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TOH Code Officers On the Case

More than four months ago, Town of Huntington Code Enforcement officers were issuing summonses and trying to rein in the owner of 45 Railroad Street, Huntington Station.  That’s the address listed as the residence of murder victim Juan Carlos Benitez-Garcia who was found stabbed to death early Saturday morning on West 13th Street in Huntington Station.

Town spokesman AJ Carter says that Code Enforcement gained access to the basement of 45 Railroad Street on April 7, 2011 and found five violations.  In addition to citing the owner for not having a Certificate of Occupancy for a basement apartment, and not having a Certificate of Occupancy for a finished basement, the officers also issued violations for excessive litter and debris, hazardous electrical conditions, and failure to register the premises as a rental property.

At the initial hearing on June 8, in 3rd District Court (Huntington Station), respondent Alejandrina Silva entered a “not guilty” plea and the case was adjourned to August 17.  During last week’s appearance, Silva, whose address is now reported to be 97-85 Corona Avenue, Corona, NY, agreed to work with Town officials to resolve the complaints and bring the building into compliance.  Silva’s next scheduled court appearance was not available at press time.

According to Carter, 45 Railroad is the only property in the Town of Huntington whose registered owner is Alejandrina Silva.  A search of New York State Criminal and Civil records revealed no incidents involving a person with the same name.




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6 comments to TOH Code Officers On the Case

  • If a residence is in that bad a condition why can not the TOH have LIPA,Gas and water companys cut off service to the residence?Simple No CO then No services allowed to connect due to health and humane conditions.Or is that too simple a thing to do??

    • code enforcement

      The Third District Court thing is a joke, this slumlord will end up two years ago paying a $250 fine and not doing a damn thing. The illegal apartments and illegals that live there will remain, crime will flourish, yet the Town’s Code Enforcement Div (interstingly called “Public Safety”) will continue to show us stats that they follow up on code violations. Yet the entire Station has turned into a slum and now the next move is into the village. Thanks Huntington Town Board ruineers did the impossible they destroyed one of the best places to live in America.

  • My Town Too

    How about fines for not complying? Seems that would be simple also.

  • Concerned

    There are “large” areas of Huntington Station that are really nice. The problem is that the crooks at town hall are allowing the slum areas to greately expand.

    • code enforcement

      Agreed, that is the biggest shame of all people save heir money, buy a home, have a great neighbood, and one Pius house can kill it all. The poor slob who works his/her life doing the right thing has no one standing up for them. The slumloards are defended by the libs who claim they are providing a rental service to the poor that need our help. Pure BS, this used to be America where a person could work hard, and live in a suburban community and expect gov’t to protect their investments. Not with the Dems in charge, they ruin everything they touch claiming to “help” the poor, of course far from where these limosine libs live in Dix Hills, Lloyd Harbor, Northport, etc.

  • George

    I think it is illegal to shut the water off to any facility. Board of health violation

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