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Some Like It Hot

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9 comments to Some Like It Hot

  • Maine

    Who’s moving to Maine?

  • Mary

    I think the point is that Avalon Bay and the Town Board will make any promise they think the residents want to hear even if they know that it is something they can never keep. Also, that Avalon Bay will solve all of our problems and the world will be a perfect place because of Avalon Bay.

  • @huh?

    Why would you assume its a dig at “someone” I think its a dig at Town Board/Avalon Bay….

  • mcrocker

    norm – don’t quit your day job!

  • @mcrocker

    I am guessing your day job is working for Town hall.

  • Wundaboy

    Looking foward to Norm’s next witty sketch and commentary which wil lay blame on the Huntington Town Board for the tragedy in Norway.

  • @Wundaboy

    Not necessary to blame them for Norway, they have done enough damage in TOH to give us plenty to talk about.

  • @@ mcrocker

    i guess you got your reading comprehension and comedy degree from the same correspondence school. i have never been complimentary of anything coming out of town hall, with the exception of the flag display last year, which was not a town hall project. if you can noodle anything meaningful out of the norm cartoon at the top of this page, kudos to you.

  • Specky Doodle

    Specky say Maine your ass going to the Artic Circle 106 degrees town board and the devil are meltin me!

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