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ID On Man Killed Today In Huntington Station

SCPD Mobile Command Post at the scene of Saturday's murder in Huntington Station.

Suffolk County Police Homicide Squad detectives are investigating the death of Juan Carlos Benitez-Garcia, 31, of 45 Railroad St., Huntington Station, who has been identified as the man who died from stab wounds early the morning of Saturday, August 20, and was found lying in the roadway on West 13th street off New York Avenue, Huntington Station.

Second Precinct police officers were called to West 13thStreet at 4:42 a.m. after a 911 caller reported that a man was lying on the ground. Huntington Community First Aid Squad (HCFAS) Public Relations Liaison Andrea Golinsky, said that one of its crews transported the victim to Huntington Hospital. He was later identified by SCPD as Juan Carlos Benitez-Garcia. According to police sources, Benitez-Garcia was pronounced dead at 5:37AM. He suffered stab wounds from an apparent altercation.

Interviewed at the scene, Detective Sergeant Thomas Groneman said that there are currently no suspects in the incident.

West 13th Street was described by resident Peggy Monitto as a “quiet, residential street” with little crime and mostly well-kept homes. Ms. Monitto was quick to add, however, that several of the houses in her neighborhood are rentals that appear to be occupied by multiple families.  In fact, she said, one of the rental tenants near her home tried to “convert the garage on their property into a laundromat” but was thwarted when Monitto threatened to report the violation to Huntington Town officials.

“If the Town Board would crack down on these landlords and unlawful apartments, we wouldn’t have a lot of these problems in Huntington Station,” continued Monitto.

Town records indicate that Benitez-Garcia’s reported residence is a single- family home owned by Alejandrina Silva of the same address.

Benitez-Garcia lived in an apartment at 45 Railroad St, Huntington Station.

Two residents of 45 Railroad Street were interviewed on August 21 and both indicated that they did not know Benitez-Garcia but that he lived in an apartment at the rear of the building.

Front entrance of 45 Railroad St., Huntington Station

The investigation is continuing.

Justin Thompson, VT investigative reporter

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Homicide Squad detectives at 631-852-6392 or call anonymously to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220-TIPS. All calls will remain confidential. 

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31 comments to ID On Man Killed Today In Huntington Station

  • Part of the problem

    so much for shot spotter……

    • Get your facts straight

      Are you kidding me? You need to get your facts straight.

      First of all, ShotSpotter isn’t even up and running yet in HS. I read that the police department is still waiting for permission from LIPA and the Huntington school district to install sensors on some of the light poles and buildings, so ShotSpotter may not be in place until the end of the summer.

      In any case, it works to detect GUNSHOTS – not stabbings! Duh!!!

  • Nice

    Maybe we can have another meeting with our elected officials and sing Kumbaya. Light some candles, have a parade, unity in the community. Oh wait, that’s what our elected officials are doing! My bad.

  • Petroned

    Petrone is probably in Florida. Not on vacation mind you, it’s where he also lives. Maybe Cuthbertson and Jackson are with him. Berland is probably working as a day camp bus driver driving rich kids around.

    Their answer to all the violent crime, build higher density housing and bring more people into the area. Petrone’s urbanization continues.

  • My Town Too

    There was also trouble in the village today. Around lunch time there was a Suffolk Crime van pulled in front of Value Drugs area, other cars facing the wrong direction parked on NY Ave. My daughter heard someone say “they ran through the alley”, meaning the one that cuts through to New St.
    Don’t know what happened, and of course, it wasn’t on News12 for the hour that I watched to see if something was said.

    • There's a method....

      Don’t see anything about Value Drugs in Newsday either, should that really surprise me? There IS a small article about the murder on West 13th claiming that “nearly half” of all violent crime in the TOH occurs in the Station. I think they’d better check those figures; just because they only report crime selectively doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

      Bye bye Glenda. Bye bye Susan. Frank, you’re next.

  • Nail in the Coffin

    This is just another nail in the coffin for the re-election of Glenda and Sue. Its just a matter of time before this violent crime reaches the safe outlying areas in the town. Look what’s happening in the village lately? Think Herb Morrow is happy with the uptick in crime in his sleepy little village of Huntington Bay? WAKE UP HUNTINGTON BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!

  • The out come of the next election RE: town board will show the will of the tax payers and vote the runatiors out of office

  • rentals

    The “victim” lived at 45 Railroad, my guess is the property is not registered with the Town as required by law, and I will take a wild guess that more than one tenant lives there. Oh and what are the chances the owner lists the cash rental on their tax return. And when they find the other gang member who shot him, he will get a free lawyer and a get out of jail free card from Obama because Gosh forbid we deported anyone.


