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Eugene Cook Is Back On Republican Line

Eugene Cook

For the 2011 election, Eugene Cook, Huntington Town GOP candidate, will now be on three lines: Independent, Conservative, and Republican.  Earlier this month, Cook was removed from the Republican line by Hon. John J.J. Jones.

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28 comments to Eugene Cook Is Back On Republican Line

  • Marshall Field

    Eugene Cook is as good as they get. People are tired of the special real estate interests and housing groups that have taken over town hall with supervisor Frank Petrone in charge for nearly 20 years.Our schools our communities need a change asap. With Cook joining Herb Morrow on the ticket it will be great to see them sitting on the town council along with Mark Mayoka and taking away Petrone’s control of the town board.

  • Anonymous

    I could not agree more with comment above. We need our Town back . Patrone and others have certainly worn out their welcome.

  • mark


  • Just askin

    I hope someone can tell me why he is the man. He has only lived in Huntington for 3 years, maybe 4, and I have never heard of him until he lost the last time he ran. What is his resume that makes him so capable? Please respond. Again, any committes? any stance on Avalon? How about the Jack Abrams situation? Anything?

    • me too

      HELLO????? ANYONE?????? Where are all his suppoters? Scratchin their heads? Are these the same people who voted for OBAMA??? Hellooooo?

  • Night Owl

    Got this from a Cook flyer:
    Raised on Long Island, Gene owns a very successful company that provides road contracting services and building construction to municipalities, public institutions, private corporations and individuals. He has a working-class background, has a Business Administration degree from Nassau Community College and worked his way up from his humble start as a welder to become the owner of E. Cook Industries and the holder of several patents for products and inventions related to heavy equipment. He has experience successfully running a business, managing employees, making large financial decisions, and has always accepted accountability for his actions.

    He lives in Greenlawn with his wife and children, and already manages an annual budget in the millions so he is well suited to manage town funds. With his extensive background in Construction, Real Estate Management, Municipalities and State and Federal funding, he has superior qualifications to serve on the Town Board.

    He has chosen to run for town office now because he is discouraged by the consistent unanimous voting records of the town board, does not believe town board members are acting in the best interests of the people, and wants to see more effective management of taxpayer money.

    This was probably from when he last ran for town council and out of aprox 40,000 votes cast lost by 200 votes. Petrone has kept a tight grip on his board members with all of them voting with Frank over 98% of the time.

    Developers like Avalon Bay and slumlords like Donald Pius have considerable influence in the Petrone administration.

  • me too

    what does any of this have to do with his interest and involvement in Huntington? There were sooooo many other people who screened for this postion with the same or more experience who have a personal vested interest in this town for decades. Seems weird that a new guy would come into town and have all this support. Personal success, yes, town involvement NONE>

  • CH

    Runs a road construction / contracting company. Sorry sounds like everyone else in / on the town take.
    Who needs this creep who is not going to be working for the town but for himself and his company.
    We do not need people who are already on the take!!!!
    We have plenty of professional retired / civic minded individuals that can do a much better job than this guy and will actually be there and not at the helm of his little empire.

  • Petroned

    Last two posters were Petroned.

    Gene Cook has name recognition among the voters. Nearly winning two years ago he is a perfect choice to run again. He is also for term limits and has said that the town board and supervisor should not be used as a career position for politicians. Sounds pretty good to most people. The people he beat out for the nomination are also mostly qualified but have no name recognition among the voters. And unfortunately a few have extremely large egos as they would gladly hurt the voters and party to seek revenge if they didn’t get the nod to run.An example of a classy guy is Dan Fucci who did not get the nomination although he screened well,he did not cry sour grapes nor seeked to destroy the party, he went out and helped the party to make us stronger in November and to stop Petrone and his 3 yes men/women from making Huntington into an urban ghetto.

    • CH

      Wait and watch what happens to term limits once he gets in, talk is cheap, and election talk is even cheaper.
      How come this person has not been to any meeting (except his own election meetings), where is opinions?
      Obvious candidate when you have the people we have now, but this guy is just another suit whose main objective is lining his companies pockets.
      Where was he when all the Avalon Bay crap has been going on, or when other important issues are / were on the table?

    • ????

      Dan Fucci? Who the heck is that? Another unknown? Cook LOST that his name recognition! Looks like YOU drank the cool-aid

    • Just want to be clear

      So you want him to make sure that Huntington is not an Urban ghetto but isn’t the station the Urban Ghetto now and you just don’t want the village to become what the station is. I am not for Frank, I just want to make sure that he has our backs too. And if so, then he has my vote. We don’t want to be the lost children, no one left behind.

