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Police Issue More Than 1,100 Cell Phone & Texting Summonses

     Last week, Suffolk County Police caught lots of drivers on cell phones chatting and texting.

Suffolk County Police announce the results of last week’s distracted driving initiative that was aimed at drivers who were violating the cell phone and texting laws. From July 31 through August 6, police officers issued 1,109 summonses for cell phone-related violations.

In addition to issuing these types of summonses, officers also issued more than 1,600 summonses for other vehicle and traffic law violations. Seventy eight people were also arrested during these traffic stops.

The goal of this initiative was to change driver behavior regarding violations of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law as it pertains to the use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices and to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes resulting from these violations.

The NYS VTL Section 1225-D, which pertains to driving and texting, was amended to make the holding of any electronic device while driving unlawful.  Previously, a motorist could only be issued a traffic ticket for driving while texting if the driver was also committing a separate moving violation.    

“We are hopeful that the success of this initiative changed drivers’ behaviors regarding cell phone use while driving,” said Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy. “By limiting the use of cell phones while driving, we can all make Suffolk County roads safer.”

“While this weeklong initiative has come to a conclusion, our officers will continue to aggressively enforce cell phone laws,” said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer. “Distracted driving is a real danger to everyone who travels our roadways. By picking up a cell phone while driving, you are putting yourself and others at risk.”

Officers from Patrol, in both marked and unmarked cars, Community Oriented Police Enforcement (COPE), and the Highway Patrol Bureau participated in the initiative.


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6 comments to Police Issue More Than 1,100 Cell Phone & Texting Summonses

  • Wavy Gravy

    Police should have right to confiscate phone.In fact it should be handled the way it was when I was a kid caught with an illegal dirt bike,Officer would smash carburator off.He should smash phone.

  • wow

    It’s all about $. If you have $ we will come after you to take your money. If you don’t have any money nor proper ID you can do whatever you want.

  • mark

    excellant results, good work ! i like the confiscate idea. that word gets out, it will discourage people.

  • anthony

    WOW you are so right, can’t the polcie chase the illegals who break the law and cause bedlam in this town. right no money in that for the town

  • Phones are private property

    Allowing police to conficate your neighbors private property can lead into very dangerous territory. Be careful what you wish for. Pretty soon the police will come into your home when you raise your voice and arrest you. The police should put this kind of effort into controling the real crime and leave the people alone, stop becoming a police state of only enforcing the “easy” crimes and not the scary ones.

  • Cria

    Glad to hear that the cell phone/texting laws are being enforced. How about laws regarding stopping at stop signs, not gong over speed limit and yielding to pedestrians at crosswalks. Quality of life would increase with those enforced as well.

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