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Man Stabbed In Huntington Village


A dispute turned violent early Saturday morning, July 23, on Green Street, Huntington.

A dispute turned violent early Saturday morning, July 23, when a verbal confrontation resulted in a knife attack on Green Street in the heart of Huntington Village.

According to Suffolk County Police Department Second Squad Lt. Tom O’Hair, two groups of revelers got into an argument over an unnamed issue. Huntington resident Michael Laffey, 25, of 26 Bay Avenue was allegedly stabbed in the back by Christopher Scott, 22, of Elkton Lane, North Babylon. According to Lt. O’Hair, the attack came after words were exchanged and the disagreement became heated.

Less than an hour later, Scott was arrested by Suffolk County Police officers and was charged with assault with intent to cause physical injury with a weapon–a class D felony. He was arraigned in Suffolk County First District Court where the case was adjourned by the Honorable Patricia M. Filiberto who issued a temporary order of protection and ordered a $20,000 cash bail.  Scott is scheduled to return to court on July 28.

A telephone call placed to Laffey’s residence seeking comment on the incident was not returned to VT by press time. No contact information was available for Scott.

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10 comments to Man Stabbed In Huntington Village

  • Crime is a community issue

    Once again we see that crime is not segregated to any block or neighborhood—it effects all of Huntington. We need to push as a community for more police and we need to make the village less of a hang out for young people after hours!!!

  • BabyBoomer

    It goes with out saying-the town is not as safe as it was back in the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s.

  • My Town Too

    And still no commentary from our esteemed town council? Two violent attacks in our Village, and I’m sure someone from Town Hall is reading the comments here and on Patch, so why no words of assurance that they are trying to do something about the problem?

    I’m sorry, but this on top of everything else that’s been going on in Huntington/Station, gives me very little confidence that our town board members even care – no concern shown whatsoever. How poor is that?

    Anyone over there listening?

    • Just Sayin'

      maybe the board is all away on vacation, celebrating with the Avalon Bay crowd

      • There's a method...

        No, don’t think so. Each and every one of them (including Petrone) was mugging for the cameras at the huge photo-op disguised as the Chapin Family Tribute to Harry Chapin concert in Heckscher Park a week ago Saturday. Oh, that’s right, that was the night of the shooting on Wall Street….

  • Vote them out

    Huntington is very quiet about shootings and stabbings. What we don’t take lightly is disrupting a town hall meeting.

  • Huntington Resident

    I was out east for the weekendand I heard about it around noontime on Saturday, including who was stabbed. VT, your news sources are slow.

  • @Huntington Resident

    We are lucky the VT reports it. This is news you don’t find anywhere else.

  • Joe

    “”All residents of Cold Spring Harbor…. get used to stories like the one about Northport beach being closed. If the subdivision of the Williams property is approved, that’ll mean SIXTEEN new houses built on the hill above Shore Road… Guess where all the run off is going to go after every storm? All the fertilizer and pesticides will get washed down the hill right into the harbor…Pretty soon the newsworthy articles will pertain to when the beach is OPEN, not closed. Make sure you go to town hall and vote it down!!!! ” “

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