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Hang 10 And Win A Million

Calling all surfers to Long Beach.

The annual Quiksilver Pro Surfing Tournament is returning to Long Island next month and will feature some of the world’s top performers vying for a $1,000,000 purse. This year’s prize is the largest ever offered in a surfing competition. Slated to begin on September 1 and running through September 15, the event will attract competitors from around the world to the waters off Long Beach, in Nassau County. In addition to the surfing competition, there will also be skate, freestyle moto, and BMX demos during the competition.

Free concerts along with a wide range of food and beverage vendors round out the event. Billed as the granddaddy of surf competitions, the Quicksilver Pro Tournament features some of the world’s leading contenders including ten times world champion Kelly Slater and Long Beach’s own native son Balaram Stack. There is a $12 entry fee for spectators who want to attend the pre-competition trials from September 1 through Labor Day, September 5. Long Beach City officials caution that parking might be limited and recommend that visitors consider public transportation as an alternative. In an effort to make it easy to attend, Quiksilver has teamed with the Long Island Railroad to offer discounted admission packages from most stations. Visit or call the Travel Information Center (718-217-5477) for more info.


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