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The Second Wind Tsunami Avalon Bay

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17 comments to The Second Wind Tsunami Avalon Bay

  • Gerry

    Is that tsunami caused by Avalon by coming back or is it from Vivian Wong realizing that everyone knows that 90% of her Republican petition signatures just don’t add up?

  • town of angst

    No matter how hard Petrone and his cronies try and split the Republican party he and his follwers Berland and Jackson will be voted out of office this year.

    Petrone has sealed his fate with the overdevelopment charlatans and honest taxpaying homeowners democrats and republicans know it.

    To get rid of crime and to revitalize an area you don’t keep dumping people on top of that. Instead of Avalon Bay they should have tried to get another company in there to give local people jobs now we will have another tax drain on the town.

  • head cocked left

    Can the article be posted upright to make it easier to read?

  • Sewer Water

    That tsunami is from the sewer water that will be all over the place when the pipes break in the village because they were not upgraded. Or it could be from the overcapacity sewer plant that is not able to accept the waste from Avalon Bay.

    Someone better investigate this before the Town Board has to buy nose plugs for all Town residents.

    The ratepayers in the sewer district better look out for themselves because the Town Board isn’t. They should hire an attorney.

  • Private Community Fraud

    This is just more of the same corruption to add additional revenue to the bank accounts of our corrupt politicians. Private Community Fraud with just one more layer of government and taxation. High density provides more assessments and more opportunity for the continuation of a widespread doubling dipping and money laundering scheme.

  • Jim

    Its amazing that Frank, Glenda, Mark and yes, Susan Berland don’t see how angry people are about this project. Instead they use front people to fight the battle and follow the lead of Avalon. Time for them to go!

  • John Q Public

    Oh stop whining.How many people really care? Aside from a half dozen ingrates here not many.

  • Epenetus Platt

    Epenetus says hey John Quehead many in our town care, many and whether you think not our army of citizens are done with this town hall. November is when you will be whineing. The charge to the voting booths to do such, will be lead by many feed up citizens.

  • Anonymous

    John Q could very well be any of the following:

    All helping to destroy suburban Huntington

  • John Q Public

    They say the world has become too complex for simple answers. They are wrong.
    -Ronald Reagan

  • What?

    To John Q Public……Considering your original view above, you should not be quoting Reagan. He would not support this overbearing government entity this current Board has become.

  • Matt Harris

    As far as sewer issues, here is the facts.
    The plant in Halesite was upgraded just a couple of years ago from 800,000 gallons of effluent a day to more than 1.2 million gallons. A coincidence? I doubt it.
    However, after F.O.I.L’ing the Huntington sewer map, I discovered something interesting. The line that was installed in 1979 along East 5th Street to service the HCF development is only 6 inches wide to the 18 inch forced main at the corner of NY Ave. and Broadway where it used to terminate.
    That is over a mile of tearing up East 5th and East 2nd streets to replace. Cost? Maybe $2-3 million. Will Avalon pay for that too, when they were told “no problem hooking up 530 housing units?” It has been overloaded since the hookup of Carillon Nursing home to it….. Something really stinks, and it is more than the East 5th St pump station….

  • Matt Harris

    Oh, and BTW to anonymous, you left off AJ Carter and Don Mckay to your list of potential culprits….

  • My Town Too

    Today’s Newsday…pg 22. Anybody see the little article on what the Town of Southampton did?

    They voted to amend regulations governing affordable housing projects in their Planned Development Districts (major projects that are exempt from local zoning code restrictions.)

    Before, supplying affordable housing was considered to meet the required public benefit of a PDD project, even if more homes were built than local zoning would permit, because of a townwide need.

    Now with the change, the benefit must be shown to meet the needs of the specific hamlet rather than the entire town, and the increased density must be shown not to have an adverse impact on a specific school district!

    Flanders and Hampton Bays used to complain that they had more than their fair share of affordable housing projects and the higher school costs that go with them, while communities farther east had few, if any, affordable housing for lower income families.

    The new change was approved 4-0.

    Does this argument sound familiar? Why can’t the Town of Huntington recognize this and do something about it?

    • Anon

      Frank, where are you???? I suggest all of us when ever we run into a town offical (if ever) ask what they feel about this South Hampton zoning change. If the people of Flanders and Hampton Bays can get it done so can we. Vote out Berland and Glenda. CHANGE IS ON THE WAY!

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