 69 East 8th St., Huntington Station, at approximately 6:25 p.m today..

Deutsch was found at the home of Thomas Carriero, of 69 E. 8th St. Huntington Station.


Deutsch was charged with Escape, 2nd Degree. Carriero, 65, was arrested and charged with Obstructing Governmental Administration, 2nd Degree. Reginald Williams, 33, of 95 Jasmine Lane, East Northport, was arrested and charged with Hindering Prosecution, 3rd Degree.

Deutsch is being held overnight at the Fourth Precinct; Carriero and Williams are being held at the Second Precinct. They are scheduled for arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip on August 25.

A check of TOH records indicates that 5 Wallace Court, Deutsch’s reported residence, is a single family home owned by Jordan Roberts of the same address.  At the same time, Town records indicate that the Carriero residence is also a single family home owned by Charles Regensberg of 223 Wall Street, Huntington.  And finally, Reginald Williams’ reported residence (95 Jasmine Lane, East Northport) is listed as a single family residence owned by David and Laura Boerke of the same address. VT reporters are looking into whether any of these properties might contain illegal apartments or have been rented to tenants without first being registered as required by Town law.

Detectives are asking anyone with information about this incident to call the Second Squad at 631-854-8252 or anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. All calls will remain confidential.



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8 comments to Update: Woman Arrested for Escaping Police Custody

  • Rocket88

    Enough is enough. These liberal leftists are willing to sacrifice the decent people of Huntington Station to give comfort and solace to the criminals, the drug pushers the murderers, the addicts, the child abusers. We need a town government that will stand up to these morons and clean up the mess. I’ve heard about the liberal “understanding and support” BS all my life and nothing has changed. criminals are criminals, drug addicts will always be addicts and so on. Perhaps you can save 5% of those willing to get help. But to make life an absolute misery for everyone else just so some liberal leftist can go to their Gin Rummy game and say how they helped Hector the murderer get a good lawyer, is absolutely unacceptable. The decent people of Huntington Station or anywhere else need more politicians that are willing to go to bat for them. To get what their hard earned taxes paid for.Stop the madness of these “Jelly Belly” crying liberals and the failed policy of the past 50 years. You break the law, you go to jail. Slum houses need to be taken over and distroyed. Addicts need to be pushed out of Huntington. We need to deal with the undocumented immigrants in a fair and bal

  • Rocket88

    anced way. Those who work and are law abiding need to get help to get on the tax rolls like everyone else. Get them on the path to citizenship. The rest should be pushed out with enforced over regulation. While all these points are easy to summarize, it takes time to immplement fair and balanced programs to accomplish these goals, But, they can be implemented. Now is the time.

  • Hector

    Lets make some major changes in our TOH leadership so we can rid ourselves of these filthy losers from our community. Look at the photos of this trash.. there is a ton of them living among us!

  • disgusting

    That is what we get for letting town hall make the station like a city and run like a city. We need to clean house and get rid of them once and for all. Let the station be the way it was supposed to be, a great community. No more housing and get rid of the slumlords!!!!

  • zxcvadf

    Has anyone ever looked into the employees of the TOH sanitation and highway depts??? I’m sure Newsday would love to hear that there are numerous felons, ranging from convicted drug dealers to criminals convicted of shootings, picking up garbage and paving streets in Centerport, Dix Hills, etc.

  • Anonymous

    trying to take the attenion off the real crimals who’s pictures are the ones posted their goes the racisim again this town has a real problem?

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