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Suffolk Police to Target Drivers Who Are Cell Phone Violators

Distracted drivers on cell phones beware.

Suffolk County Police today announced that it will begin a targeted enforcement initiative aimed at drivers who are violating the cell phone and texting laws on July 31 and will run through August 6.

The goal of this initiative is to change driver behavior regarding violations of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law as it pertains to the use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices and to reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes resulting from these violations. This initiative aims to deter violators through the use of targeted enforcement while at the same time informing the public of the seriousness of texting or talking on a cell phone while driving.

Earlier this month, the NYS VTL Section 1225-D, which pertains to driving and texting, was amended to make the holding of any electronic device while driving unlawful.  Previously, a motorist could only be issued a traffic ticket for driving while texting if the driver was also committing a separate moving violation.      

“While it may be second nature to answer a phone call or text message while driving, it creates a real danger to everyone on the road,” said Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy. “Drivers should always use a hands-free device while talking on a cell phone and never text while driving.”

“Our officers will be on the lookout for distracted drivers, especially those using cell phones,” said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer. “According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2009, nearly 20 percent of fatal crashes involved reports of cell phones as a distraction.”

Officers from Patrol, in both marked and unmarked cars, Community Oriented Police Enforcement (COPE), and the Highway Patrol Bureau will be participating in the initiative.

Drivers will face up to a $150 fine and three points on their license if found guilty of the offense.


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8 comments to Suffolk Police to Target Drivers Who Are Cell Phone Violators

  • Ruh Row!

    They can start by enforcing these laws on themselves.

  • Rasheen

    Catch Me If You Can!

  • J

    Up to 3 Points! Wow.

    How many points do they give out for putting on mascara while the vehicle is in motion? I see that one going on behind me at least once a week on my commute.

  • mark

    this is the law,it is abused constantly,a clear danger to all law abiding citizens,the initiative is for 1 week? why not enforced everyday?

  • steve

    i cant agree more with mark. its against the law everyday to text and talk on your cell when driving. why only target offenders for a week. they should be targeting them all the time. sounds asinine to me.

  • BabyBoomer

    This should be enforced year round every day. This is why we pay them to be the highest paid police force around. While they are at it for cellphone use and texting how about going after tailgaters, stop sign and red light abusers. Speeders doing 20 mph over the speed limit should be nailed too.

  • what a joke

    They dont enforce any other laws but want this one enforced? Money making operation only….

    Kids screaming in the the back of the car are more distracting then the phone, hands free is OK? What a joke! The person your talking to would be more distracting depending on the content of the conversation…… How about we stop telling people what they can or cannot do on personal private property and do something about the real criminals/gangs/illegals and especially the criminals at town hall. When all THAT is cleaned up THEN we can consider micromanaging the populace.

  • Robert A Booey

    What we all should do with these law breakers of cell phone use and txting is either BLOW THE HORN right next to them or even better tail gate or slow down in front of them.. What is sooooooo important that is cant wait.

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