  • My Town Too

    In her interview on News12, Mrs. Monitto stated that her neighborhood on 13th St used to be a nice quiet neighborhood. Over the last 10 years, she said, it has gone downhill with many rentals. Thus her need to report the illegal laundromat being installed in someone’s garage! Incredible that someone would actually attempt to do that and think they wouldn’t get caught.

  • My Town Too

    Wish we could edit – forgot to write that perhaps the 10 years equated to Mr. Petrone’s length of time in office???? A coincidence at the very least.

  • Anonymous

    This is crazy. According to the TOH website the property is listed as a single family home. According to the above it states two residents did not know him and he lived in the rear of the building. Now first thing monday morning the code enforcement of huntington should be knocking on there doors to investigate muli family residents since this is a single family home. But that will never happen !! They are too busy just driving around and making it look like they are doing something and wasting gas which is from our tax dollars. It time for them to take control of the situation and put stricter laws in for Landlords(slumlords) in this town.

    • safety first

      Most of all homes in H/S are listed as single family homes. The slumlord gets away with adding and dividing the house into multiple rooms illegally. Now that color on that house looks likes a PIUS house, the only thing missing is the “Private property sign”. Could we find out who owns this house? Also find out if it is Section 8. In order for code enforcement to act on this house, someone has to call and complain about the house first before code enforcement can investigate. Public safety is a joke, they ride around and do nothing this dept is a waste of your tax dollars.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe Koubek of Catholic Charities and Susan Berland can move people into their Dix Hills community where they live instead of just dumping them in Huntington Station.

  • A Greater Huntington Civic Group (GHCG).

    This Group is leading the opposition to
    Avalon Bay Housing Project,
    high rise apartments, high crime,
    High-density, low income housing,
    and the Down Zoning Huntington.

    Join Today!
    Phone: 470-7432

  • Anonymous

    This property is listed single family! How many families are living here? Code enforcement? Public safety? Anyone? Frank?

  • Tea Party

    As long as we tolerate Liberals, are country will never be safe!!

  • Tea Party

    As long as we tolerate Liberals, our country will never be safe!!

  • mark

    code enforcement HELLO !! or HELL NO ??

  • Concerned

    What does the Huntington Station Latino Quarter Organization have to say. We haven’t heard from them yet. Where is Xavier Palacios and Ed Perez on this matter?

  • Really!

    “13th Street used to be a quite neighborhood” Peggy you must have your time checked. That area was good up untill the 1980’s. That area changed longer than 10 years. It is a shame but that also goes for the surrounding areas of the Station. The station area went down hill in the 70’s to the 80’s and so on when all the white folks moved out of the station knowing what was to come. The only people that stayed were the people that couldn’t afford to move.

  • Code enforcement????

    The home is listed on the town of huntington as Alejandrina Silva with the address of 45 Railroad Street. The home next store is a pius house to the left and you can see all the over grown weeds. They dont care!! Even if you go down to the code enforcement they dont do anything. You can try but I have complained numerous times about the trucks in the road near metro interiors. First aid squad is at the top of the road they are always traveling down the road for an emergency and the trucks are always in the way!

    • disgusting

      The first aid squad is in a terrible area. What a shame that they have to deal with that area and the housing (Illegal housing) right under their noses everyday. Town Hall should be embarrassed for them. You would think they would cleanup that area.

  • Rocket88

    Take matters into your own hands or else nothing will be done….

  • Your Fault for Voting for this Board

    Stop complaining. This is old news and should be expected. Murders has been the trend here for a number of years now. When you allow slums to exist, these things happen…and this isnt new. We should have at least one more murder and a dozen gun shot cases in the next six weeks according to the crime trends. If you voted for the existing board for the last 15 years, accept your mistakes as this is your doing.

  • Rocket88

    We need a political team wth the gut’s to fix this mess To stand up against the liberal leftists that are prepared to sacrifice the decent people of huntington station or anywhere else so they can give comfort and solace to the criminals, illegals, drug pushers, addicts, child abusers and all the others that need “understanding and support”.I’m 64 years old. I’ve heard this “understanding and support” BS for all my life and things haven’t changed. Criminals are criminals, drug pushers will always be drug pushers, addicts will always be addicts. and so on. You may save 5% of those willing to get help, but at the price of everybody else being miserable, threatened in their own home, murdered, assaulted ????….I think it’s over being a slobbering liberal. You want to be a liberal, you live with these criminals and let the decent people live in your home.

  • sad

    it’s been sometime

    and authorities still know little about the victim or who did the crime

    but they did say that little help is coming from the community ” I take that to mean the immigrant Hispanic population in the area”

  • sad sad sad

    it’s been sometime

    and authorities still know little about the victim or who did the crime

    but they did say that little help is coming from the community ” I take that to mean the immigrant Hispanic population in the area”

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