  • My Town Too

    Found this on his website:

    Put up a resolution to allow the voters of Huntington to decide whether they want to change town board elections from at-large voting to councilmanic districts in which each geographic community would elect its own town board member, ensuring that all communities are represented at town hall.

    Propose and support a referendum that would preclude our elected town officials from voting on their own raises and instead make them voter approved.

    Propose and support a referendum for term limits for the offices of Supervisor and Town Board.

    Propose and support a town board and county policy that all planning and development must adhere to a thorough Environmental Impact Study.

    Support campaign finance reform.

  • fucci

    Petroned has it right, Dan Fucci who screened great didn’t get the nod but unlike Vivian Wong, Dan did the standup thing and is working to get rid of the Dems who destroy everything they touch whether it be, Detroit, CA, NY or now Washington DC.(thank gosh Giulini beat Dinkins or NYC would be in the same boat).

    Now its time for all the focus to be on getting all the Dem incumbants out. It’s literally our last chance so all hands on deck (including Vivian if you want to join us, we are back on the same team now, we can fight among ourselves after we win the election)

    • Toni

      Cook hired Dominick Feeney, a hard core democract, for a no show job. Feeney job is to get the town union workers to vote for Cook with a promise of a 4% raise when contract is up next year.

  • ????

    The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know. I never heard of these guys before! One guy is an unknown and the other is a loser.

  • School district #3 candidate only!

    Someone better run from Huntington Village school district #3! We need someone that truly cares about Huntington. Anyone else is going to be the same old thing.

  • Anonymous

    Cook and Morrow are the real thing. Town will not survive much longer under the reign of Frank Petrone and Cuthbertson Jackson and Berland.

    Developers/real estate tycoons have controlled this town for the length of Petrone’s years in office.

    • ????

      uHHHHH Developers? Construction Companies? Real Estate? Do the math, what does Cook do for a living again?????? Moves to Huntington 4 years ago and wants a seat on Town board??????Hello? any body doing the math here????

  • Tony

    What the Democrats and dissonant Republicans are doing to Gene Cook is not right. He is a good man who deserves to be considered and voted into office by the people.

    He certainly does not deserve the shabby treatment that he is undergoing due to political

    it is interesting to note that he was selected by the Republican party even though he is not a registered Republican.

    Also, by means of proxies he was reinstated by the Party’s Elected Commmittee People.

    Furthermore, it was interesting to see that the court reinstalled him by a 5 to 0 vote. It is sad to see his candidacy again being challanged at a higher court level..

    Finally – he has my total support and more importantly my vote.

  • Taxed to Death

    Viv and team – stop posting these “observations” and phony questions. You lost. In fact, you lost more than a challenge. You lost your dignity. You have no future in Huntington. You aligned yourself with a rotten bunch and they used you. What did any of them lose? And worst of all you managed to make someone else stronger. So since every instinct and action you have had thus far has been wrong, do the opposite and maintain radio silence.

  • the thinker

    Do you all really think that someone who makes his living in the construction industry will keep the overdevelopment down in Huntington? And someone who just moved into town a few years ago, apparently immediately setting his sights on running for local office has a vested interest in term limits? Come on. Don’t be so naive. Plus, with multiple lines, which party is his true master? Cook is a dem in disguise. Personally I wonder what the $$ deal was that so convinced the Repubs to go to such great lengths to keep him on their line when they had so many other more appropriate options. I’m just saying… you need to THINK before you cast your vote blindly.

  • Scary

    This election is almost ridiculous. We want the old gone but the new we don’t know anything about. What is in all our best interests? Do they want what is best for us? Will we vote for them just to get rid of the old? Since Cook owns a construction co. will he demolish all of PIUS and the rest of the slumlords houses to a parking lot? Hey, then he has my vote.

  • Sad Sack Observer

    Cook is a carpet bagger with no ties to the community except for paving a few parking lots. The republican party complete loser group. Fucci the Ed Norton of Nassau County & his wife wears the pants in the family. Two Faced Jim Martin & his only claim to fame is he graduated Chaminade. The two nincompoops are promised Republican ticket for town board in 2013 if they get the used car salesman Cook elected.

  • jane doe

    Gene Cook and Herb Morrow are the best qualified candidates to beat the Petrone’s yes women.

    Cook was a huge supporter of the anti-avalon bay movement and he went to demonstrations at town board. His stance on term limits is what the public wants to hear.

    Most of the posts against Gene are from are mostly from a few dems who helped Wong’s ego against the GOP.

    Take a long look at the future spot of Lowes on Jericho tpk, thats the look of more over development overcrowding and jobs for the under employed low pay.

    Cook and Morrow have worked hard in the past to make Huntington a good place to live, Petrone and company have made it a place to do real estate/ businesses at residents expense.

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